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The World Guide

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Posted 03 April 2006 - 04:39 PM

Last Update: May 2011

Welcome to the World Guide! Here is where you'll find all you need to know about the world the Chronicles takes place in. Originally created by DarkLink_14, the Chronicles has been updated and expanded by several members over the last few years. We've split things into a few different categories to make your 'research' easier.

NEW: Because we've got so much information, we now have a whole Wiki dedicated to the Chronicles. This takes the place of the World Guide. You can find a full timeline and all important information on the wiki. Here's the link:



It's too big to post. Click here.
(3000 x 3000 in terms of size)

BDW = Before Dorm War; ADW = After Dorm War
  • 15-10 BDW: Khuffie creates the Legends Alliance empire and conquers most of the known world.
  • Year 0: The First Dorm War. Ikana Canyon vs. Lost Woods vs. Forsaken Fortress. Lost Woods wins.
  • 2 ADW: The Second Dorm War. Ikana Canyon wins.
  • 3 ADW: The Labyrinth of Doom, a secret old dorm that survived the Alliance expansion, returns to the world scene in the hope of crushing the Alliance.
  • 4 ADW: The Third Dorm War. The Lost Woods wins. A new continent is discovered across the Eastern Ocean. Colonization begins.
  • 5 ADW: The Cataclysm. All the dorms unite to kill Khuffie and destroy the Alliance. During the last battle, villainess Chikara becomes the new avatar of Lazu, the God of Chaos. She destroys the Alliance, the Dorms, and changes the terrain of the homelands. They become cursed as a result of her power - anyone who dwells in the "Cursed Lands" is driven insane. Survivors of the Cataclysm flee south to form new dorms.
  • 6 ADW: The Empire of Koridai (led by "Goddess" Chikara) and The Kingdom of Calatia (led by Selena) are established.
  • 7 ADW: Proper war breaks out all over Verden. Calatia and Koridai begin to battle, and remnants of the Alliance attempt a failed invasion to recapture the continent. Lazu is exorcized and banished from the world after a major battle, though Chikara escapes to the far east with a tiny fraction of her former powers.
  • 8 ADW: It's a brand new year!

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