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Forgotten Past

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Posted 03 November 2010 - 10:41 AM

OOC: And time to flesh out Ayden's backstory a bit.

LAC 1944

The cold wind blew through the open doors of the newly formed temple. Ayden admired his artwork from the inside, taking in every column and window. The building was made of pure ice, but as with the best magically formed objects, the walls were strong beyond even the best stonemason's work. Even the alter to the god Diel was immaculately decorated with angels of all sorts. Above the alter, on the wall behind, were written the words Light and Order: The essence of Diel in two simple words.

Ayden knelt at the frozen alter, impervious to the cold as must of the people in this new domain were. His heavy white cloak covered the off-white hardened leather boots and greaves, yet let show his trusty longsword and close-cut brown hair. His words were a thanks to Diel for the chance to build a kingdom to follow the truth of his light. As well as the blessings place on Ayden as a holy defender and the magical gifts bestowed on him. He was still young, but he was devout beyond even some of the eldest priests.

The sound of footsteps behind him lead Ayden to wrap up his thanks and stand slowly. Clasping his hands together in a final thank you, he turned revealing his off-white pants and tunic, all accented with blue belts and buckles. Even the inside of his cloak was blue. His dark brown eyes nearly matched his hair, and his complexion was otherwise fair.

Walking along the center aisle of the temple was a man Ayden respected greatly. Eric, one of the founders of the Arctic Realm greeted him smiling. "Good Day to you Ayden! Diel has blessed you in creating this temple. It is marvelous!"

"That he has, Sir Eric. What may I help with next?" Ayden's appreciation for the compliments showing through despite his best efforts.

"Always the helper. Well there is always much to do, but we have much support. I've also received word that the other domain's are coming along well too."

Ayden wanted to see the other domains when they were completed. They had been commissioned to create the four realm in hopes that friendly competition would induce growth and camaraderie in the otherwise nation-less realm. Ayden's knowledge of the past was that since the fall of the Kingdom of Nysdria, nothing as great had been built. The council that now led this land appointed leaders to create new domains that would form the newest civilizations in hopes that one, if not all, would rival the kingdoms of the past. The Arctic Realm in which Ayden now toiled was established far to the north in an already cold region. At first exploring the region it seemed as though this area was severely lacking in resources until it was discovered that the longer one stayed in the region, the more they could manipulate the cold and ice around them. Soon tools were being made and rapidly this magic ability grew. Ayden, Eric, and a few others who first set out to settle this area were some of the best with the ability to raise buildings with the most beauty of any known to exist. Even the newest of their members could at very least create the components of stable buildings in which they chiseled and etched their own aesthetics into each wall. The realm was growing rapidly.

The other realms were expected to be just as magnificent. Ayden knew Princess Lelda would do great things with her domain around Lake Hylia, which would be first on his list to visit. He wanted so badly to work with Princess Lelda, but had since grown to respect and admire Eric in his leadership. As for the other domains, Ayden knew nothing about the other leaders. The man working in Termina was rumored to be a brilliant man so that realm would surely do well and the leader who wandered into the haunted realm had to have courage beyond belief as it was generally assumed that he volunteered for that realm.

"Are you coming?" Eric waved Ayden on as he walked out the doors to the temple.

Ayden rushed out after him, enjoying the sound of his boots and the clank of his sword in the frozen temple. He closed the heavy doors behind him and looked out over the busy work being done all around the city. Even the castle was still being worked on, despite Eric's grand start. The castle was by far the tallest and most massive building in the city and was decorated beyond belief. However, expansion to the stables and defenses were all but finished. As the sun gleamed off the icy walls and roofs, Ayden was struck by the majestic nature of their new domain.

LAC 1995

The frigid cold had many of the Clocktown members wrapping their arms so tightly around them that Ayden wasn't sure whether they were turning blue because of the cold or from cutting off their own circulation to their hands. This was a small comfort as Ayden watched one of the CT steam powered tanks rumble across the field with astounding speed.

A stream of ice came pouring from the armored sled that was Arctic Realm's newest military weapon. It slammed into the side of the steam tank but it hardly slowed as the ice melted instantly doing little more than wetting the tank. The steam tank then let out a volley of some molten material and melted the runners on the sled. Ayden watched as the sled fell to the ground and stuck in the mud that had just been created. Ayden glanced at the members of Clocktown who, despite their blue hue, were smiling smugly across the field.

Every time they came to this convention, it was becoming the same result. One on one Arctic Realm and Clocktown fighters would both end with pretty even matches. However when it came time to display the latest inventions and technological advances, Clocktown won every time without fail. The discovery of their steam power had little match.

Ayden looked over at where Princess Lelda stood regally. It was the same with her too. They Hylian soldiers had dwindled to next to nothing. They hardly even competed in the one on one bouts. And Those from the haunted realm were even fewer. Their leader didn't even bother to show up.

Without new blood, the other two dorms would fade out, and Arctic Realm, while substantially stronger, could do little better than hold on. Eric still looked as regal as ever. Ayden likewise had grown into a hero of sorts, winning many sparring matches and battles with the wild untamed world outside their four realms. He was also still one of the leading followers of the light of Diel.

He now stood 51 years older and hardly looked a day older. His hair had grown out and his eyes had developed a more knowledgeable depth, but beyond that neither he, nor any of the leaders had aged at all. They had all grown much closer, despite the rivalry that was little more than a prideful show as Clocktown would obviously win any war that did occur.

Eric turned to him, a smile on his face but not in his eyes, "Well that's that. Time to greet everyone before we head home."

Trying to give an encouraging smile, Ayden nodded, "We'll continue on as we always do."

"That we will." Eric genuinely smiled this time.

LAC 2049

The temple was quiet, as was most of the city. The dark night sky was littered with stars, but this provided no comfort to Ayden. The once friendly competition between the dorms was now far less amiable. Lake Hylia was dormant. The ghost of the haunted realm were wandering as its people had long since left the realm unchecked. And Clocktown....

Clocktown was now a massive city that lit up the night sky and expanded miles upon miles. The conventions they had once held, no longer existed. The Clocktown representatives no longer bothered to show up and most of the Arctic Realm felt, maybe rightly so, that it was because of their arrogance. It would be a waste of time to visit with those far inferior. Ayden was unsure what even kept them in check from all out conquering the other four domains. Respect for old friends? Or just seeing no need as they expanded rapidly encroaching the other realms without conflict at all.

Eric constantly urged the tenants of this realm to stay calm. He had left days before to speak with the council but probably would just be arriving.

Ayden knelt at the alter of Diel praying for guidance and the ability to maintain a peace. In mid sentance the alter cracked right down the center and began emitting a brilliant light. A voice, heavenly beyond comprehension came from the alter. "My devout and most loyal follower, the time you now know draws soon to a close. The world as you know it now will cease to exist and a new beginning will arrive. Be prepared, you will come to power, however there will be one who will not follow my will. Be diligent and be wary of the affection of those in power."

Awestruck, Ayden nodded.

Diel spoke again, "You already have my power within you. This will be the hardest time to come and you will falter. Remember yourself and remember you are my defender of order and light. If you forget, there will be a time I will return to you, but also if you forget much chaos and disorder will come of it." The light faded and the alter shattered, leaving a large crater at the head of the temple.

Ayden crawled to where the alter had been. The words of Diel echoed in his mind. "A New beginning... I will falter... remember myself... or chaos and disorder will come of it." Ayden stammered for hours alone in the temple. A maelstrom of emotions gripped the paladin. He was trying to ensure he had remembered every word. "... must remember myself..."

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