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The Final Farewell

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Posted 16 November 2016 - 05:28 PM


It is time.



Legends Alliance has been our home -- our safe harbor -- on the internet for roughly 15 years now. It first started as the forums for the Zelda Legends website and eventually grew into its own unique digital society. Members have come and gone over time, though some of us have been here since the earliest days. We've endured numerous crises that threatened to end this community. The precious few who remain now start a new journey. Into a new era.


The decision to migrate to free hosting was a tough one, but I think it's for the best. I've actually been more energized than ever to craft a new LA that best represents the people we've become. We're hard at work at making a new anchor website that showcases our community's passions and lets us keep tabs on all our gaming adventures. It might not work out. But it's well worth a try. LA will be preserved regardless. And we might just get some new blood in our little online family if everything goes according to plan.


Many thanks to davogones for keeping our home archived here. And for helping us along the way. The new Legends Alliance will remain partnered with Zelda Legends after this is all over. Though we've obviously become separate entities over time, the ties between us are still strong.


And obviously big thanks to Khuffie for starting the forums in the first place and keeping them online long after real life started becoming a priority for all of us. Damn adulthood, ruining our internet leisure time!


Thanks to all of you for sticking around after all these years. I always thought of LA as my online home. You guys are like my extended family. Except less annoying than my actual family. And I hope you'll stick with us.




I can think of only one proper send-off, given that I was a long time member of the Labyrinth. The Rocky Horror-esque dorm of silly perversion. Here's to the future. And here's to the place we call home.








(I'll formally close everything down at 5, when the Last Person to Post Here thread is officially closed.)

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