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Wind Waker HD?!

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#31 Hana-Nezumi


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Posted 27 January 2013 - 04:20 AM

Four Swords wouldn't work as well on Wii U since there's only one or two GamePads. At least not in the way FSA did.

Two Swords!

#32 SOAP


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Posted 28 January 2013 - 11:45 PM

Not gonna lie; I'm badly disappointed.

Don't get me wrong; Wind Waker is one of my favorite Zelda games, but it also strikes me as the one which will benefit the *least* from the remake because of the art style, even after updating the textures to HD.

Remakes should ONLY be considered if a game meets at least two of these three criteria:

1.) It is a game which is not aging well. Either the graphics or the control scheme make the game unplayable to new players.

2.) It is a game with a cult following who want to play the game again.

3.) Content is either improved or added into the remake.

Ocarina? It's aging decently, but could be ported easily to the 3DS via emulator, so I'd argue they didn't update the content enough to justify the remake. Wind Waker? HA! The cel-shaded graphics don't look washed out compared to either Skyward Sword or Twilight Princess, and the control scheme is almost identical. There is absolutely no need for this remake; just port the game over to the e-shop and sell it for $10-15 so it undercuts the used Wind Waker copies hovering around $20. Maybe add some additional sidequest material if you're feeling generous.

That said, there is another game which easily fits the first two criteria. In fact, it blows WW out of the water in those regards.

A Link to the Past.

An icon of Zelda games with a cult following which remains unplayed because so many players (like me) can't get over playing a 2D game. It practically screams the need for a remake.

What I would have done:

Remake ALttP for 3DS
Recreate* MM for Wii U
Port Ocarina to 3DS and Wii U e-shop.

*By "recreate" I mean a remake which goes back to the drawing board to improve the game's gameplay and script. Remakes typically have little or nothing "creative" done to their content.

What Nintendo did:

Remake Ocarina for 3DS
Remake of Wind Waker for Wii U

Definitely not enough for me to be able to hop on anything. I've kept my GameCube for a reason.

My theory on the TWW remake is their testing out a possible look for the next Zelda on the Wii U. We laready know it's not going to be photorealistic or anything like recent wii u tech demo. They went way out of their way to say it won't be like that. And the painted look for Skyward Sword wasn't exactly a big hit with everyone either. My guess is taht they're thinking of doing something complete opposite. More stylized proportions with more realistic lighting. Maybe even realistic textures who knows. TWW Wii U looks more like a stop motion animation than a slick cartoon. And by that I mean more along the lines of Coraline than Gumby so it's not that it looks bad, just very... different. I like it personally but I can see how it would be Nintendo's riskiest move to go that route. So why not test it out on a remake people will buy anyways to stave off their Zelda hunger, than risk gambling with a new zelda with too polarizing of a look? That way if there's backlash, it doesn't harm them too much.

I just find it funny that when TWW first came out people bashed it for being cartoony, but now it's remake is being bashed for being not cartoony enough.

Four Swords wouldn't work as well on Wii U since there's only one or two GamePads. At least not in the way FSA did.

It most definately would work as an online multiplayer, with the TV screen being the main action that all four players can see while the gamepad is their personal screen that only can see during the Dark World segments, basically being what the GBA screen was for.

Four Swords wouldn't work as well on Wii U since there's only one or two GamePads. At least not in the way FSA did.

Two Swords!

Crossing Swords!

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