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Posted 03 April 2006 - 04:09 PM

Alright, this is where you'll be posting your characters. No approval, just post them. Make them reasonable and in the format below. Although there is no approval, characters that do not meet my criteria for reasonable in terms of strengths, weaknesses, etc, will have to be changed. I'm pretty lenient about these, so just don't go overboard. And remember, only one character per person. And please post only your character in here. Any discussion should be held in the RPG Discussion forum Here.

Rule Revision (April 20th): Required because of past abuse.
- Characters MUST be reasonable in terms of strength and abilities. It's a good rule of thumb to not make them stronger than Diel below, but you aren't necessarily limited to that if you can prove you're willing to be a team player. Nothing is more annoying to an RPer than to have someone come in, slay everything at once using their 'l33t skills' and then take over the story because they have the muscle to do so. Work as a group. A storyline is not always about 'you.'

- You are allowed a maximum of two characters: You are allowed a maximum of two characters: Each Player is allowed two characters, only one of which can be Dorm-affiliated (please keep it to your actual Dorm). For example, each player can have their dorm-affiliated character and an Alliance character, or two Alliance Characters. An allied character should operate mainly for that group's interests. An alliance character, for example, shouldn't be spending all their time in the desert seeking to defect or just tagging along with Desert characters

- What is an NPC? Some people are using the 'NPC' excuse to have an additional character. This is not allowed, and if it becomes evident that you're doing this, you will be asked to stop immediately. An NPC is usually an unimportant character that usually only has a short of amount of time in an RPG, as you should know from the games. They're bar patrons gossiping. They're a king sending you off on a quest. They're a random guard you steal information from. Gone in a couple posts, often nameless, and otherwise don't effect much in a storyline. As I said, this should not be used as a loophole to get another character.

This is the general guideline and following it should keep you out of trouble. The NPC rules, however extend a bit further into complex territory. As far as the enforcable rules are concerned, an NPC is defined by player control. An NPC can be well rounded and even be a main character in the story, the only difference is that no one player has exclusive control over it. An NPC can, and MUST be controlled by various people throughout the RPG. If you're the only person to control the character across 2 consecutive posts, you're pretty much fine. If 3 or 4 of your posts have gone by and you've been the only person controlling it, someone else should be ready to take it off your hands for a while. There is no iron-clad rule about how much you can control the character, which is not to say that you can ignore it. If it is becoming evident that you are using this as a loophole to basically bring along a second character, you can be sure that the moderators will have something to say about it.


Darklink's character:
Name: Diel XIV
Birthplace: former nation of Unidiel
Bio: The fourteenth avatar created by the God Diel, who keeps an avatar on the worldly plane. An avatar is always in existence, and although they are immortal, they have human vulnerabilities, save for disease. The fourteenth avatar has been the longest lived of all, most of the others dying in one war or another over many centuries. Diel (the avatar) has lived for over a millenia, tending the temple and library of his namesake god.

Over the centuries he has become an expert in swordsmanship, archery, military tactics, and other arts of war. Having seen and survived more wars than any one of his predecessors, his skill in these combat arts are beyond measure. Despite his skills, he is rarely known to draw a weapon, acting more of a silent arbiter and caretaker than a reckless and violent fighter.

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Posted 04 April 2006 - 02:10 PM

Name: Selena Nadir
Birthplace: The Labyrinth
Current Affiliation: The Kingdom of Calatia
Former Affiliations: The Labyrinth of Doom, Ikana Canyon
Weapon: The Kanagida, an ancient spear with magical properties.

Selena is roughly 5'6" tall, with an hourglass body type and pale skin. Her muscles are toned from combat but she retains most of her curvaceous femininity. She has long wavy brown hair, which is usually left loose but can be braided in times of conflict. Her eyes are dark brown. As she desires to always be prepared for a fight, Selena is almost always in her signature dark blue and gold battle armor, which is light but durable. When not wearing the armor, Selena will typically be wearing some variation of black leather pants and a form-hugging military style jacket.

Her reputation as a bloodthirsty warlord precedes her. Indeed, she is an intimidating figure to her enemies, as she rarely shows mercy and is an exceptional military leader. She takes great joy in the art of warfare and feels most alive when pillaging and burning down villages. She is extremely competitive, as evidenced by her rivalry with Chikara (and just about anyone else). She is ambitious, but not for the sake of ambition alone. She always has a definite goal and purpose, and if all her goals have been completed, then she is happy to relax in a Villains Out Shopping manner.

To her friends, Selena is the dry, sarcastic one in the group. She seldom rules with an iron fist. She prefers being an equal to her allies, which is a position that gains her respect and loyalty. She hates formality, thinking that it wastes time. Her friends say that she has a cuddly soft side. But Selena adamantly denies it. Stop calling the evil warlord cute.

Biography (As of 2/10)
Selena was born in the depths of the Labyrinth, a former domain known for its primal lifestyle and violent culture. Like most children in the Labyrinth, she was taught to fight not long after she could walk and talk. The Labyrinth often used young assassins to lure the enemy into a false sense of security. Selena was especially gifted in this role. Her success as a killer drew the attention of the Labyrinth elite, who were happy to mentor the young girl and teach her advanced combat techniques. After growing old enough to leave behind her 'tyke bomb' rank, Selena became a member of the Labyrinth's proper military. By fifteen, she was leading devastating raids against the Labyrinth's enemies, displaying a natural aptitude for leadership, strategy, and violence.

Selena's victories gained the attention of Chikara, the Queen of the Labyrinth. Chikara had previously discouraged other women from moving to the highest ranks in the Labyrinth in order to avoid potential rivals, but Selena became the exception. Chikara took on Selena as a protege and began to teach her the darkest of arts. Within a few short years, Selena had grown powerful and popular enough to attain a place in the royal family. She became Chikara's heir and co-ruler. Their rivalry was one of constant bickering, but they would both (regrettably) admit that they were also best friends. A formidable team, Chikara would rule the Labyrinth while Selena led most of the offensive military campaigns.

For centuries, Selena was a warlord that struck fear into the hearts of mortal men. She led the Labyrinth into many successful military campaigns, but an enemy arrived that no one - not even Selena - could hold back. Khuffie. When he formed the Legends Alliance and disbanded the old domains, Chikara and Selena were both 'blessed' with the duty of sitting on his council. While the world assumed the Labyrinth was defeated, Selena and Chikara continued to rule it in secret. While Chikara decided to remain on Khuffie's new world council in order to keep tabs on their enemy, Selena fled south to the Innagos Desert to form a new domain - Ikana Canyon. Selena ruled both Ikana and the secretive Labyrinth for several years.

Selena's ambition was the destruction of Khuffie's empire and the restoration of powerful domains. Hoping to unite the new domains under one banner, if only temporarily, Selena led Ikana against its rivals. This was the First Dorm War, which started a new period of conflict. With Khuffie busy trying to deal with the fallout of the Dorm Wars, Selena led the Labyrinth in its first official assault since going into hiding. However, the difficulty of trying to restore the Labyrinth to power strained the friendship between Chikara and Selena. Selena considered Chikara to be weak, having grown lazy from years in the shadows. Apprentice turned against mentor during the Battle of Van'Duras - the Labyrinth's first assault since going into hiding. While Van'Duras burnt to the ground, Selena attempted to assassinate Chikara during the chaos of battle. The original queen managed to escape. So began a Labyrinth civil war - one half with Selena, the other half of the domain with Chikara.

Willing to accept the losses, Selena formed an alliance with all of the contemporary dorms. United, they attempted to sack the city of Olimandias and overthrow Khuffie. While her allies were successful in killing the emperor, Selena was ambushed by Chikara in the Temple of Diel. Their great duel began. In the end, Chikara was killed, though not as Selena intended. Selena left behind her dead mentor in order to rejoin the battle, but.... there Chik was. Alive and... well? Selena later realized, to her horror, that Chikara had become the new avatar of Lazu. Keel, a former member of the Labyrinth and Lazu's longtime avatar, passed his powers onto Chik in order to save her life. Chikara was then cursed with the full power of the God of Chaos.

Chikara then destroyed the entire city and much of the civilized continent. Selena and many others fled south over the mountains to avoid the destruction. Behind her, the great Labyrinth was destroyed by a maddened Chikara, who was still unable to control her destructive powers.


Selena gathered survivors and formed yet another domain - the Kingdom of Calatia - after finding an ancient castle buried in the snowy mountains. Enraged that Chikara had destroyed their mutual home, Selena championed a movement to kill the "Goddess." All of Calatia became devoted to the cause, with many civilians flocking to her side. On the opposite coast, Chikara had formed a rival domain - the Empire of Koridai - and actively painted Selena as a heathen that needed to be exterminated. A cold war began as both sides built themselves up in preparation for an inevitable conflict.

Selena was Calatia's military leader for several years before an unfortunate incident in the mountains. En route to give aid to a fortification under attack, Selena was ambushed by god-mode Chikara and stabbed in the gut.

However, Selena was able to survive, and now uses the attack as leverage against her opponents, claiming that "even the Goddess could not kill her." Selena has returned to Calatia to lead her troops in the brewing war.

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Posted 04 April 2006 - 05:35 PM

Name: Goose

Birthplace: Roslen

A traveling magician/Bard that has a personal vendetta against The Khuff, who banished me from the kingdom, being the royal bard, because of a prank gone wrong. I mean, his eyebrows were supposed to change colour, not grow fangs and start attacking him. I mean, I fixed it as soon as I could, and you can hardly see the scars anymore. But no, he was all like "GET OUT OF MY KINGDOM YOU FOOL!!"

So I left. Well rather, his men dropped me out in the middle of the desert and left me there to die, which I did. But then the Lena brought me back to life, or a skeletal version of it, and now I exist to give both pleasure to my fellow bonies, and to plot revenge against the Khuff.

I"m useful with the magiks, specacaily now the dark magiks, and with my two daggers.

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Posted 04 April 2006 - 06:10 PM

Name: Tobiah Harrison
Birthplace: A small village in the Tor-Denma Mountains (Called Roam if you need it to be named... its a nice name)

A wanderer and a lurker, Tobiah does not say much, he is old but tough. Deep wrinkles are set into his face, but his skin is hard and worn. He is proficient with a sword, but no real training and is a swashbuckler at heart. He also possesses a small amount of dark magical knowledge, enough to create bolds of dark fire to protect himself.

After he left his village as a young man, he disappeared for years, trying to delve into the Labyrinth to discover fame and fortune, but he emerged a scarred man. Although mainly a loner, he has been seen fraternizing the the Pirates of the Forsaken Fortress.

(Whoa, it was way too long, so had to cut it down a bit, there was a lot of unneeded, but nice stuff, might put this character up for proper RPG submission.)

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Posted 05 April 2006 - 12:04 AM

Name: Ayden/Aiden


Appearance: Ayden/Aiden is 5'10, muscular but obviously worn through his travels and torture. He, if not for the wear, would look to be mid-20s, despite his being hundreds if not thousands of years old. His hair is silver. It is unknown whether this is due to his time in the cold Arctic Realm, dark Labyrinth, or simply age beyond reason. His eyes used to switch from a brilliant blue as Ayden to a menacing red as Aiden, however now they remain a pale ice blue at all times.

Weapon: He, over the years, has become accomplished with many different weapons, but he tends to favor either a large Zweihander or a more nimble Katana. He has an unnatural strength and speed, as well as limited magic, typically fire or ice elemental. The strength came from his time in the Labyrinth, while his speed was a magical side effect of so much time in the Lost Woods. The ice magic was a product of his Arctic Realm tenure, while the fire simply emerged with the appearance of Aiden.

Bio: After a long quest to find his own past, Ayden has discovered that he was once member of an ancient kingdom known only as the Arctic Realm. As a member, and possible leader, of the realm he was the voice of reason and virtue amongst his people. Little is known about the true effects of his actions but what is known is that during an ancient battle of cataclysmic proportions, Ayden was exiled beyond known realms by an evil that to this day is unnamed and largely unmentioned.

When Ayden returned he knew next to nothing of his origins. He had know memory of his past life and even his name was less than a faint whisper in his mind. Trying to re acclimate himself to the world, he happened upon an organization known as the Labyrinth of Doom. Though he knew little of his past, he knew that he must attempt to convert these being to the true light. He spent many years in the Labyrinth, working alongside them, but trying to turn them from their darkness. His efforts were for naught as he was trapped within the shadowed depths and eventually his psyche was shattered into two parts. The Peaceful Ayden still existed, but now there was also the blood thirsty wrathful Aiden. At first Ayden still established the majority of control, but in short uncontrolled bursts, Aiden would emerge, wreak havoc, and then vanish often leaving Ayden drenched in blood without answer. Then after a few more years, Aiden grew restless in the Labyrinth and seizing complete control, vanished.

The next known location was deep within the dark heart of the Lost Woods. Aiden maimed and killed anything, without reason that entered his location of the woods giving credit to the superstitions that kept most common people out of the woods. However after a brief encounter with Ken Miyamasa II, Ayden again regained majority control of his mind. However the world had drastically changed in the hundreds of years since the Labyrinth broke him. Constantly fighting with his alter ego, Ayden tried to regain his past before returning to the world around him. He fought briefly in the Second Dorm war out of loyalty to what he thought then was his homeland. Near the end of the war, Ayden found himself alone against overwhelming odds. He fought with zeal, actually delaying the defeat of the Lost Woods for some time by his own hand, but the opposing force was just too large and he fell at the hands of Rhia, still gaining the respect of his foes.

Ayden joined the Empire of Koridai briefly, but was still in search of his past. Having been gone longer than allowed during one trip, he was arrested and tortured for being AWOL when the Empire went to war. After days of torture, Aiden re-emerged however this time to drastic difference between the two personalities was much less drastic. Ayden had learned anger and vengeance, while Aiden had learned that diplomacy, or manipulation, did have its advantages.

Aiden, now searched out some former members of his past and seeks to burst back into the world, this time with a trail of the blood of his torturers in his wake.

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Posted 05 April 2006 - 12:37 AM

Name: Shiima, however tends to go by name Ninja Kitten.
Birthplace: Lanasach

Bio: Though not much is to be said of her somewhat quiet childhood, she is fiercely loyal to her people. As a child she underwent training to help defend her village from the raiders. When her village was attacked, she escaped to the Innagos Desert, taking only the little knowledge she had gained. It was there she adopted her new name. She is somewhat skilled in the use of simple magics and often relies heavily on her twin daggers. Lost and alone she came across those dwelling in Ikana Canyon, and joined, adopting them as her new family. Recently she has fought bravely for the honor of her canyon and has also spent time in the legendary Valhalla.

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Posted 05 April 2006 - 09:36 PM

Name: Drake Uni Amirales/ The Admiral DarkJuno
Birthplace: The Untamed Lands that Koridai was risen from/Ensydria (No Longer Exists)

Bio: While the wind and water are the only true masters of the Lalvician Sea itself, the closest one could cite as an official leader of sorts would be the often angered, ill-tempered, and eerily rational DarkJuno. Mysterious in every sense of the word, it seems like the leader of the boldest and strongest pirate clan in the sea is just another fortunate human who rose to this terrible power with cunning, treachery, and force. Yet...generations upon generations of souls in the pirating game seem to have at least one recollection or outright account of someone very much like the "king" of the pirates himself in the records of history - from mannerisms and attitude all the way down to physical appearances. Still, most ignore this oddity, as most know better then to dwell on such insignificant things, especially in his presence within the dark, heavily fortified Forsaken Fortress. Despite his brashness and outward appearances, within his brooding exterior he is always mindful of all the events occurring, and is always carefully planning his next course of action.

Truth be told, the Admiral isn’t really immortal or invulnerable – but it’s still fairly close. Long, long ago, before the records of histories past had yet to have been written, lived a race of beings, who for all intents and purposes were the exact same as those who live today. How and why it came to pass is a mystery, but after flourishing and developing for centuries in this world, they all mysteriously vanished, seemingly shaking away the bonds of mortality and rising to a greater form of existence. Even so, some still fell to the same vices and immoralities that plague all of humanity, and as such struck out to rule what came of the world after their time was up. Fate, however, is cruel, as much to the minority’s chagrin, ascending to this plane of existence not only rendered them above the coils of mortality, but also forbade them from interfering with mortals directly. Whether by higher power or a strange, bizarre sort of failsafe, any who attempted to directly affect the world, whether in a positive or negative manner, merely disappeared, forever.

Naturally, there are ways around this – perhaps nudging a an object in the path of one walking so that he may slip and see something he otherwise would not, or perhaps rustling the leaves of a tree with what appears to be a breeze – one could perhaps even speak to a mortal being, albeit being mindful not to outright tell what he or she must do in order to bring about great change. Few took this option, and most opted to do so only when the being was in a drunken, sleepy, or otherwise disoriented state. One, however, did not.

His name lost to the annals of time, one particular being was determined to take the world into his grasp, and devised a method to do so. While he boldly going forth and taking the world would be mere childs‘ play, it would also certainly cause his ceasing to exist. However, if one were to take the world in his name, than....that would be different. As such, he waited centuries, until one faithful day, a rather angry, dark, and vengeful young man wandered into his view. While he had taken into account candidates before, this one seemed...different. While a fair share of supposedly evil ones had come to his attention, this one had a seething, burning spark of darkness within him, even with his oddly calm, albeit angry, features. Knowing that he had the perfect candidate, the being came to the man, and made his offer.

Clearly, the man thought he had probably drunk far more than he should have, but soon that spark of darkness began to grow, as his dark, black heart began to be tempted by the promises of this celestial being, seemingly a god to the mortal, of riches, glory, and power if he were to be his soldier and voice in the world, and lead it into his hands. Unable to resist, the man agreed – in exchange for the being’s protection, which meant a long lived life and near immortality, he would craft a force to take over the world for him, with the deal sealed by blood and soul.

Unfortunately for the being, the young man was not a mere thug with lust for power, but a careful, cautious thinker. As the decades flew by – for he had all the time in the world – the young man rightly drew the conclusion that once he did conquer the world for the being, he would be tossed aside with his purpose being fulfilled. As such, he concocted his own, similar scheme, and cockily presented it to the being on the eve of what seemed like the total conquest of the planet. The deal was that the now only young looking man would continue to enjoy the protection of the being until he completed his part – that is, to conquer the world. This was such that it could never be broken, ever, even if the being wished it to. Therefore, if it was not the young man who conquered the world, but merely his own followers, concocting their own plans for the glory of their nation and leader, well, than he could have the world and the continued longevity the being bestowed upon him – as for dissenters in the ranks trying to complain that they were the ones who did the hard work, well, that was an easy enough problem to dispose of. Angered, the being realized his folly and that he had been taken for a fool. As such, both the being and the man are locked in stalemate – if the being goes back on the deal, than he ceases to exist, and the man could conquer the world easily enough with his forces. If the man does so with the deal in place, he would wither and fly into the winds as dust immediately upon completion.

Unfortunately for the being, the young man was patient – so patient that the world he lived in simply does not exist any longer, nor do the worlds that came about after. Living through an unknown number of cataclysms and armageddons, the still perpetually young man waits, biding his time and merely trying over and over again. This man eventually comes to be known, in this current world as the Admiral DarkJuno of the Forsaken Fortress, whose wisdom in evil and darkness being deeper than any can find possible. Naturally, he is careful – pushing ahead the technology of the world ahead of its time in order to take the planet would count as his directly taking over the world, which would seal the deal he made. As such, he merely takes the current technology and era as far as he possibly can, until the next age begins. As far as the pirates of the Lalvician Seas are concerned, he’s merely the ruthless, dark, brooding master of the largest, most powerful, and frankly most intimidating band of rogues on the high seas who either shut his feelings out or just doesn’t care. The only emotion he displays are anger and annoyance, in an oddly rational insanity that permeates the fortress he resides on.

As for power....he seems to be, at most, a superbly athletic human at the peak of human perfection, but nothing more. No magic, no powers, just being a magnificent specimen with an unmatched expertise in the use of merely the armor on his clothing. Not that it matters, since all the fools to challenge him die within seconds, most midway through his or her dissent speech since, to put it bluntly, he doesn’t have time for their bothers. Indeed, his greatest strength seems to be the respect and utter fear he commands from all his subjects, whether it be out of self service or because they just have had their wills and spirits broken and being free to them is a harsher, more painful existence than one of total obedience and servitude.

And as for the man himself? The concepts of empathy, morality, and camaraderie are nothing more than words. Extremely arrogant and single minded, the Admiral refuses to call or ask for help, thinking it beneath him, and once he has sights on a goal, goes after it with a blind ambition. As for his subjects, he cares nothing for them – they are merely meat shields to him, so slightly more useful than others. Everyone is labeled – blindly loyal guard, oddly loyal spy, random wench for amusement, and others, and they are nothing more than that. That is probably one of his greatest weaknesses – the complete reliance on nothing but himself, despite the fact that it is up to others to take the world for him, even if they follow out of fear.

Even so, it does not bother him – to say all emotions have been burned away by the fires of darkness, rage, and hatred would be fairly correct. The darkness in his cold, black, rage filled heart, heavy with the evils of worlds gone past and the blood of nations on his wicked, irredeemable soul would likely drive anyone else mad, with only the beings’ forced continuation in the deal keeping the dark, brooding man alive. Regardless of what occurs, the Admiral continues to strive forth on his mad quest to rule, and to do so with both riches and his black, twisted soul intact.

Well, at least that was the plan.

There were......complications to his carefully crafted scheme that he had in perpetuity for the last few centuries, complications that, unlike in the past, were more then a mere annoyance and the cause for the forced abandonment of his current course of action. In fact, it seemed to have been too much for the mighty Admiral, as he, in an odd moment of self sacrifice and empathy, ordered the vacating of the Forsaken Fortress of all its inhabitants - slaves and riff raff included - and stayed behind. While the once impressive formation of pirates has now irreparably broken apart in the evacuation, the word was that he perished along with the mighty battlement in a glorious, frightening flash of light. The Admiral and his legacy were finally dead, by his own hands.

Post Abandonment Bio: Drake Uni Amirales is a stern, serious man of few words, and an individual would be wise not to cross. Forged from countless battles against the wild, untamed beasts of the land and the equally hedonistic, unclean savages of the untamed wilds, it is somewhat mind boggling though certainly not unheard of that a fairly young - yet admittedly gruff and world weary - man could have survived and in fact thrived. It is even more surprising that one who came from the ravaging wastes could arise to become Her Holy Goddess's Supreme General Magnus and Defender of the Holy Book of Koridai, one of the four beings entrusted with Her Holiness' Ear, alongside the Pope, the Lord, and the Inquisitor. A man immensely strong in his physical being yet also with a sharp, logical mind whose tactics in warfare are cunning and some lesser beings would even refer to as unfair, some say his battle hardened will and heart seem rather inhumane, as he will literally do anything and everything to secure victory for Her Holiness, crossing several lines that even the most sinful heathens would dare not toe, all in the name of the greater good. Tales speak of the first time he was encountered by the survivors of the great apocalypse of the dorms, and of how he was feared by the mindless, forsaken savage humans that did not deserve to live in this lush and varied land that was intended for the Holy Empire. How it came from that to his current position is best left unasked for now.

All he asks from his men, from his Elite Vanguard team to the lowliest pages (and really, all citizens blessed enough to reside in Koridai) is to push aside the antiquated and preposterous notion that Death was to be feared, as he had done. Some might even say his complete and utter disregard to the thought of dying was madness, if not for the great victories he has been able to pull off even when seemingly completely wiped out - at the end of the day, Drake would somehow return with the foolish savage's head and only minorly injured. Still, some might wonder about him sometimes, whether it be because of the rumblings that, despite being a sanctified sword, the Holy Arpegio Blade - a great, dazzling but very much battle worthy two handed blade he used as if it were a single handed one - was not bestowed by Her Greatness Lady Chikara, or the notice that his bows and submission towards Her barely qualified as such. Still, his loyalty to the cause and the Empire are unquestioned and pure, and will fight forevermore in Her name.

Naturally, this is merely the former Admiral's new persona in this world. Much like his other former guises, his life as the Admiral is mostly ignored by him, tossed aside save for the many experiences he has learned from it and the several other identities he has taken to refine and fine tool his plans, though any guests he grudgingly allows onto his private estate bestowed by the tiny goddess always marvel at his many curious relics and antiquities from the past. For all his cold heartedness and antipathy towards any whos tands in his way, the machinations of Chikara are, however, curious, and while Drake certainly is only looking out for himself in the end, if it means pleading false fealty to the annoying little goddess, then so be it - whether she already knows of his identity or not hardly matters in the end, only that the plans currently carefully constructing themselves in his mind towards his ultimate goal come to fruition. However, "she" is both annoyed and oddly relieved that "her" partner in crime for last few millenia is notably more mellow then in his usual personnas this time around - less stabbing people who look at him funny, and more calling them idiots and verbally breaking all the moronic little miscreants who deserve it to the point of being refined into battle ready warriors...or broken shells of humanity.

Neither particularly care, really.

Whatever the case, Drake is content to serve loyaly - legitimately, albeit grudgingly - the small one and her quest to purge chaos from the lands.

For now.

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Posted 06 April 2006 - 02:43 PM

Name: Toan
Birthplace: The depths of The Lalvican Sea
Bio: Toan was born as a Zora in the richest Zorian city in the Lalvican Sea, Sæglópur, which in the ancient language means "Sun of the Sea" - a city of the Gods of sorts, which was, if anything, a clear indication of the pride and religious nature of the Zoras. Toan lived an extravagant life in the overly religious Zora tribe in his early years. The tribe went undisturbed for thousands of years until the vicious pirates of the sea invaded, looted, plundered, and murdered a significant part of Zora tribe, using ancient magic to stay alive under the water, which, coincidentally, was blamed upon Toan after a series of wild and unfortunate events. The religious leaders claimed he was cursed, a demon damned by the Gods, and needed to be exiled. Toan soon found himself without a home. He travelled north until he hit land, and found residence in the mysterious Lost Woods, where only few of the world, namely the Woodies, know what plans in the names of the Gods he will carry out...

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Posted 06 April 2006 - 05:35 PM

Name: Veteran
Birthplace: The Taj-Nar Mountains

Bio: Veteran was born in an iron mining village in the Taj-Nar mountain range. The village crafted weapons and armour for nomadic warrior clans that roamed the mountains, and in exchange they taught the villagers how to fight and defend themselves.
When his parents died, Veteran decided to travel and explore the various cultures the world had to offer. After passing through the now former country of Unidiel, Veteran settled in Muldinach opening up a small blacksmith business which was moderately successful.
When Khuffie began his quest to unite all countries under one banner, Veteran was drafted into the Muldinach army where he was mostly stationed in Unidiel as part of a peace-keeping force. When his term of service ended, Veteran sold his businesses to contacts in Roslen and carried on with his desire to travel the world.
Eventually finding himself in the Lost Woods, his military experience in the Alliance army and skills gained from the mountain tribes contributed to the victory the Woods gained over their rival nations. This most recent war has also caused Veteran to remain in the northern world longer than perhaps he intended to.

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Posted 07 April 2006 - 07:03 AM

Edited Version:

Name: Wanchimaera
Birthplace: Vanadiel

Bio: Wanchimaera is a phantom-like character who was born off the coast of Vanadiel. His real name is unknown, but the name Wanchimaera came from the image of the mythological creature found on his family's coat of arms. He moved at a very young age to Death Mountain, an old dorm located in the Taj-Nar mountains. When his dorm was destroyed by the Alliance, he embarked on a long journey through his native country of Vanadiel, then to Roslen, and eventually found himself in the Lost Woods. A spearman by trade, he enlisted in the Lost Woods military at the outset of the first Dorm War. His services proved to be useful as he defeated every warrior that he faced. Confident in his skills, he had no second thoughts about enlisting once again when Dorm War II began. This time, however, he found himself on the losing end of a battle in the midst of chaos on the streets of Alsvard. However, when the guardians of Valhalla came to take him away he was so badly injured he was taken to a hospital near the Valhalla prison where he was able to assist in his dorm's battle planning. Upon his recovery, he sent the order that one of the active soldiers from his dorm would challenge one of the mighty guardians. When they heard this, they became angry and he was then thrown into a prison cell. All was not lost, however, as the challenge that he issued was successful.

He now waits in the Valhalla prison for any chance to escape.

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Posted 07 April 2006 - 09:52 PM

Name: Krystal
Birthplace: Uradiel
Bio: Krystal was born into a wealthy family who lived in an estate outside the city of Ur’Almen. When Krystal was only 7, the family planned to move to Sornaiid, where they heard they would find beautiful beaches, and a great trade opportunity. However, while passing through the Tor-Denma Mountains in a storm, the horse-drawn carriage went over one of the high cliffs. Krystal was the only one who survived the accident. A priest found him and he was taken in at the monastery, where he was trained in holy cleric magic. After Krystal decided he was ready to make it on his own, he travelled to the tropical islands of the Lalvican Sea. Occasionally he would get involved with the pirates, either joining them on a quest for treasure, or fighting against them to protect innocent victims from being raided. Eventually Krystal got tired of life on the Sea, so he chose to move to the Capital of Olimandias. It was sure to be full of exciting city hustle and bustle, and, given it's location at the crossroads between four nations, there was bound to be plenty of Krystal's favorite thing: shopping! Plus, if there were ever any travellers passing through on some big adventure, he could join along and help with his magic skills.

Despite his name and appearance, Krystal is male, and does not like people to get his gender confused. Thanks to his training in the Tor-Denma Mountains, Krystal is powerful with holy magic and healing. His weapon of choice is the Piko Piko Hammer, which can be magically charged. He also has the power of hammerspace, which allows him to store many items such as his hammer, frying pan, or turnips and seemingly pull them out of nowhere when needed. Without magic or items though, Krystal is very weak in terms of physical strength.

Posted Image

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Posted 08 April 2006 - 08:40 AM

Name: Wolf O'Donnell
Birthplace: Unknown
Bio: Not much is known about this mysterious humanoid wolf. Some say he came from Death Mountain, others say he came from the Desert of Mystery. Others still say he came from the distant stars like a fallen angel.

Wherever he came from, he made his dark presence felt. He constructed a Spa in the Lost Woods on top of a major spring and lured unsuspecting travellers to their doom there, creating an army of Stalfos from their remains.

When he was killed in the Great Dorm War, the Spa fell into ruins and his Stalfos Army turned to dust. Though his evil Spa was destroyed, the waters that flowed from the ruins remained tainted.

It is said his spirit still lives on in his fake eye that lies somewhere in the Lost Woods, waiting for the chance to be revived...

#13 Guest_KingOfShadows_*

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Posted 11 April 2006 - 06:32 PM

Finally got it pressed out! :D

Name: Peregrine
Birthplace: Unidiel (Now Vanadiel)
Bio: An elf born in the Vanadiel area, Peregrine is much, much older than he looks. Peregrine is easily indentified by his long sky blue hair, deep blue eyes, and his large, dark purple cloak with black trim. He left Unidiel shortly before civil war broke out, not wanting to take part in the violence. He was wandered the lands of the Alliance ever since. A lifestyle he as taken a liking to. He has no current alligence to any of the dorms, but that my change over time.

Peregrine is a Dragoon, and one of the very few remaining in the world. Peregrine's young Wyvern, Himmelskralle, travel with him wherever he goes. Peregrine used to fight for many cities to destroy wyrms bearing the dark crest, when and if they could find one that is. But due to the emergence of the Alliance and Khuffie's forces, dragoons are no longer needed for this endeavour. Peregrine does sometimes use his skills as a mercenary, not that he likes doing so.

Based on his personality, one would hardly suspect Peregrine to be a trained warrior. Peregrine is overly playful and talkitive at times. However, he is quiet and keeps to himself around large groups of people. Peregrine is kind-hearted and is always willing to lend a hand for people, even total strangers. Peregrine values friendship above all other things, but thanks to his wandering, he can rarely keep up with them.

As he is a Dragoon, Peregrine is extremly skilled in the use of lances and always carries the lance passed down to him upon completing his training, the Gungnir. He is also bound to his wyvern, Himmelskralle, spirtually. The two are able to commincate with each other telepathicly due to this. As all Dragoons, Peregrine can jump extremely high into the air with little effort. Peregrine does possess some skill in magic, it is very limited. All of his spells are Water/Ice, Wind, or Lightning related.

I know, I know... I should have keep it short. I can't help it! :P

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Posted 12 April 2006 - 05:49 AM

Name: Ken "Wanderer" Miyamasa II
Birthplace: Taiyo Village, Roslen.

Bio: Ken was 13 when he inherited the spirit sword Wolfen and proved he was mature enough to leave Taiyo Village. The sword had been kept in his village and was revered as a holy weapon. Originally forged by Ken's namesake and great-grandfather, the weapon is made from a metal that responds to the soul of wielder, changing shape to reflect his or her spirit. Ken eventually learned how to assume the form of a wolf, a skill which he has since mastered better. He learned these through the prayer, and training from his family's patron god spirit--Raiyu the Silver Wolf. While Ken had great spirit, this worked against him. His sword reflected his spirit and due to so, it was often an oversized zweihander. Due to its large size in this form, he had a hard time wielding it, and his skill with the spirit magic he learned was sometimes erratic. It's size, from pommel to blade tip, was approximately equal to Ken's height (about 5' 7" during 1 ADW).

Growing up close to the Lost Woods border, Ken was raised with animistic beliefs. He was taught to respect life, and to never kill in cold blood. This partially confused Ken, as his family also came from a line of skilled weaponsmiths. He would eventually learn that it was futile to try and understand it. Ken inherited his family's talent for forging weapons. He ended up creating a few interesting and artistic weapons--thought they sometimes were not as functionable. Ken eventually decided that he was tired of staying in the village and decided to leave on an adventure, at the blessing of his household god. After Ken left to explore more of the Legends Alliance, he eventually had fallen in with the Lalvican pirates. Originally neutral in the wars, he became a pirate when he rescued by a oddly merciful captain of the Forsaken Fortress. Ken felt morally obligated to return the favor, and became a smithy at the fortress, occasionally running errends. At his then age of 17, Ken was kind-hearted, honourable, dutiful, and polite, setting him apart from most of the stereotypical pirates.

In the start of the second dorm war Ken extended his services not just as a smithy, but also as a combatant. After being defeated in battle twice, he was brought close to the edge of death. He was deemed as good as dead and was given a short burial at sea. By some miracle, he managed to retain his life and was washed ashore where he was healed by some travelers. He retained his personality, but lost names, skills, and experiences. His right arm was broken, and becuase of that used a shortsword most of the time in combat. He traveled in hope of finding a way to regain the memories he lost, going under the name of "Wanderer".

Thanks to Jordan of the Whirlwind, Ken started to regain pieces of his memories. He brought himself back into the service of the Fortress, and set out over the course of the following year to regain most of his memories. Unfortunately, with the coming of the third dorm war, Ken never the time to find his home village. Donning leather armor about his chest and shoulders, Ken went of to war in the strange new territories in the east.

Despite his sacrifices, Ken never saw glory. In his very first battle, he was sent out to lead an attack on the forces of Ikana. He was defeated and cast aside like a nobody. He remained imprisoned until the war's end, and was placed back within the forces of the Forsaken Fortress. He eventually learned that Taiyo, his village, had been attacked, with many people missing and presumed dead. He continued on with his duties, the only motivation he had remaining being the former princess of Vana'diel, Hina, who had been held by the Fortress since his first journey with Jordan.


In the aftermath of the destruction of Olimandias, Ken was witnessed being part of a small caravan trying to escape the chaos of the Cursed Lands to the north. When the caravan attempted a shortcut through some ruins in the Taj-Nar Mountains, the caravan accidentally incured the wrath of an ancient stone construct fashioned in the vague shape of a beast. Ken stayed behind to keep the stone creature away, and the caravan never saw him again.

In the intervening years, Calatia and Koridai formed.

The two powers grew in size and have begun to cover the land. In the far reaches of the wilds beyond either power's influence, a rumor has begun to surface of a strange wolf walking alone. The strange beast has markings upon its face, immediately marking its unnusual nature. The longsword and shortsword tied to its neck by cloth float above the strange beast, ready to swing and strike. The wolf has attacked both Calatian and Koridian soldiers that would approach it, and has become a target for both sides.

Reciently, the wolf has begun to realize its own strange nature. Its lust for bloodshed has begun to subside, memories of another life beginning to surface. On the edge of its memory is the vision of a young woman who was a princess of a fallen nation. The wolf has begun to treck across the continent in search of Her, believing that it will somehow complete itself if it finds her. In the meantime, it watches...

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Posted 13 April 2006 - 08:20 PM

Name: Rhiannon (Rhia)

The Denma Mountains of Verden.

Abandoned on the day of her birth by her father, her mother was forced to wander the mountain ranges searching for shelter and finding food on the way. Through years of traveling and searching Rhiannon’s mind grew weary and restless. Focusing on objects to calm her mind down, Rhia found that with just the right amount of concentration she could make small objects move. The day they made it out of the mountains ranges would be the day her mother died. The next couple weeks were treacherous. Rhiannon walked miles and miles with nowhere to go. Close to death, Rhiannon fell to the earth in despair. It was then the Sages appeared and took her into their home. Through their guidance and knowledge of magic, they raised Rhiannon as one of their own and her gift blossomed She began to move bigger objects faster and farther than ever before. Unfortunately, she still had much trouble controlling it. The Chamber of Sages would forever be in her heart.

Rhiannon’s first encounter with the Labyrinth Princess Selena was not a pleasant one. Selena was a force to be reckoned with, holding great power over her followers and even her enemies. She fought without mercy and soon the Sages numbers dwindled. Compelled to do something Rhiannon searched for a weapon. Suddenly she remembered. Before she had been called to battle Rhia had been eating breakfast. She had been buttering a blueberry muffin and having been caught off guard brought the butter knife with her. Concentrating as hard she could the butter knife flung itself at Selena. The knife nicked Selena’s calf making a small mark. Crying out in rage and shock more than pain Selena’s anger flared. This would be the death of Rhiannon. Lying many years under the sandy grounds of the Tar-Har Mountains.

Awoken several centuries later by the, now, rebellion leader, and the very woman who put her in the ground Rhiannon found herself in a bit of pickle. Torn between her hatred of Selena for killing her and hatred of Khuffie for wiping the Sages out, Rhiannon didn’t know where to turn. Choosing to put her personal feelings aside Rhiannon joined Selena in the fight against Khuffie. Soon after Rhia not only became Selena’s apprentice but also her friend. Starting out as military Captain in the first Dorm War against the Forsaken Forest and the Lost Woods, Rhiannon rose steadily in Selena’s favour. Leading Ikana Canyon to victory as the last standing member in the second dorm war got Rhia promoted and became co-ruler along side wisp, while her mentor Selena was believed dead. The next few years Rhiannon grew into her own.

With the downfall of the dorms, Khuffie’s death and Selena’s return, Rhiannon faithfully followed Selena into the depths of the Snowpeak Mountains caring for the wounded and slowly building morale as co-leader and Princess of the Kingdom of Calatia.

Attached File  Rhiannon.JPG   85.68K   12 downloads

Updated ^^ with picture too!

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Posted 16 April 2006 - 12:48 PM

Name: Gabriel Ichiro

Birthplace: the Tor-Denma Mountains

Bio: A skilled martial artist and swordsman, Gabriel travels the lands in order to become the strongest in the world. Despite the fact that he's been cursed by the Nyannichuan cold spring of Jusenkyou (which is also in the Tor-Denma Mountain range) as a child, he never gives up on his goal. He has spent several months travelling through the nations of the Alliance honing his skills and helping whoever needs his services. He was last seen in the Lost Woods

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Posted 20 April 2006 - 06:39 PM

Name: Showsni

Birthplace: Innagos Desert

Biography: A memory of sand and the burning sun are all that remain to me of my childhood. I don't know why I left my birthplace; I think I was happy there, once. I'm not an adventurous sort of person, though perhaps inside I yearn to be. I lived for a while in a city, in Sornaiid. It was a small place, but I enjoyed my job as postman there, until that last night, when Khuffie's troops came... I'm sure you've already heard about it, though. In any case, I fled to the forest for shelter. I've been here for a long time now, and I think the woods have accepted me. It's not often that venturers into the forest manage to survive, though. I was captured almost as soon as I entered, and held by monsters for months... Luckily I managed to escape. I wandered for a while, still weak from months in a tiny cell, and wary of everything. I finally collapsed from exhaustion, but I think the forest itself wanted to save me. I was found by the children of the forest, the spirits of the wood, and taken into their home. I thought I'd found peace deep in the woods, until the war. I'm not a fighter. I know a few spells, but nothing prepared me for the horror of battle. The forest needed to be protected, though. I fought, and lost. I was abandoned on the battlefield, left for dead. I've recovered from my wounds now - or at least the visible ones.

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Posted 21 April 2006 - 12:13 AM

Ok, this is just happening way too much. I had assumed that most of you would build your characters into the world, choosing their nation of origin and laying their roots into the world.

Instead, we're getting far too many characters with either "Unknown" origins or from locations that are literally off the map. I know I said I would take a hands off approach to modding this forum and I will continue to try to do so, but I feel that this issue needs to be addressed, so I'm going to have to insist that all characters have an origin within the world and I won't allow any more origin unknowns.

I've already talked to several people about such characters and there are some I still need to talk to, but from now on, no more characters with unknown origins or origins existing off the map. The map is large and varied enough to accomodate any character, there should be no need to make your charactes from locations completely non-existent in the current world guide.

One of the main goals in creating a flexible, user-created world, was to have your characters contribute it, not only through the RPGs themselves, but from their very origins. All these characters with unknown and otherworldly origins just rob the blank canvas that is the game world from whatever additions your character could have otherwise contributed.

Once again, no more unknown origins, or origins existing outside the existing world. Those of you that currently have characters that do have such origins have either gotten a message from me, or will get one soon.

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Posted 21 April 2006 - 03:58 AM

Name: Batchaen Gard-Coralen

Birthplace: Glenien, Roslen

Biography: As his name would suggest, Batchean was born into a respectable and wealthy family. Raised in one of the more distinguished and elegant areas of Roslen's capital, he recieved the best classical education available, as did his younger sister, and soon developed an appetite for the performing arts. Coming from a long line of actors, his family were surprised that his skills mainly lay in the world of literature. He would spend hours under a tree in their 3-acre garden, with nothing but a quill, a scroll of parchment and his imagination. As he assisted his father at the family's opera house, one of the most famous in Glenien, he would sit in the auditorium and scribble ideas for future productions.

By his late teens, he started to hear the world call to him and often asked his father what the world beyond Roslen was like. Upon his twentieth birthday, his mother insisted that he find out. Presenting him with an elegant but simple sword, a new expensive quill, several scrolls of blank parchment and a travelling bag to keep them all in, they offered him the opportunity to travel the world and seek out inspiration for his writing, to return when he wished.

Giving himself the nickname of the Taleseeker, he set off to explore and experience the wonder of the Legends Alliance

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Posted 20 May 2006 - 06:32 AM

Name: True name unknown to most, generally referred to as "Steel"
Birthplace: Glenien
Bio: Steel is a man of mystery. It is said that he himself does not know his true name. There is an arcane legend which says that once every hundred milennia, when the sign of the shadow falls on the ides of Hangar, that a baby will be born who is . . . gifted. Such was Steel. It took the Society of Laz 4 years to find the baby, born as the result of an illicit union between two married members of the nobility of Roslen. When they found him, they killed the two they thought were his parents, and then raised him to develop his abilities fully, never telling him of his origins. However, on the eve of his fifteenth birthday, Steel discovered the truth in a Laz archive. He swore eternal vengeance upon the organization, and fled to join General Khuffie's army, invigorated by it's leader's ideal of a united LA. Then, he saw the atrocities committed in the name of order and union. Disillusioned, Steel sold his skills to the highest bidder, who happened to be a wealthy merchant about to set forth on a trading voyage across the Lalvican sea. Halfway across, they ran into pirates. These were not the elite guard which inhabited the FF, but weakling pirates, members of a minor clan. He defeated them easily, however, this attracted the attention of DJ, who managed to intercept the merchant's ship before it reached Lanasach. The pirates slaughtered the entire crew save for Steel, who was taken only under sheer weight of numbers and brought before DJ himself. Steel managed to cut his bonds and rushed the pirate overlord, believing he had nothing to lose. He killed Dj's bodyguard and then drew sword on DJ himself. The pirate easily knocked the sword out of Steel's hand, and then made him an offer Steel couldn't refuse. He became Dark Juno's new bodyguard and personal assassin. In the war between the dorms, steel donned the armor of a knight of Roslen, and ended up as the last pirate standing on the field, taking out all who stood in his way, until he stood face to face with Selena herself, after his comrades withdrew from around him. Although Steel put up a valiant effort, Selena's power was too great, and she killed him in three moves. The pirates recovered his body, and by the secret arts know only to Dark Juno, they resurrected him, and Steel returned to his place at DJ's side.

Since the loss of his sight at the hands of a demonic clone of Kitsune, decreasing his effectiveness as an assassin and body guard, Steel has taken an increasingly active role in the governance of the Fortress as Dark Juno's second in command, especially during the second Dorm War, in which he commanded the entire Fortress Army against the Woods and Canyon Dwellers, losing only when faced by their combined might, and taking the army of the Woods down with them.

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Posted 07 June 2006 - 03:30 AM

Name: Xeres
Birthplace: Glenien, Roslen

Bio: Xeres wishes for most of her life to remain a mystery, and for the most part, she's gotten her way. The tales of her past are steeped in rumours and half-truths. Even her name is an approximation, a moniker chosen to try and escape a past which was none too kind to her.

The gossip that surrounds this 'Xeres' is that she was indeed born in the land of Roslen, and became a prominent military figure, having ties to the great Khuffie himself. The extent of their interaction remains unknown, some saying that she was an apprentice of the great one, others claiming she was but a childhood friend. The only fact that can be drawn from these tales is that something went terribly wrong.

Xeres went from honoured soldier to exile in a matter of moments, being cast out of the great Kingdom for some great dishonour that she resents to this day. She did not take this rejection well, and returned to Glenien only to purge herself from its records, burning any remnants of her former glory, ashamed of her past and failure.

In her exile, Xeres adapted her traditional military training into something quieter, more deadly. She passed through numerous legions and assassin's circles, finding a style to suit her taste for vengance and cruelty. A small amount of dark magicks are available to her, as well as an astonishing proficiency wielding dual schimitars. She considers her style of fighting to be an art form, rather than the brutish and grotesque abomination of traditional warfare. She is lithe and quick, an attempt to offset her lack of any great overwhelming physical strength.

It seemed only natural that Xeres would be drawn to Selena's quest to topple Khuffie and his kingdom, and she currently appears to swear allegiance to Selena and Ikana, finding their aims to be complimentary to her own. She admires her leader's cunning and military expertise, seeing it as the fufilment of all that the Legends Alliance military lacked. It is unclear to what degree Xeres' involvement with Ikana is, as she is not often seen, prefering to work alone and report to Selena directly.

Note: Really sorry about the length, I'm terribly wordy. There's [img]http://forums.legendsalliance.com/public/ALOT.png[/img] that I actually cut out... And yes, I know I might be writing myself into a horrible cliché. But I'd like to see where I can take the 'brooding loner-mysterious past' stereotype.
Posted Image

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Posted 17 June 2006 - 10:14 AM

Name: Keel, Lazu ru Keel, Miatch, various other aliases.
Birthplace: Plentrich, Lanasach

Bio: Keel. His name. That is all that is known of him. He lurks, he watches, he listens, but he is not one to make himself known amongst the populace. People around him do not make it their habit to know of his intentions, nor his whereabouts, for he is simply not noticed. This is far from discomforting for the man, as it suits his objective extremely well. That objective, however, still remains shrouded in mystery. To take a look at Keel would be to glance at a bustling crowd. His face is indistinct; his movements...unnoticeable; his words insignificant. It is this level of ambiguity that allows Keel to excel at what he does.

Despite his history beforehand being hazy, Keel is known to have recently been a pirate hailing from the Forsaken Fortress. The status of his loyalty to this horde is not known, however it has been rumoured that he does still make an appearance at the Fortress itself from time to time. Once a pirate, always a pirate. Or, at least that is what they say...

As with the Fortress, unless Keel chooses to make himself known to the rest of the population, his presence on the face of this world disappears; his actions and whereabouts removed from the public's view.

Keel is a survivor. He has been around. He knows history, and he knows the tales from the actual events. He has been under suspicion, by those who take care to notice happenings around them, of having connections across the world; both within the Alliance, and out. There is speculation of Keel having a degree of influence and power amongst the higher-ups, however no evidence can support this as fact, thus it remains only a rumour. Keel has yet to have made a display of any kind of strength or weakness. No one really knows what skills or powers he possesses because, simply, no one knows anything about him. At all.

Well, that is not entirely true. He is known to have some kind of connection with the Temple of Diel, and its equally ambiguous guardian...

Part Zwei:
As recent events would reveal, Keel was the foremost consul of the Society of Laz: Lazu ru Keel. The entire purpose for the Society's existence was to free the god Lazu from his torturous binds. Across thousands of years and through countless identities, Keel had twisted, manipulated and encouraged both people and events towards his desired ends - as directed by his master, Lazu, with whom he had forged an agreement.

During the climactic battle between Chikara and Selena in the Temple of Diel, the former Queen's deranged sacrifice caused a phenomenal shift in the attention of the chaotic god himself. With a single, utterly careless act, Chikara had written herself into Lazu's manuscript as the new avatar and subsequent host through which the God of Chaos would be resurrected. The God of Order, Diel, had now abandoned these lands to their own devices.

Under these directions, Lazu ru Keel took both the dying Queen and the Blacklight - the relic that had been used to originally imprison the dark god - into his custody. As a parting gift, he handed to Selena an enchanted parchment containing his entire recorded history as the Avatar of Lazu and of the Society of Laz itself.

Having found an appropriate location, Keel - now revealed to be an ancient member of the Labyrinth, Miatch - shattered the Blacklight and sent Chikara into the now crumbling prison of Lazu himself. Chikara, clinging to her last breath, was then fused with the God of Chaos.

In a final moment of clarity and peace of mind, Miatch - along with his long-time companion, Lazu - sailed back through the memories of his entire life until they finally came back to his beginnings at which point the essence of Miatch's very existence was unwoven to join his former comrades as a life source for the newly born Goddess.

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Posted 27 July 2006 - 02:07 AM

Edit: In the midst of revision...

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Posted 27 July 2006 - 11:23 PM

OoC: Hope i did this right.

Name: Germanlink Archan

Birthplace: Dorminem, Muldinach

Bio: His younger brother left them a long time since..."I refuse to be in a nation that does this to their soilders!..." his brother said, and that was the last he saw of him...Germanlink was born into a peasant family in the land of Muldinach, for generations his ancestors worked in the factories until his father was born. Germanlink's father was the first member of the Archan family to be even strong enough to be in the Legends Alliance great army. Although tragedy had struck, his mother suffered from a terrible disease and would die in a matter of months, and soon afterwards his father had been reported killed by a pirate raid in a post in Sornaiid, where Germanlink's father had died.

Germanlink's brother, Billy Goat was about to enroll into the great army before all of this had happened. But when both the brother's father was refused a burial in the Soilder's Grave at the center of the capital because of the family's low wealth status, Billy Goat was enraged, "I refuse to be in a nation that does this to their soilders!...I refuse even more to work for a kind of nation such as this one!". And so Billy Goat left the family. Germanlink stayed home to take care of his sickly mother, but eventually after her death came, he decided he would have to find his brother, the only family he now had. His brother was too arrogant, he may do something something so foolhardy it may cost him his death. Germanlink bough a magic book on learning wind magic... it cost him his house, now he could not turn back even if he wanted to. And so he set off, to find the last remaining of his family.

EDIT: Germanlink had been separated from his journey with Kitsune and the rest of the old group by a pirtae who had found a lead to Germanlink's brother. He Had actually just left the group without a word in desperation of finding that who he sought so dearly.

After some time, Germanlink had been caught and sold as a slave to a secret society which pitted warriors against each other in fights to the death. Eventually Germanlink managed to escape this terrible life and was eventually saved from starvation by a large group of nomads seeking a new land in which to start their lives. Losing his Wind Spell book, Germanlink learned to wield a wide variety of weapons with which to protect himself with. Germanlink travels with the Nomads for a while, eventually becoming tired and becoming restless once more to find his brother.

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Posted 10 August 2006 - 04:34 PM

I really hope I'm not making a fool of myself:

Name:(Self proclaimed) Cap'n Button.

Birthplace:The Lalvican Sea

Bio:What a tragic tale, the tale of a boy who, one day, suddenly burned down the home of his parents. How he disappeared without a trace in search of his own destiny. How he could never find it, and how he spends most of his adult life without an identity, without friends (except his alter ego, a talking zombie parrot who lives inside his brain) Who isn't much a friend anyway. The parrot's name is Mr. Button, named after a man he had murdered along time ago in his wanderings, who came back to haunt him. As treacherous as a storm on the sea sometimes, and as peaceful as the most peaceful of forests another. As cold and hard as the mountains, no land can hold him. He is doomed by those who watch from above to wander the known world forever to try and find atonement, but in the end never finding what he really desires.

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Posted 17 August 2006 - 07:18 PM

After I finally found where to post this (Thanks to Billygoat and Ken for showing me where) :P

Name: Lena

Birthplace: A small village near Roam, in the Tor-Denma Mountains

Posted Image

Bio: New to the lands in the south, she has been referred to by the lucky ones saved by her as "The Light Goddess", she has begun to make a name for herself. Lena was found just outside of her home village as a baby orphan by the Leader and his wife, who weren't able to have children. They saw the baby as some sort of a sign, and raised her in their household. She was a bright, enigmatic girl, always interested in things she didn't know or how to do, and when she turned seven, she realized she harnessed some kind of magical abilities inside of her. When she prayed or meditated, she felt as if she was in total happiness. When she turned 11 She had decided to become a female priestess and would vanquish the world that begun to grow in darkness as much as a single person could do. At age 14 she started to train with the village's priest and along with a few others, was granted to become a priest or priestess. Her surrogate parents wanted her to marry so that they would have heirs after her, but she wouldn't allow herself to be just married off to someone she didn't even know. When she turned 16, she took her things, and decided it was time to start her journey. She ran away from home one night leaving a note explaining why, and from there she started travelling from village to village, exterminating demons and healing the sick. She now realizes her reasons here, and why she has been reincarnated once again as she has many times before...

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Posted 26 August 2006 - 10:40 PM

I am so bored... Hopefully this comes out right.

Name: XI

Birthplace: The Lalvican Sea

Bio: There is a whisper among the pirates of a young boy with no soul. A boy so relentless and cruel that even a kraken would shudder in fear of him. This boy is said to have a somewhat cult following, an entire organization of children that could drive an average man to insanity just by their taunts. Some rumors even say they are planning to overthrow DarkJuno's rule. None of this is true.

In reality, the boy spoke of in the gossip is actually just a normal kid among pirates. He doesn't use his true name, preferring the nickname XI, pronounced as "eleven". Most who know him find him an annoyance, a constant thorn in the side with a loud mouth. The few who put forth the effort, forced or not, to truly know him are usually shocked by his inner kindness and insecurity. XI is a joker and just wants to seem appealing to others, especially the attractive members of the opposite same sex. Unfortunately for him, he usually comes off as a fool. XI is not the best weapon wielder, but he occasionally mentions knowing a bit of magic. Whether or not he's serious is anyone's guess.

XI by Kitsune. :D

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Posted 29 August 2006 - 06:54 AM

Name: Perseus Ransom. (Now only known in the empire by his second name)

Birthplace: Ur’Almen, Uradiel

Pre-Cataclysm bio:

Losing his wings hit Ransom hard, and after the cataclysm at Olimandias, he was forced to learn the ways of the earthbound.
Like the rest, the goddess' wrath forced him to migrate south, and he travelled with his old friend Steel, (who was no longer an enemy) to dwell in the Empire of Koridai.

During the battle at Olimandias, Ransom not only lost his wings, but was impaled with an obsidian shard from the Blacklight, the tablet that Diel had used to seal away Lazu in so many ages past. After he had dragged Ransom away from the dying city, Steel attempted to remove the shard to save his life. Steel was able to remove most of the shard during the operation, but a small piece was left deeply embedded in Ransom's sternum, to stay for the rest of his life.
As he showed signs of recovery, a new and hideous truth became clear to Ransom. Through the shard of the Blacklight, he was closer to Lazu than any man, and it was consuming him from the inside out.

Ransom's strengths have greatly altered since losing his wings, and much training with Steel has given him many new abilities, especially in the realm of stealth and assassination. Though the virus from the shard is slowly killing him, the power of the Blacklight greatly enhances Ransom's basic abilities and increases his raw hunger for battle. As a result he is stronger, faster, and perceives more then the average man.

Currently Ransom is working as the Captain of Lord Steel's personal guard, and accompanies him on all major missions concerning the will of the goddess.


The Grandmaster of the Eyes and Hands of Chikara, the man known only as "The Claw" is the highest ranking member of the goddess' assassins in Koridai. A brilliant strategist, linquist, artisan and of course assassin, The Claw directs all operations of the spy networks of Koridai throughout the world, and executes the goddess' will over life and death through his assassins.
Typically, origins and identity are completely unknown, but the position of the Claw has grown to become feared, loathed and awed throughout the entire empire and beyond.

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Posted 08 September 2006 - 08:02 PM

[Edit] Workin' on a new one. :x

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Posted 11 September 2006 - 08:32 AM

Name: Seth (Better known as "The Dreadlord")

Birthplace/Hometown: Sinios, Roslen (no longer exists, used to be on an isle off the coast of former Alliance territory)

Age: ??? (appears to be 18, does not physically)

Appearance Constantly wears a black cloak and heavy, black armor. Has long, white hair and glowing red eyes.

The Dreadlord used to be one of the most feared and ruthless denizens of the world, seeking nothing less than ultimate power. His ultimate plan is to gather eight Keys, which are in the form of glowing spheres packed with unfathomable magical power, and use them to obtain that ultimate power. Very little is known about him other than that he has a vast army of cold, zombie-like henchmen and that he is one of six frighteningly-powerful elemental sorcerers. That and his base of operations is protected by a never-ending storm that destroys anyone who dares to approach it.

Ever since the Cataclysm, however, The Dreadlord has found himself playing second fiddle to Chikara. His island was fortunately away from the epicentre of the destruction the new Goddess caused, though he was hoping that everything would fall into chaos when the Alliance was destroyed; he was not expecting the Dorms to be wiped out as well. The idea was for those dorms to fight amongst themselves for their relinquished land while he would take advantage of it, searching for the Keys, but the rise of Koridai and Calatia put these plans to a screeching halt. The Dreadlord is very bitter about this, and wants nothing more than to see the end of these women who dare to call themselves queens of the new world.

Fighting Style
The Dreadlord uses a combination of his inhuman strength and knowledge of the dark arts to do battle. His weapon is a massive, black Zweihander which he can wield with terrible force, though his black magic is low-level. He has yet to restore his true power, however...

Special Attacks:
-Blade Beam: The Dreadlord concentrates his dark power into his sword which, once swung, releases a wave of burning darkness.
-Dark Bolt: Shoots a bolt of black lightning from his hand.
-Transform: Turns into a living shadow.
-Possess: (shadow only) Can possess those who are weak-willed.
-Soul Siphon (shadow only) Molds part of himself into a tentacle-like appendage and jams it into an enemy, sucking out their life force; this usually restores the Dreadlord's stamina and magical power and heals his body, but does the exact opposite if the enemy has a Light-elemental affinity.

His pros and cons are blatantly obvious; his combat ability can increase up to double in dark areas, and conversely decreases down to half in very-bright areas. Darkness-based magic only recovers his strength, but light-based is very effective.

Koridai Character

Name: Shadow (adopted name)

Birthplace/Hometown: Ur'Almen, Uradiel

Age: 21

Appearance: Magical black tunic done up with a red belt, white pants with a pair of magical boots with spikes on the bottom of them, white undershirt, long black hat, and a black cape. His hair is purple, his skin is slightly pale and his eyes are an icy blue.

Shadow has went through a lot of jobs in his lifetime; first a thief that plagued Ur'Almen just to survive, then he became a Special Ops for the Alliance (after getting caught), and he was even a Lost Woods Elite. He harboured a great hatred for the Alliance, being forced to work for them as they trampled over any who dared to oppose them as they pleased, so he happily took part in the grand plan to wipe them out. At least, until he overheard that his hometown of Ur'Almen was used as the fall-guy to initiate the attack... from that point on he merely observed, refusing to fight alongside those who would destroy lives so meaninglessly. He saw the Cataclysm unfold before him, and by some miracle he survived... when he saw the Lost Woods, his only other home, burning, he vowed revenge against Chikara.

Two years later and after the Cataclysm, Shadow has worked his way up into Chikara's ranks as a general, one famed for his crushing battle tactics, phenomenal swordplay and out-and-out creepiness when he starts manipulating others to his will. While he serves the new Goddess now, he doesn't think her to be anything more than a poser, and he still intends to eliminate both her and her sister. Not just out of revenge, but to prevent the events of the Cataclysm from being repeated. The only real reason he fights for Koridai is to preserve the peaceful paradise that Chikara made, nothing more, nothing less.

Or at least, that was the plan... now with Calatia on the war march and the remnants of the Alliance rearing its ugly head once again, Shadow finds himself doing his duty for Koridai in earnest. His only desire now is to get this distraction from his own designs over and done with.

Personality: Shadow has changed a lot since the Cataclysm. Outraged and feeling ultimately helpless about not knowing that such a disaster would unfold, he intends to make sure it won't happen again; he makes sure to learn everything about he allies and enemies and their intentions. As a result, he has become a bit of a control freak, able to better-understand the mindset of others and manipulate them as such. He's very cynical, but still as carefree and cocky as ever.

Fighting Style:
Shadow's approach to combat has changed drastically since the Cataclysm; rather than act as a walking arsenal like before, nowadays he uses his collection or magical weapons only when necessary. To compensate, he has trained his body and his swordplay to almost-ridiculous levels, striving to become the strongest swordsman of all. His speed is almost unrivaled. Also, due to the effects of the Key of Fire he holds, he has an innate fire magic-casting ability.

Special Attacks:

-Killing Edge: The famed attack that Shadow is most-known for. He begins to move so fast that he is a blur, circling the opponent and waiting for the best opportunity before diving in and carving the enemy to pieces in the blink of an eye. This attack usually leaves Shadow covered in the victim's blood.
-Fire: A spell granted to Shadow by the Key of Fire, he conjures a red, translucent sigil out of thin air. This sigil morphs into a fireball which launches as he sees fit. He can create several at once, combine a bunch of them to make a huge fireball... he's always finding ways to manipulate and improve this attack.
-Heat Lens: Another spell from the Key of Fire, Shadow superheats the air around himself, forming a protective shield that wards off direct attackers.
-?????: Shadow has no idea what to call this, as he still can't control it; it's his latent abilities that activate after struck with enough Light- or Dark-based attacks. He glows with a silver-purple aura and goes into a frenzy, dramatically increasing his offense and defense. Unfortunately, he can't differentiate between friend and foe in this state, and often ends up unconscious when it wears off.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Since the Cataclysm, Shadow has trained his body to be more durable; he can now handle prolonged battles. Sometimes he gets caught up in the bloodshed, though, and turns his blade on an ally by mistake...

Other Important Facts:
-When the armies of Koridai give him a reprieve from his duty, Shadow often studies and collects magical weapons and artifacts that he finds in ruins.
-Shadow's Key of Fire grants him more abilities as time goes on.
-When Shadow's latent powers activate, he can see the life force and elemental affinities -- if present -- of others.

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