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TMC placement

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#211 Prime Blue

Prime Blue


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Posted 17 January 2008 - 08:20 AM

This is getting split-worthy.

Anyways: What exactly are the indications for Four Swords Adventures/Four Swords+ being a direct sequel to Four Swords? I see that accepted as lore anywhere.

#212 Raien



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Posted 17 January 2008 - 08:58 AM

Anyways: What exactly are the indications for Four Swords Adventures/Four Swords+ being a direct sequel to Four Swords? I see that accepted as lore anywhere.

FSA's introduction tells the story of FS, which then leads into FSA itself. Interestingly, the referencing of FS is not in the usual "ancient hero sealed ancient evil" manner but direct, as if it didn't take place very long ago. And furthermore, Link in FSA doesn't need any explanation of who Vaati is, which leads us to the conclusion that Link in FSA is the same person as in FS.

#213 Fyxe


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Posted 17 January 2008 - 11:57 AM

Ever since OoT's release, Nintendo have been speaking about Link in a way as if all his incarnations are the same person.

Firstly, no they haven't, they refer to him as the same CHARACTER. Decent canon sources have rarely if ever spoken about him being the same person, except in the cases when he IS the same person from the previous games.

And they never refer to another Link or multiple Links within the internal narrative of a game. Never have done, never will done. Destroys the narrative.

Important is that TMC's ending quote is just one more of the many instances where the entirety of Links is talked about as if they are one person.

No it isn't.

Also, 'many instances'? Care to pull some stuff out of nowhere to support that? XP

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#214 LionHarted



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Posted 17 January 2008 - 07:54 PM

I don't understand - FSA was released well before TMC, so what relevance does FSA have in the issue of TMC's internal hints at its placement? Also, FSA is chronologically as far away from TMC as TP is from OoT (at least!).

They were in production at the same time.

I understand that FSA's production doesn't technically nullify anything Capcom intended related to TMC, per se, but it does completely disrail their intentions to (1) leave Ganon out of the FS games, and does what they failed to do in establishing a coherent relationship between the FS games and the Triforce myth by (2) establishing that FS/A take place after at least one of Ganon's deaths, and therefore happen somewhat late in the history of the Triforce.

Again, I understand that this doesn't necessarily say anything about TMC, since the span between TMC and FS/A chronologically is still an unknown, and it's still up in the air whether the Light Force legend itself is related to the Triforce myth. I'd submit that it's not. I'd also submit that establishing it as the start of the royal princess's special powers is probably the most clear explanation for the Light Force's significance (with respect to an early placement), but I would also submit that PH establishes that each being has special powers inherently, while TP establishes that all people were granted power by the goddesses at creation. This leaves no room for the Picori to give the first source of magic to the hero/princess of Hyrule to later bestow upon everything.

i.e., it's still confusing (and even more so) as to what significance the Light Force has with respect to the series, if it has any at all.

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#215 Nameless_Joe


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Posted 19 January 2008 - 11:37 AM

So here's the chronology of the FS sub-series thus far (As I understand it):

Origin of Minish & Hero of Men (TMC backstory)
Events of TMC (Vaati begins as Minish, becomes wind mage)
Events of FS (Tells of an earlier adventure, presumably TMC)
Events of FSA/HA (Tells of Vaati's actions in FS)
[PH events] (Not in the FS series, though)

What about Navi's Trackers? It has its own story in the instruction booklet. How does it tie in? Would it be placed before or after PH?

I suggest TWW--> PH--> NT , but am unsure as I know of no NT story translation....

Has anyone here (besides me) played this game?

#216 Showsni


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Posted 19 January 2008 - 09:58 PM

Navi/Tetra's trackers is either a sequel to TWW (whether before or after PH makes no difference, I think) or it occurs during TWW.

The four swords series has these events:

TMC Backstory - Hero of Men acquires Picori Sword and Light Force

TMC - Vaati the Minish steals a magic hat and becomes a mage. Link forges the four sword and defeats him.

FS Backstory - Vaati the Wind Mage kidnaps maidens. A hero appears with the Four Sword and defeats him, leaving the sword behind.

FS - Vaati returns to kidnap Zelda. Link defeats him and seals him in the Four Sword.

FSA - Link releases Vaati, defeats him and seals Ganon in the Four Sword.

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