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The Postman Problem and Resultant Debate

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#91 Average Gamer

Average Gamer


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Posted 16 August 2009 - 04:52 PM

No they're not.

Hylians are humans who just have pointed ears. No offense, but that's blatantly obvious and further reinforced by the fact that a Hylian (Link) was called a human.

A race composed entirely of red haired women, with the ability to cast dark magic, who rely on Hylians to reproduce as only once in a hundred years is a male Gerudo ever born is blatantly obvious to me they're humanoid.

One look at them makes it clear that they're human. The only thing that could possibly go against them being human is the one male every hundred years thing, and that might be a curse for all we know.

As for the "They have magic," thing, in fantasy anyone and anything can potentially use magic, from a bird that shoots fireballs by waving a stick to a scam-artist who makes glowing lights appear for one of his games.

I'm arguing that both races, like with the Ritos, have the potential to have offspring together. I'm speculating on the basis that the races can easily fall in love with each other, but you're arguing for a fact they're reproductive systems prevent this altogether. I would be most interested to learn where you acquired this information from.

Common sense. Humans are mammals. Fish aren't mammals. A monkey can't ejaculate onto fish eggs and make something, and if it somehow did make something the offspring would be screwed up and sterile.

Despite being a fantasy series, The Legend of Zelda has given us no reason to believe that some sort of half-breed could exist. On top of that, the various races in Hyrule live separated from each other, further reducing the chance that a half-breed could exist. If the half-breed were sterile there'd be no way a kid made by a Hylian and a Zora could continue a family into TWW.

FYI. A dorsal fin is a fin located on the backs of some big fish, not their heads.

I know. I was referring to Jabu-Jabu's technical back as his head.

No listen to the sound being made. He's clearly inhaling and exhaling air. Gills are respiration organs that function with the extraction of oxygen from water,

And when you first get into his mouth there's water present. We could still potentially hear something from that process. Additionally, if Jabu-Jabu did become Jabun by TWW, the state of his body suggests that his physical form was always supposed to be closer to a fish.

Why don't the others count?

I said that Jabu-Jabu's tail counted because, as far as I know, there are no fish with horizontal tail fins, whereas I could make responses to the other things.

In Zelda, magic always fills in the gaps.

Except magic still appears to be reserved for specific individuals in the series and not something that automatically resides in all beings. Unless some Ganondorf-like figure tried to use their powers to mix the species, I don't see how magic would "fill in the gaps."

Indeed life and magic seem to be intertwined in this particular fictional universe. Potions restoring life force energy,

Technically that could be more like a medicine of sorts.

people's souls turning into masks,

That was done by an outside source using a spell on ghosts. The people apparently can't will themselves into being masks, and seeing as how Mikau's spirit is seen after the mask has been made, it's not clear if the souls are actually in the masks.

tunics letting you breathe underwater, evil magic reviving the deceased as ReDeads, the list goes on.

Yet that doesn't mean people have enchanted sperm to make half-breeds.

She can, she just isn't able to due to current circumstances, what with Ganondorf the King of Evil wrecking havoc on Hyrule, and she needs to help Link as a Sage.

The way she says it, however, indicates that she's apparently resigning herself to the fate of a Sage instead of temporarily putting things on hold. Saria's earlier comment about not being able to live in the same world as Link also suggests that the OoT Sages can't really interact with the world. On top of that, Link seemingly didn't know what marriage was when he was a kid and he certainly didn't react too well at the idea of being Ruto's husband and having her love.

You're probably right. What bothers me though is that people still call Jabu-Jabu a big fish instead of a deity regardless, when there's stronger evidence to show he is not just an overgrown fish.

We all know that Jabu-Jabu is a deity, we just call him a fish based off of his physical form. In a related case, the Deku Tree is technically a god, but everybody calls him a tree (even himself).

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Posted 16 August 2009 - 09:01 PM

In TMC everybody has pointed ears, but they're just called "humans." This is pretty much confirmation that Hylians are just a race of humans. We also have in-game confirmation that Hylians and Gerudo can interbreed, as the only real physiological difference between them is skin color and ear shape. We have no such confirmation for Zora.

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Posted 17 August 2009 - 01:19 AM

spunky-monkey. Both Gerudos and Hylians have been referred to as humans on multiple occasions. End. Of Story.

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