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#31 Khallos



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Posted 14 September 2006 - 06:09 PM

I'm bored, looks fun, so I'll join up

Name: Archibald Khallos

Birthplace: Deep within the Tor-Denma Mountains

Bio: Khallos grew up in a small village off the map of the current known world. When he was no more than 14 he village was razed to the ground and he was taken away by slavers. Thrown into the cruel world of slavery, he and the survivors of his village walked many miles with regular beatings and acts of savagery. He decided to make himself useful, and started doing chores and tasks for the slavers, after a while they grew to trust him and they paid less attention to him and only hobbled his legs so he could do most jobs for them, yet not run away. He knew he had less than two weeks before they got to Labyrinth to be sold to treasure hunters.

Breaking free using the tools inside blacksmiths tent he was now trusted enough to enter, he released the other slaves and then one by one they killed off their oppressors. Now everyone was free, most decided they would try and return to their homes. For Khallos and the villagers this was now a fantasy, their home destroyed the villagers and others decided to seek their fortune in Taj-nar mountains. Khallos then spent several years with his band of followers treasure hunting in the darkness of the Labyrinth; his followers slowly died over time, taken by the things that lurked in the Labyrinth. Khallos stayed, ignoring the dwindling numbers of his followers, until finally death caught up with him, and in the depths of the mountains he died alone. An hour later he jerked up suddenly with an immense pain in his chest, failing in agony he scraped his arm against a rock. As the pain in his chest subsided, he realised his hand was bleeding, obviously he was not merely undead. Pulling himself to his feet, he heard a female voice in the shadows laugh and say "don't worry. Your heart merely stopped beating for a bit, I just gave it a...push. Someone as stupidly determined as you could be very useful". He served under his new mistresses for many years until a fateful day, when he slipped and plunged into the depths of one of the many pits riddling the Labyrinth.

His corpse was carried through the underground streams until he ended up in the lands of Ikana. Coming to rest on a river bank, his eyes opened once more taking in a familiar face, and spewing water from his lungs as he felt the sun burn down on him. Magically resurrected his left leg had bore the deep scars of once rotten flesh, giving it a nasty click bone as he walked. He spent some time in Innagos serving the woman who would not let him die a second time, before deciding to set off for the place he was born in the Tor-Denam mountains; but first he must answer his Consul's call....

After the destruction of Olimandias, Khallos fled with some old friends and allies, disillusioned by the so called 'Goddess'. Carving out a new home in the cold rock of Snowpeak, Khallos is now Kingdom's Runecarver and Beserker Champion.

Current status:
Age: Chronologically unknown, biologically in his mid to late 20s.
Weapon: Labyrinth Sabre.
Appearance: Rid of the curse of Ikana and unbound from Selena's power the day the both Alliance Labyrinth collapsed, Khallos is now as human as he has ever been for years. At 6 foot tall, with ice blue eyes and lengthy dark flowing hair he is always clad in a tattered dark green tunic, made from remnants of a jacket. Rarely seen without a mail hauberk, shield and various weapons, he tends to be cold and terse.
Successfully completed his mission as a representative of Snowpeak as the Bodyguard of Yildun, an Ambassador.

Current Mission: Administrative duties and training/recruitment of soldiers within Snowpeak.

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#32 The Kremling

The Kremling

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Posted 25 September 2006 - 04:51 PM

Ah, screw it. I've bothered to read the topic now, and I honestly think the one I had would have been allowed. I'll just edit this post when I come up with another one.

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#33 Chukchi Husky

Chukchi Husky

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Posted 08 October 2006 - 07:50 AM

Name: Husky

Birthplace: Somewhere in the Tor-Denma Mountains or the Lost Woods.

Bio: Somewhere to the far north, in a cold, boreal forest, lived a family pack of anthropomorphic wolves. They were happy here, but feared the outside world, hoping the cold would keep outsiders away. The youngest member of the pack, a small female pup, wondered away one day, maybe to follow some prey or simply explore their forest, but when she returned found all her family dead, the outside world found them. She felt sad, but knew nothing could be done to save them now. Still a young pup, she left the forest, becoming a lone wolf.

Many years passed. She grew up into a young wolf of 17 years, with a long tail, and adopting the name "Husky". She feared the people, and stayed away from them, eventually learning how they viewed her kind. Still feeling sad, her tail become her only companion, and only relied on her instincts. Eventually, she was captured by pirates and taken to their fortress. Fearing the worse, she was surprised that the pirates of the Forsaken Fortress accepted her as one of their own. Even after disappearing during the Dorm War, they still accepted her. The Fortress was the beginning of a new life for her.

#34 Delphi



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Posted 16 October 2006 - 11:37 PM

Name: Delphi

Birthplace: Near Danmir

Bio: Delphi was born and raised on the small peninsula north of Danmir. Even as a child her talent for magic was clear…she often tended to use her gifts for mischief rather than good. Her abilities have given her the title of Sorceress. Her knowledge of magic is vast and powerful. These natural talents became an obsession and she devoured any information regarding magic. However, she has little training in physical combat. She instead likes to dispatch her opponents with magic if possible before they get close enough to cause damage. She is physically frail and her only physical strength would be a high tolerance for pain.

Her village considered her odd, but relatively harmless since she seemed social enough. She had a strange fascination with ships and would often end up on decks, with or without permission, just to be on the sea.

It was in her mid-teens when she disappeared one day on a ship she happened to be upon. No one in her hometown has seen her since.

Somehow, with luck and the aid of her powers she found herself ashore at the Forsaken Fortress. Naturally, her status as an outsider was a hindrance more than a help. It took a lot of time and a lot of patience, but she made her way into the Fortress as a member. Using whatever blackmail or flattery she could, she climbed the ranks.

In that time she became part of the inner workings of the Fortress. She is Dark Juno’s shadow and his ears within the riffraff of the Fortress. Her magical talents suppliment this and if there is a traitor in their midst, she will stop at nothing to bring them to justice. However, due to her rather…flighty nature, no one suspects the woman of being such a high-ranking individual. Currently, only Dark Juno knows her true purpose and abilities.

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#35 Firelord-Link



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Posted 21 January 2007 - 11:32 AM

Name: Quín Galad

Birthplace: A small village, hidden in the Tor-Denma mountains. Most people don't know about it and those who do called the Hidden Village.

Bio: Quín was born and raised in the Hidden Village. He was trained in sword-fighting, like all other of his age, to help protect the village. Moblins attacked it sometimes, but they were always able to defeat them. When Quín was eleven, the village was attacked by much greater numbers then before. Most of the villagers died in the fight, but a few were able to escape. Quín was with them. He felt guilty about it, but he had no other choice. They knew of a secret passage into the Lost Woods. The moblins wouldn't follow them there. But there was almost no water or food in the passage, so most of the escapers died there. When they had reached the Lost Woods, only three were left. Quín, his friend Súl and the swordmaster, who killed a lot of Moblins but was injured in the fight. They carried him through there, but when a great group of Stalfos attacked, the swordmaster and Súl died. Quín was able to escape again.

He had many adventures in the Lost Woods , and came out as a strong fighter, hardened by grief and sorrow. They soon nicknamed him Quín-Moblinslayer, or Firelord-Link, because of the firesword he found in the Lost-Woods. He is respected by the good and feared by the bad, partly because he is nicknamed after the great Hero.

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Posted 11 February 2007 - 10:59 PM

Name: Jordan of the Whirlwind Spear

Birthplace: Sornaiid

Bio: A young man born and raised in a city located in Sornaiid. His early life was idylic and happy, learning the art of wielding spears and lances in hopes of becoming a knight. He became tired of his happy life and took off from his home, taking a bundle of gold and his spear. With a smile on his face, he left thinking that no one in the world could beat him. For months he spent his life one adventure after another until he came across something he never expected to see. It was someone more talented at wielding a spear than himself. He recklessly challenged the skilled veteran and was on the verge of losing his life after a few seconds. His weapon destroyed and his opponent with a chance to end his life, Jordan looked with fear as this man stared down on him, with cold eyes ready to finish him. However, the veteran warrior lowered his weapon and walked away, taunting Jordan on how weak he was.

Jordan vowed to become stronger and crush the man who had disarmed and shamed him. His dreams of becoming a knight were shattered, knowing that he had faced such a horrible defeat. He returned to his home and began his training. He spent months practicing and refining his skills, but this wasn't enough. The stronger he became, the more he believed that he had to train. It got to the point where his body couldn't handle the strain of constant work and gave up on him. He passed out and recovered a few days later. He encountered the old veteran warrior and challenged him again, but lost after a few minutes. The old spear man decided to train Jordan, out of "sympathy" and taught him for several months. He taught Jordan advanced spear techniques that utilize the force of wind during attacks. Before he knew it, he had mastered the ability to manipulate the wind itself. After the training was finished, the old veteran died, asking Jordan to continue improving his skills. Jordan agreed to his teacher's last request and took up his glaive.

Since that day, he was known as Jordan of the Whirlwind Spear, the man who can summon the force of the wind with his weapons. Being a descendant of the ancient dorm - the Hall of Heroes - conflicts from the past have drawn Jordan into countless battles.

He was stalked by the wraith Crowe and his horde of monsters, which lead him to befriend Ken Miyamasa, Shadow and XI. During his journey, he began to learn of the benefits of companionship rather than choose to be alone and not rely on himself all the time. Facing his own insecurities and weaknesses, he battled with Crowe at the lost sanctuary of the Hall of Heroes and into purgatory. He defeated the wraith, liberating countless lives in the process. No longer a lone wolf fighter after the conflict, he was ask to lend his strength to the Forsaken Fortress by Steel.

During his various journeys between calls of duty to the Fortress, he managed to anger an important Alliance official, aid the plots of a insane skeleton, hijack a ship and discover an ancient evil threatening to engulf the world, Jordan remains steadfast to his beliefs. After the final battle at the capital of the Alliance and the collapse of the Dorms due to the rise of the Goddess, Jordan has been missing in action and presumed dead.

Posted Image

Name: "Solomon"

Birthplace: Lanasach

A man gifted with great strength and wit yet cursed with the mind of a sociopath. As a child, he was taught how to kill a man effectively with various weapons and objects. His parents supported him and his siblings by raiding Alliance supply shipments. Disgusted by how far his family would go to survive, he developed a strong sense of self loathing while seeking solace in killing people. As time passed, he chose murder over self preservation and abandoned his family in hopes of finding people to kill. Despite what would appear to be a lack of sanity, Solomon remained in control of himself rather than become nothing more than a killing beast.

Eventually, the law of the land caught up with him after he committed the massacre of 100 settlers near the city of Plentrich and was found guilty in an Alliance court. Rather than sentence him to death, which would have sated his feelings of self loathing, he was sentenced to 100 consecutive life terms and damned to rot in a cell for the rest of his natural life. Several years later, the entire city of Plentrich suffered an upheaval, allowing Solomon the chance to escape his fate. He currently holds a great deal of influence in Koridai, in charge of all Inquisition forces including the famed "Bloodhound unit".

Possesses great strength, capable of killing with his bare hands. His weapons of choice are known as "blood weaponry", tools of a reddish steel that are said to drain the victim of his blood with every cut. Other rumors claim they are MADE of the wielders blood, which he calls out when needed. However, all rumors and claims are unconfirmed due to the fact of no one living after encountering a person with such a weapon.

Posted Image

Retired Characters

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#37 Keen



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Posted 12 February 2007 - 03:16 AM

Name: Lieutenant Duriel Mage
Birthplace: The Forsaken Fortress on the Lalvican Sea
Bio: Being born and growing up in a place like the Fort', what with all its pirates and keelhauling, is enough to make anybody crazy. And that anybody happened to be Duriel Mage. There's not much to do but join the army and learn how to kill people, after all, and learning to do it well is what really makes a guy successful. In this respect, some might call Lt. Mage successful. His training made him a magical powerhouse, and he quickly rose through a few ranks, reaching so high as the esteemed position of Lieutenant. But his position of power among the Forsaken was a short-lived one. Though few details are available, this much is known. Due to a seemingly crippling mental illness, which Duriel himself calls "a simple growing eccentricity," Lt. Mage was forcibly retired from his place in the military and exiled from the Fortress. He hopes however, that he may be called back into duty someday, if his people ever need him. For now, he lives the simple life of a literal drifter, floating about on the Lalvican Sea and living on fish and the occasional vegetable when he comes across an island.

Duriel has a set of his favorite items that he always keeps with him:
-For his boat, he has some magic robes which he can solidify at will, sectionally or wholly. He can use them as armor or glider or anything else he may want to change them into.
-To catch fish, he uses a fishing net with a magically expanding handle; also, the net is virtually unbreakable and is infused with the power to repel evil, should he wish to use it in battle.
-To help him focus his magic, he uses what he calls a "High-Powered Magic Rifle with Bayonet of Disembowelment +3" He uses it as a gun, as a bludgeon, as a stabbing device, or for shaving. His blasts don't need to be attacks, however. If he wants, he can fire off a healing round or a status-inducing round.
-When this old world starts getting him down, his hat contains a portal to an alternate dimension where he keeps his summer home. He can't take his hat there with him, however, so he must find a safe place for it before he leaves. If his hat were to be destroyed while he was vacationing, he would be trapped in the other universe. Wouldn't be half bad, but then he wouldn't be able to help out the Fort' in the event of a crisis.
-To keep his arsenal safe, his belt acts as a magical Bag-O-Holding. He just reaches in and pulls out what he needs.

Duriel Mage likes singing, laughing, and pretending to concede defeat in the middle of battle, all for no apparent reason. He likes fighting, and he likes winning. Also, he loves explosions. If he loses in battle, he likes to blow himself up and so lose dramatically. If he wins, he likes to blow his opponents up and so win dramatically. Sometimes, the scenery will just randomly explode around him. Some say the troops serving under him aren't even exempt from the occasional blast. These explosions are mostly showy anyway, and have no effect on powerful warriors. Whatever the case, it is true that dramatic explosions are some of the few spells he doesn't insist on firing his HPM Rifle to cast.

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#38 Kwicky Koala

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Posted 04 April 2007 - 09:02 PM

Old profile

Name: Ulysses Catterick

Birthplace: Uradiel

Bio: When he was young Catt worked in a brothel in a slum, no its not what you think, he provided entertainment like music and got drinks for customers until one day two strange looking patrons caused a riot, burning the brothel down and causing the death of one of his friends. He angrily tracked them as they made their way away through the Taj-Nar mountains, an area Catt was slightly familiar with. However, these men went far further then he had ever explored before, higher and higher - he managed to follow then all night, but as dawn came up he found they had disappeared. Looking around, he discovered a entrance to the Labyrinth. Sneaking through the tunnels, he eventually found the two men responsible and confronted and killed them in front of a crowd of Loddies. The Labyrinth at first imprisoned him, but soon let him out on the condition he remain as a soldier. Faced with no choice he agreed.

However, thoughts of the outside world were never far from his mind, and during a raid he attempted to defect to the Chamber of Sages, hoping to escape the Labyrinth and return to his old life. This earned him another spell in gaol and poisoned him in the eyes of many Loddies, who looked upon him with an even greater suspicion (he suspected that it was the charity of Selena that stopped them killing him on the spot, but never found out why he was spared). Despite this, he began to enjoy his time underground more as he found friends and began to respect the Labyrinth's way of life, that was not dissimilar to that of the brothel in which he had grown up. Though he never rose to any important position he valued his time there and was a loyal soldier by the time it collapsed.

Following the collapse Catt drifted, taking a small administrative position in Lanasach, as far away from his previous lives as possible, and tried to work out what he wanted from life. This philosophising was a dangerous distraction from the reality of governing however, and he was overthrown in a bloodless coup, given a small boat and set off to sea. Crashing into the Innagos Desert, he eventually came to Ikana Canyon, where he was reunited with many of his old comrades whom he had previously avoided. Resolving to start anew, his experience made him a senior strategist and commander during the wars that followed. During this time he met up with former Labyrinth dwellers and was present at the battles of Van'Duras and Olimandias. After the Cataclysm he happily joined the nation of Calatia, where he felt his loyalties lay, and now dwells in Snowpeak.

Second Character

Name: The Packmaster (Harald Furuholmen)

Birthplace: Calatia

Bio: The Packmaster is one of the indiginous peoples of Calatia whose livelyhood has been disrupted by post-Cataclysm immigration and pointless war - at least, that's what he'd like you to think. In reality the Packmaster's 'livelyhood' is slavery, making him a hated and feared man throughout Calatia, with the exception of his home village, where he was the first man ever to achieve outside recognition, even if it was through complete notoriety.

The Packmaster works using Wolfos - intelligent, overlarge wolves that roam the snowlands, and can be trained by a skilled handler. By starting small, personally instructing animal and human helper alike, he was able to create a large and successful operation. Initially he only hunted animals, but in his desire for power and wealth the Packmaster soon turned to human prey, imprisoning his captives in long convoys and driving them to the sea where they were sold to pirates. Far from disrupting business, the Cataclysm caused a greater demand for slaves, and a greater avaliability as more people settled in Calatia.

However, his paranoia over the new settlements was proved justified when his personal convoy was stolen from under his nose by a combination of Calatian and Koridaian prisoners, who killed his favourite Wolfos and almost killed him (see "What Could Go Wrong?"). This massive embarrassment immediately broke his hold over the other slave convoys in the area, who turned freelance as his fall from grace became known. Since then he has sworn to win them back, to get revenge on the two Calatians who caused the uprising, and ultimately drive all usurpers from 'his' land. He has a wife and son, who wait at his home village and see to it that no-one tries to contest his unelected Mayorship.

Since his defeat, the Packmaster has been drifting, taking whatever jobs are available. To his chagrin, his main employer has been his hated brother-in-law, a Koridaian bureaucrat named Prudencio Herrera, who offered him work more for the pleasure of seeing him so destitute than to please his wife. Needless to say, this kowtowing to Koridai is reluctant and skin-deep - the Packmaster hates them as much as he does the Calatians, and they in turn see him as cannon fodder, a mere tool for achieving their Goddess' aims of expansion.

The Packmaster's skills are an affinity with beasts, particually Wolfos, which he can control within minutes - it is said that they are the only ones who truly respect him as a Packmaster. However, regular wolves may distrust him, as well as animals with noble dispositions - though not evil, his intentions are rarely good. He is a decent fighter, willing to try any trick to get the upper hand in battle, but only putting himself in danger as a last resort. He is not especially liked by his human subordinates, controlling them mostly through hectoring. His lack of loyalty to any faction is a strength and a weakness - he's not held down by conventions or oaths, but no-ones gonna go into a burning building to rescue the Packmaster. Finally, he has a degree of anomynity now his operation has collapsed - he was a local legend in his home provinces before the Cataclysm, but with the emergence of Calatia and Koridai, he now seems rather small game - a chancer trying to survive however he can.

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#39 Chikara Nadir

Chikara Nadir

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Posted 05 April 2007 - 01:05 AM

Name: Chikara Nadir
Birthplace: Unknown
Age: Unknown, a minor elder from the Labyrinth of Doom
Appearance: Small and almost frail in appearance for a human, with dark red hair and ruby eyes full of sinister glee. She tends to dress herself in leather or full melee armor in shades of black and red, and keeps an assortment of weapons on hand -- a whip on her right hip, a sword on her left, a dagger hidden at her ankle, and an illusive spork which according to legend can both increase a thousand times its original size and burn as hot as the sun without harming its master.

Bio: Some say she was born from the Taj-Nar mountains themselves, clawing her way out of the very earth fully ready to go to war. Others say that she instead appeared from somewhere beyond the Innagos Desert, appearing on the fringe of the Labyrinth adorned in leather despite the heat and claiming that the thick layer of dust on her skin was good for her complexion. More likely than not, both these tales were purely figments born out of the drunken partying in her home.

Regardless, Chikara practically self-appointed herself as leader of the Labyrinth, taking the reigns as the first female member and one of the most exuberantly crude and violent of all the beings living in the underground empire. The power of their army was both unrivaled and envied for a time...

...until her own daughter Selena betrayed her, and Chikara was forced to escape from her own army to hide and regroup under the shadow of the loathsome Khuffie of the Alliance. Half her empire followed her, and of these only the most choice (or the luckiest) survived the great cataclysm. The day that the sky rained blood, that the ground vomited itself back up, and that all of humanity and all its kin races cried for mercy, brought on by a duel between that treacherous daughter and herself. The death of the former Labyrinth queen resulted by some strange twist of fate in the resurrection of the chaos god Lazu, and from then thus until now has he been the one lingering in the depths of Chikara's mind, coming up far too often to remind the still-reeling world of his powerful presence.

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Posted 14 April 2007 - 12:32 AM

Spoiler : click to show/hide

Name: Hazaku
Birthplace: Hidden Mountain Village
Bio: Hazaku is a 18 year old boy from the hidden Mtn. village he lived a normal life until he learned
his fate he is destined to acquire all the Fox demons. when he was 15 he went through 3 years of training
with Zuma hagen and now he sets out on his destiny to get the Fox Demons and save Konoha. Even thou
hes from the Hidden Mtn. Village he usually hangs out near the hidden leaf village and the lost woods.
Hazaku reached B-Ranked Shinobi Ninja status after taking out a gang of out law ninjas in the lost woods
and his status follows him everywhere he goes in Konoha but not so much in Legends Alliance. Hazaku's
brother Kazaja has been plotting the downfall of Konoha ever since the fateful day of the 1000th year
dragoon eclipse no one ever knew what happened to him but Hazaku was walking down the dirt path
watching Kazaja as he went bye and he just stared at the moon with a growing evil look in his eye.
Hazaku and Kazaja hate each other, they always did always fretting over who was loved more by there
mother, there dad died soon after Hazaku was born. Kazaja was always with his father and blamed
Hazaku for there dads death. On the other side of the fist Hazaku hated Kazaja for always abusing his
mother when ever Hazaku stood up to protect her Kazaja called him a mommas boy and they always
fought after there classes at the Ninja Academy. When Hazaku got stronger so did Kazaja it was a never
ending war between the two until the day Kazaja got his gang of ninjas together and started to slay the
town and they came to Hazaku, Hazaku fought with Kazaja until he snapped Hazaku's leg and and turned
to see there mother Kazaja remembered Hazaku was down and killed there mother right in front of Hazaku,
Hazaku screamed "You Bastard You killed her!" and stood even know he was crippled and charged Kazaja
only to be knocked down by Kazaja's fist as Kazaja raised his sword a ninja popped up and knocked the
sword out of Kazaja's hands and took Hazaku and ran. As the ninja reached the protected part of town he
dropped Hazaku and used a strange jutsu making Hazaku forget all the horrific events that took place but
when Hazaku awakened in the hospital he still remembered "You Bastard You killed her!" it echoed all
throughout Hazaku's head but he set it back for that time so he could get on with his life. He left it
behind never remembering it much he really didn't let it take over his life he just fights for whats right.

Spoiler : click to show/hide

Posted Image
Name: Nerath Durstall
Birthplace: Norrendir
Bio: Nerath grew up somewhere in Norrendir, his family was poor and they just got by. He is
set on exploring and adventuring like his late father.

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#41 Toxin



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Posted 25 May 2007 - 08:15 PM

Name: Kuro
Age: 15
Bio: Never knowing where he was from or who his parents are, Karo was raised by a monk. He spent most of his days in the woods but his care-free lolly-gagging came to a sudden halt when he one day found a mystical fairy of the Butterfly world. The fairy told him how she was the one chosen by the forest prophets to find the man that could save all the captured and dormant butterfly fairies. She granted him the hidden power of the Samurai Kinzu, so Kuro and the fairy, Scythe set off on their magical journey into a land unknown.

#42 God of death

God of death


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Posted 25 June 2007 - 05:13 PM

Name: swaze atro
Birthplace: Apto
Bio: swaze is a military man trained in the ways of hand to hand combat, and close range fighting.
however he is not very well in long range. He has been traveling aboard to learn varius techs.
he is a man that doesnt know love, but he isnt afraid to try.
swaze was the captian of the red brigade, but due to the city and castle being overrun by monsters he was forced to leave.

#43 Princess *Twilight*

Princess *Twilight*


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Posted 30 June 2007 - 03:30 PM

I'll be Role playing as Eiden ^^ she's a moon goddess..but she doesnt know she is, her and link Meet, because she was rescued from death by the hero.....later she discovers that she's in love with link,...Eiden is an easy going girl, she hates it when people talk about her and take advantage of her innocence and kindness,..she is a tomboy, dispite her innocent image and beauty, she's from a kingdom called the Luna kingdom, and is under the care of Princess Lunia and her father, the king, she is the Royal Harpist, she plays beautiful tunes and sings in Hylian, for special occasions, she is very good at archery also she teaches Link a few things about archery and such also she practices using a sword in order to protect her self, her friends and Luna kingdom, Eiden 's friends are Link, Princess Lunia and Princess Zelda, who is in fact the one who tells her the secrets to her past and reveals to Link that Eiden is a powerfull moon goddess,..Eiden hates ganondorf with a passion especailly after discovering that he is trying to kill her, and also wants to help Link defeat him together!

#44 Princess *Twilight*

Princess *Twilight*


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Posted 30 June 2007 - 03:37 PM

ooh! forgot a few more things^///^

age: She's 2 years younger then Link
eyes: she's got innocent Asian/like brown eyes
hair: Pitch Black
hobbies: Archery, swordplay,getting into mischive, hanging out with hte boys, playing a harp, and learning Hylian culture,
style: she has a Greek/like style to her when she's preforming she wears beautiful flowy princess dresses
food: any thing she's not picky
talents; Archery, singing in Hylian, swordsplay
dislikes: being taken advantage of, being a damsle in distress, being treated like she's not tough

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Posted 30 June 2007 - 03:49 PM

Sorry, but this isn't set in the Zelda universe. So knowing Zelda, Link, et al isn't feasible. And please, no playing the role of a moon goddess. This RPG is rather grounded to prevent deities, superheroes, and ultra powerful warlords. Character must be a regular human (or similar creature). :P

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Posted 13 August 2007 - 03:50 PM

EDIT as of 2/18/08; changing to a Dorm-affiliated character. Hopefully won't be a problem since I've posted all of once. In a dead topic.

Name: Stalfos Aoki.
Birthplace: Roam.
Bio: As a child, Stalfos often ventured near -- but never directly into -- the Lost Woods, of which many tales were told in his birthplace of Roam, and with which he felt a strange connection. One day, however, at the age of twelve years old, he decided to wander into the mysterious Woods -- "Not too far," he rationalized to himself, "just a few yards." But curiousity got the best of him, and he wound up -- take a guess -- lost in the Woods. Within a period of time all but impossible to measure, he found himself on the coast of the Lalvican sea. Near-starved, having not been able to find any food in the past several days, he was desperate to find some source of nourishment.
After three days on the shore, he decided to return to the Woods in the hopes of finding some some source of food.
Before he left, however, he decided to take one last look back at the ocean, and saw, of all things, the thing he'd been looking for since he found himself on this forsaken beach: A ship.
Wasting no time, he dove into the icy cold water and swam towards the ship.

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Posted 09 January 2008 - 09:45 PM

Name: Dinedal
Height: 5’11
Weight: 120 lb’s
Build: normal elf build
Age: 219
Original: yes
Origin: none
Race/Nationality: elf

Strengths: Dinedal is an excellent well known swordsman. He is also strong willed he will not let himself be defeated.

Weaknesses: Because of his strong will it is almost impossible for him to admit defeat.
He also can only fight that witch he can wrap his mind around witch gives him almost no magic defense.

Weapons: He carries two nine ring broadswords (number nine in the picture below) and two sais (number two in said picture).

Clothing: loose trousers and a simple wool shirt with a simple leather jacket. He wears both of his previously mentioned swords in a double sword scabbard meaning it holds two swords side by side. He carries his sais up his sleeves he also wears light elven made leather boots. He also wears Chinese style armor typicaly worn by villagers and i small samurai style helmet.

Personality: Dinedal believes in efficiency and he also believes in getting the job done. If he doesn’t think he can do it he has to force himself not to try because if he tries he’ll get wrapped up in it and wont be able to finish until his job is done.


Born in a simple elven village Dinedal was a normal elven boy. He was drafted into the academy at the age of seven. He kept on learning and maturing but he had a problem he couldn’t start anything without finishing witch caused him to fail out of the academy and run away from home.

He continued trying to teach himself how to fight and then he stumbled onto an old man
who was trained in ancient fighting martial arts. He taught Dinedal how to fight and most importantly how to somewhat control his need to succeed.

At the age of fifteen Dinedal’s trainer died. After burying him Dinedal decided he could return home. He traveled for almost two years until finally at the age of seven teen Dinedal strode into the place of his birth only to find it infested with wild animals and not an elf living there. He went to his old home to investigate and found a weapon lying on the floor with a three triangle mark on it.

Ever since then Dinedal has been searching for the source of the mark
And will venture all over the world if he has to.

If there are any problems please critisize i try to be open to it

Attached Files

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Posted 06 February 2008 - 03:19 PM

Name: Meldorg
Height: 7'0
Weight: 130 lb,s
Build: Tall and slender
Age: 150
Origin: Elder Scrolls III Morrowind
Race: Wood Elf

Strengths: Meldorg is one of the best spear fighters ever. Meldorg also has reflexes faster than most cats wich makes him deadly with a spear. Meldorg is also a fast cross country runner and can run at 5 miles per hour for days.

Weaknesses: Meldorg is a fast cross country runner but can't sprint for beans so he usaully can't chase people. Meldorg also does not believe in armor, the most armor he ever wears is in a large battle and then he olny wears a hard leather breastplate. Meldorg constantly has visions of strange things and he cannot control them at all so he is sometimes useless

Weapons: Meldorg carries a 7 1/2 foot long spear specialy made with a leather grip and a point made of the finest steel

Clothing: Loose silk trousers and a whool shirt (also loose).

Personality: Meldorg is very laid back and for the most part does not care about others choices unless they hurt or effect him

Alright I have most of my character profile done but at this point in time I dont have enough time to do my bio so it will be coming soon. Sorry

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Posted 10 February 2008 - 04:25 AM

sorry but you're in the wrong place if you want to use that character here. The Chronicles is only for RPGs and characters fitting in the existing world detailed in the World Guide stickied at the top of this forum.

For general RPGs where you're free to use characters from any age or pre-existing universe check out the RPG thread above the Chronicles. Just be sure to read the rules and you should be fine.

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Posted 20 February 2008 - 08:57 AM

Name: Alabast Druin
Hometown: unknown
Age: 17
Bio: After years of physical training Alabast is ready for most any fight. He has trained himself in the hand to hand combat style known as Juken(Gentle fist).Also he has trained himself with the sword in the art of Kenjutsu(fighting style with Katana).

He is a drifter mostly just traveling from town to town and sometimes doing odd jobs for a bit of money.

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Posted 27 March 2008 - 12:13 PM

Name: Yzzi
Class: Beggar
Race: Human
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown (worn loose)
Weight: 150 lbs
Height: 6'0"
Build: slender
Age: 21

Weapons: Yzzi uses an ironwood staff strong, durable, and cheap and a old rusty tanto.

Clothes: Yzzi wears regular Japanese beggars clothes, a sun hat and pants and shirt made from scraps of cloth.

Strengths: Yzzi is fast with his staff which makes it hard to block, he is also fast at running and can dodge attacks very well

Weaknesses: Yzzi is fast but if he blocks instead of dodging his weapon and he will suffer considerable damage

Personality: Yzzi is well liked and gets along well with others, he is very loose and fun when he isn't fighting if he is fighting though he is very serious


Yzzi was born a beggar in Van Duras he was born to on december 31/january 1 at midnight he grew up the scum of the scum picked on by others. At the age of five he picked up the staff and by the age of ninteen had mastered it and was better than all of the other beggars and most of the other people in the country.

At the age of 21 Yzzi realized that even though he had mastered the staff he was still a beggar and thus he started his journey to far off places were he could be a great by the use of the staff.

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Posted 09 June 2008 - 12:55 PM

Name: Tseb

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Eyes: Ice Blue

Hair: White

Weight: 150 lbs

Height: 5' 10"

Age: 18

Born: Lost Woods

Allied: None

Appearance: Tseb wears a large traveling cloak, knapsack, and a loose shirt and tunic.

Build: wide shoulders with a suprising amount of muscle for a sorcerer. average legs. average arms. carved facial features.

Strengths: Water Magic & Wind Magic. Tseb is a bi-elemental sorcerer, this gives him the ability to manipulate and to some extent create (i.e. he can suck humidity out of the air) his elements. His life of wandering has given him strong survival skills both in the wilderness and in cities. He has learned to infuse and enchant items as long as the enchantment fall under his elemental domains. Sorcerery has given him a strong knowledge of magic.

Weaknesses: He is limited to his elements domains (i.e. strength is a fire aligned spell he will never be able to use). Water magic is neither as offensive as fire magic nor as protective as earth magic. Wind magic is mostly utilitarian, flight moving objects, ect. although he has some martial skills they are not very developed, because he prefers to analyze and trap enemies or put a shard of ice through them without their knowledge.

Bio: Tseb is an elemental sorcerer. He is gifted with affinities toward water and air, and can do nothing with the other elements. he was taken as a slave at a young age and when his talents finally bloomed he left his masters with shards of ice through their hearts. he has wandered the world ever since finding shelter and food where he can. over time he has developed some skill at enchanting and hand to hand combat, and tends to mix hand to hand with his magic. he is still restricted to his two elements when enchanting.

Is this ok?

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Posted 26 June 2008 - 11:08 PM

Name: Nanashi

Nickname Nana~chan

Race: Human


Weight:80 pounds

Age: 8

Apperence: usually wearinng her kendoish pants and top with a long jacket.

Hair: Red

Build: small and slim.

Strengths: she has been granted an interesting power from a lesser deity from her village, she is unusually strong (for an eight yer old) and faster than one would think. one because of a blessing she was given by the deity that lives in the shrine by her village, she also has been taught the way of the sword since she was onld enough to use one so she has some skill with a blade, she has the intellect of an adult no one knows why but she has been blessed with smarts.

Weaknesses: she is only eight and thus very very naive, she is head strong and prone to be very very moody which ends up clouding her judgment, also being eight means that people don't take her seriously, he blessing comes with a down side she being only eight isn't saposed to be able to do those things so it takes most of her energy to use her gift over great lengths of time, also because of it she gives off a "signal" (couldn't think of better word) that attracts monster from a good distance away.

Bio: Nanashi grew up in a little village never really seeing the out side world and was taught the way of swords by her unlce, most of the town was peacable but a few were warriors that would fend off raiders and such, when she was seven ther was a raid on her town by a very large group of bandits the warrios fought hard but some of them fell he uncle told her to wait in the hut while he went to fight but she ran after him hoping to help, she was attked by one of the raiders and she lest her lower leg he left her to die, the bandits where now ransaking the village killing and burning, Nanashi not knowing what to do crawled to the temple to pray for the village, when she reached the village she had lost a lot of blood she prayed for help to ward off the attack and prayed te villager would be safe, she then collapsed, when she awoke she was still by the alter she couldnt hear the sounds of battle anymore she then relised her leg was completly healed, she got up and ran back to the village, she saw people everywhere dead and the realised it was the raiders they had all been killed the villagers who had survived told her of how the raiders suddenly died as if choked by unseen hands, they began searching for survivers they found a few and treated them as best they could, Nanashi went in search of her uncle, she found him lying in the midst of fallen enemys it had taken 12 at most to kill him, after the village had burried there dead the went to the temple to give thanks for there deliverance, as they were praying Nanashi heard a voice it told her she now was protect all whom she could and that she was granted the power to do this, she questioned why she was chosen the only reason she could think of was that she had prayed for the village to be saved and not her self she had put the lives of her town first and not her own.
Now she is 8 she is traveling and for a few years seeing the world and protecting those who need it along the way currently she is looking for some one to travel with she decieds the best place to look is of course the local pub that is where her
journy begins.

if you dont approve of this charecter i will play as some one else sorta modled after kennys assistant from bleach : )
so hopefully a adim will see this and say yeah or nay : )i wont play till i get the ok (its a wreid char)

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Posted 11 October 2008 - 04:42 PM

Name: Deladra Kazini

Class: Bard/ Earth Mage.

Race: Human

Eyes: Gray.

Hair: Dark blackish purple.

Weight: 115 lbs

Height: 5' 8"

Age: 17

Born: Whitewood Forest.

Allied: None

Appearance: Deladra wear loose black and white outfits, and a cape. She carries a lute, and knapsack full of her tricks.

Build: Willowy, with long legs and thin arms. Soft features.

Strengths: Deladra can both use magic, and sing. She can either charm monsters, or encourage allies with her songs. SHe has some use of Earth Mgic, and she is attempting to grow in power and skill. Her book of songs holds pages of different kinds of songs (ie. protective, encourage, charm.) She has great wit and charm, and is quite good at interigation.

Weaknesses: Her earth magic is more manipulative than creation. (ie. it is easyer for her to use whats already around her as compaired to makeing trees/vines ect.)Although she has some protective songs, she stinks at both melee, and protecting her self. She relies hevily on her comraides to keep her safe in a fight. Her sharp tounge often get her into verbal fights, as well as the ocasional bar brawl.

Bio: Deladra grew up in Whitewood forest. After years of training her voice, she set out in serch of new and better songs. Over time she began to train her magic into a stronger force than the ability to make pan's wash themselves. She is currently uninploid and bored out of her mind by sitting and singing at random pubs. She yerns for adventure and fredom. Two things she can't get by singing at a bar. So she sits and waits for a adventureer to appear so she can charm him into takeing her with him. She currently resideds at the Inn 'The Wench and Wagon.'

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Posted 15 October 2008 - 01:23 PM

Character Name: Ezekiel Soulscar

Age: 32

Class: Monk Warrior

Race: Human

Eyes: An Icy Blue

Hair: Long, Dark, with streaks of gray usually pulled back into a pony tail

Weight: 156 lbs.

Height: 5'11"

Birthplace: The monastery of Domdanur in the city of Ur'Almen

Ezekiel Soulscar was born and raised in the monastery of Domdanur. Throughout his life he was trained in the monkish ways, acquiring skills such as herbal medicine, hand-to-hand defensive combat, as well as becoming scholarly in all things religious and historical. At the age of 17, Ezekiel discovered a power within himself. By praying, Ezekiel can call upon a holy magic, allowing him to heal and cure his allies as well as turn demons and undead away in fear. After Khuffie came to power, Ezekiel left the monastery and became a wandering monk, believing no one man should be allowed to govern the world.

During his travels Ezekiel brought healing to the sick and hope to those in the despair of war. One day he was visited by a heavenly vision, revealing to him his father had been a great warrior in the Dorm Wars. This vision guided him to his father's tomb, where Ezekiel found the twin blades Yoru and Hiru, being made of Mithril and Gold respectively. Upon picking up the swords Ezekiel felt at home, wielding the swords with such expertise one would think he was born holding them. Wandering the land as a Monk Warrior, blessed with holy magic and the expertise of advanced swordsmanship, Ezekiel helps those in need, bringing peace and hope to all he comes in contact with.

Ezekiel recently discovered the Domain of the Lost Woods, finding refuge in it's sacred forests. He now aids the Domains in their fight against Khuffie and his empire of nations, in hopes of freeing those from his tyrannical rule.

Totally new to the whole text-based rpg scene. If I messed up any info about the world in my bio I appologize in advance.

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Posted 05 January 2009 - 03:07 PM

I'm new to rpg, so I'm sorry if the description is rough.

Name: Myst Greenwood

Age: 14

Skills: Archery and swordsman

Weakness: Young, inexperienced (not fully trained in archery), travels alone

Birth place: in the village of Brier stone, near the kingdom of Gan

Bio: Myst grew up in the small village of Brier Stone. Myst's father was a night for the good king of Gan, but her family lived in meager conditions. Her mother died when she was an infant and her father was left alone to raise her. He taught Myst how to wield a sword at a young age and she learned quickly. Her father was called to the kingdom often leaving her alone in the village. She would help those around her in need to fill her spare time. A war broke out between the dark land of Whells and the land of Gan. All the men of Brier Stone were called to battle. After the war Myst's father did not return, no one knew of his death. The kingdom of Gan had won but there were rumors that some of the knights, that did not return, were still being held captive by the evil king of Whells. Myst, hearing this news and having no other answer to where her father was, decided to go find her father; even if this meant she would go to Whells herself. Before leaving the village Myst went to see her father's friend, also a knight. Her father's friend was the only one in the village that gave her encouragement to go find her father. He gave her a bow and arrows, a map of the country, and his spare sword, since her's was an old sword only for practice. She then set out to find her father. She has to travel through the towns that had been taken by the armies of the kingdom of Whells. The Whells solidiers persecute innocent villagers in these towns. Along her travels she finds other's in danger and protects those in need against the solidiers, helping her to become stronger in her skills of archery and the sword; though she still has a lot to learn. Sometimes her bravery can also be her weakness causing her to get into dangerous situations herself.

Appearance: She is short for her age, about 5 feet tall. She has long red hair and dark green eyes. She has one brown cloak and a long gray dress.

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Posted 13 January 2009 - 03:26 PM

Name: Leo Crimson
Age: 22
Race: Dwarf

Skills: stealth and accuracy; has average strength for a dwarf
Origin/Birthplace: Alsvard, Sornaiid, The Lost Woods
Weapon(s): small red battleaxe that looks like this one that can be wielded with 1 hand; and a bolt-action rifle from Virrat
Strengths: able to move silently and kill without a sound
Weaknesses: if caught off guard or angered, he will go crazy, making his attacks inaccurate and more likely to be wounded/killed
Biography: The Crimson family lived in the town of Alsvard, in the provine of Sornaiid. As a child, Leo was raised by his father, Kel, as an apprentice to be a blacksmith and to create axes, swords, spears, etc. His mother, who was named Angela, stayed at home and prepared the usual things mothers did. When the young teenage dwarf was 15 and on his way to visit friends in Resden, his parents were killed in a collapse of their home due to a fire many thought to be caused by an explosion; witnesses recall hearing a loud bang before the flames appeared. Leo was on a trip picking out food for the family. Several of the neighbours tried to save them but their efforts were in vain.

Now an orphan, the others helped Leo rebuild his home, where he lived secluded for 3 more years by himself, surviving on welfare provided by his neighbours in pity. Then, one day, he was approached by a former soldier of the Alliance, who offered to train him in the art of the assassin. Seeing nothing else in life worth doing, Leo accepted the offer.

After that, the young adult trained with the man for months, learning to move silently and travel lightly with minimal supplies and equipment; essentially, he became a true guerilla. Because he was a dwarf, the young Crimson found it harder to keep completely silent than a human or elf could have done; nevertheless, he was quite exceptional in the field for somebody his size and shape. Soon, the soldier had to leave for other reasons, but assured Leo, "Your skills are good; keep practicing and you may find yourself soon in command of an army under Emperor Khuffie soon. There are always jobs for people like you in Olimandias, Van’Duras, and even Resden."

However, that was one thing Leo did not want to do, no matter how much his mentor tried to convince him.

His parents had been well-known anti-Alliance protesters in their town, completely opposed to Khuffie’s idea of a unified world system, and the young dwarf had always thought the 'fire' was orchestrated by Alliance agents or officials that wanted to silence them forever. To this day, he feels anger at the organization he believes had killed his parents. When the third Dorm War occurred, Leo joined the forces of the Lost Woods and helped them take over Sornaiid. Rising up the ranks of the domain to General, the dwarf now began serving regularly in the army, making new friends and enemies from his experiences.

When the Three Dorms and the Labyrinth united to bring down the Legends Alliance, Leo survived a massive attack made by a magician on Khuffie’s orders. Taking command of the Woodies that survived an attack by a strange sorcerer, he led them to Olimandias and into the heart of the city. Once his superiors realized that the Alliance had tricked them, Leo managed to escape Olimandias with about 120 soldiers, fighting his way through the ranks of Khuffie’s army and picking up more Coalition soldiers on the way. Eventually, the number of troops that made it to the fields in front of the capital numbered around 700. The rest either died at the hands of the Alliance soldiers, the destruction of Olimandias, or the rise of Chikara as a new avatar.

Heading back to the Lost Woods immediately after Steel’s speech on the fields and the disbanding of Ikana Canyon, the Lost Woods, and the Forsaken Leo was shocked and extremely pissed off to see that Chikara, using her newfound powers granted by Lazu, had burnt down almost all of the trees and killed many of the inhabitants. Returning to his hometown, the dwarf gathered what belongings he could from his small home in Alsvard, and then left his only home forever by canoe.

Landing back quickly on the shores of Verden, Leo met up with other survivors of the War, joining them on the long trip up the mountains. Straying off track for a day or two to kill two Alliance survivors that were trying to escape Chikara as well, Leo rejoined with the group after fighting his way through a harsh, windy blizzard. Once they reached the castle and soon-to-be capital known as Snowpeak Ruins, he took it upon himself to help defend the kingdom from the followers of Chikara, the members of the Holy Empire. General Crimson currently leads the Special Ops Division, known better as the Snakeheads, against the soldiers of Koridai.

Current Status: Currently, Leo is on a voyage to the continent of Korento in order to meet up with the witch of Voodoo Isle who promised them a weapon to bring down the Goddess.

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Posted 30 July 2009 - 05:44 AM

Name: Jake

Birthplace: The lost land of the dead (Ikana Canyon)


Jake doesn't know much about his homeland. He doesn't know much at all really. He chops wood. But since the breaking, he's had to chip more than wood to survive. He's had to hurt those he vowed he never would, he's even taken a life. Life toughens even the most hopeful man, and even though he can still see the good in the world; he now knows pain. The axe has become sharper than he would've wanted it.

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Posted 14 December 2009 - 05:35 PM

Can I safely assume that I can still join this thing??

Name: Stalmos Necroni
birthplace: unknown
Apperance:tall, and strong without being muscle-bound, usually dressed in the predominant colors of the region, always in black during night
Bio:A seemingly bipolar man, Stalmos is a trained assasin,and a mage of many bold spells. The only thing constant about him is his unwillingness to talk about his past and his love of weapons. he carries somewhere between 20-40 different weapons and tomes, but he always carries three items: a short, shiny cylinder with a handle which he describes as "the best weapon ever made, six shots is more than enough to kill anything that moves" (cookie points to whoever can guess where that is from and what it is) but then says "but lucky for you I only have six shots for the rest of my life", a sword that looks like it has the waves of the sea on it, and a bow made out of the antlers of an animal.

Until recently he had a very nomadic lifestyle, but has recently joined forces with the calatians against kordai, for as he puts it "a grudge against a certain someone" and leaves it at that.

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Posted 25 December 2009 - 12:50 PM

looks interesting. I'll join.

Name: Adlon

Birthplace: The planet Zorlos (was destroyed by an astroid when Adlon was 50)

First life at time of death: 5 billion
Current life: 300

race: Elf

Current affiliation: Kingdom of Calatia

Life story: (first life)

Adlon was a warrior elf from the planet Zorlos. He made bitter enemies with the dark elf known as Picardon. They fought on several planets throughout the universe. Adlon was turned into a dragon by the dark elf, and his heart was used to allow the sorcerer to live on for eons. Adlon eventually fought the sorcerer when he tried to invade and destroy Earth. The dark elf was destroyed for what many hoped was for all eternity. Adlon died as well because his life force was connected to the dark elf Picardon.

(Current Life):
Adlon was reincarnated as an elf peasent on the primitive side of Zorlos. He had all memories of his past life, and hopes to rid the universe of all evil forever. When he was 50, Zorlos was destroyed by an astroid. Adlon escaped in a small starship, and escaped to an unknown region of the universe. He was found by members of the kingdom Calatia. He joined them and met the reincrnation of his enemy Picardon, who also kept memories of his past life and became the demon king. He had to join forces with him to fight sometihng of greator power1...

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