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My timeline theory

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#1 Guest_brilander_*

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Posted 22 November 2004 - 07:07 AM

I'm sure my thoughts are the same as some others, but here it goes...

Link I -

The events from OoT happen. Ganon gets sealed in the realm. Princess Zelda returns Link back to his childhood, but, Ganondorf is still sealed away in the sacred realm, and Link's memories from his journey becomes only a mere memory. He can now grow naturally instead of being asleep for seven years.

Majora's Mask - Link returns to Hyrule after.

Four Swords - This is just what I'm guessing. I think that after Majora's Mask, for some reason, Link once again obtained the Master Sword and after, he made it's resting place the Lost Woods.

Zelda GCN - Over a few years, Link as grown naturally. Don't know anything else.


A hundred years later (or hundreds possibly), Ganondorf somehow is released from the sacred realm and once again evil bestows Hyrule. The people of Hyrule await for the Hero of Time to return and save them, but, he never returns. In a last resort, the people cry out to the goddesses to save them. So, it rained and rained, and eventually the Kingdom of Hyrule was now the Great Sea.

Link II - Events from Wind Waker happen. I don't know much about this... Because I have yet to play it, but I will when I get a GameCube for christmas.

Oracle of Ages/ or Seasons - One day, not long after the events from Wind Waker, Link, curious as to how the powers of the Triforce worked, decided to tinker around with the magnificent force to learn about how the Triforce's Golden Power ruled the land. Though it sounded like a good idea at the time, the Triforce decides instead to send Link on a quest off to a land across the Great Sea called Labyrnna, or Holodrum, whichever, because you seem to have two different options in a way because of the two different games.

Link's Awakening - On his way back to Hyrule, Link gets shipwrecked on Koholint island. He overcomes things, a journey, etc, but somehow I guess the island is destroyed or something in the process. He doesn't return to Hyrule. A theory amung some people is that he settles in a country called Calatia. He has various descendents, some who settle in Hyrule, but not another descendent of his is named Link until Link III.

Link III -

Eventually, somehow, the great sea is possibly drained. Either that, or, Hylian descendents or people find a new land to call Hyrule, naming various places after the original Hyrule, I.E., Death Mountain.

A Link To The Past -

Over those years (this could be hundreds of years after Wind Waker and the theory of what games I think come after), problems bestoed Hyrule. Using his powers, the Wizard Agahnim comes along and he completely cures the land and immediately gains the trust of the king, and is made one of his top advisors. But he betrays and kills the King, and releases Ganondorf from his prison. Unfortunately, it wasn't before long that Agahnim had the castle guards under his control, and when he discovered that Princess Zelda herself was a descendant of the seventh sage (Princess Zelda, the seventh sage in Ocarina of Time, right?), she was quickly snatched up and imprisoned within the dungeon. Seeing no where else to turn, Princess Zelda used her telepathic abilities to contact the descendant of the Hero of Time, a young boy named Link. Explaining to him of her predicament, Link set off to Hyrule Castle and began the adventure of a lifetime... Once again, Ganondorf was defeated, and somehow imprisoned, I guess.

Link IV -

Legend of Zelda -

Centuries after the events that took place in A Link to the Past, the seal holding Ganon in the Dark World began to weaken dramatically. It didn't take much for Ganon to use his powers and destroy this impediment standing in the way of his goal, The Triforce. Although he already held the Triforce of Power, it was necessary to possess the other to pieces as well to experience the true power of the mighty relic. While the holder of the the Triforce of Courage remained anonymous, Ganon knew exactly where to go for the Triforce of Wisdom.... Princess Zelda. As he approached the castle, news of Ganon reached Princess Zelda. Knowing what she must do, broke the Triforce of Wisdom into eight pieces and fled the castle. Eventually, Ganon caught up with Zelda and kidnapped her; however, it was too late. The Princess had already hidden each piece in various dungeons throughout the land. He searched furiously, but Ganon was unable to recover any of the pieces. Knowing that a hero would soon come, Ganon sat in his lair in Spectacle Rock, waiting...

Adventure of Link -

After the defeat of Ganon in The Legend of Zelda, peace and prosperity finally returned to the land of Hyrule. With peace, Link was finally able to relax; however, soon rumors began to circulate of bands of Moblins roaming the countryside. Link merely brushed these off until one day when he himself was attacked. After defeating the Moblins, Link rushed to North Castle to inform Princess Zelda of these prior events. Upon arrival, he was approached by Impa, Zelda's nursemaid. Taking him to a hidden room within the castle, she revealed to him the princess in a deep sleep. Explaining to him what it is that he must do, Link set out on a quest to return six crystals to their corresponding palaces. If he succeeds, the princess will be saved. If he were to fail, the followers of Ganon will use his blood ressurrect their mighty king.

What do you think?

Also, a theory of mine is... Maybe besides the order of OOT, MM, and Wind Waker, maybe there isn't an order to the games. Maybe they're just a completely different set events in Hyrule, with Link, Ganon, and Zelda, each being in a way, made differently for each system it's created for, apart from the Oracle series, MM, and Link's Awakening, obviously.

#2 MikePetersSucks


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Posted 22 November 2004 - 08:09 PM

Wow, this is a good theory. But I regret to inform you that some of your information is false, or atleast doesn't make much sense. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Four Swords-This game contains a seperate Link and Zelda altogether, and the Master Sword makes no appearance. It's instead replaced with a sword with the power to split Link into four seperate individuals. People are putting this all over the place, but it's safe to say it's not after MM. I personally place it before OOT, since it's direct sequel, FSA, implies to come before OOT (along with official word from Nintendo of Japan). Besides this, Link 1 is ok, besides the fact that I wouldn't be making any guesses about the new GCN game yet. Some people think it's a sequel to TWW ^^ lol

Moving on....

Link 2 is ok, except he really only appeared in TWW. Oracle/Awakening Link are seperate from TWW, and because of what happens to the Triforce afterward, there is no way Oracles is connected to TWW. At the end of TWW, the Triforce is scattered all over Hyrule, maybe even possibly destroyed if you believe in a multi-timeline theory.

moving on...

Link 3 is fine, aside from a few typos, and a bit on the ending. The Triforce states at the end of the game that Ganon was completely destroyed, spirit and all, and if he was merely sealed away, he would just pull the LTTP stunt again.

moving on...

Link 4 is just fine. But like I said before, Ganon wasn't sealed away. Some people think he was ressurected in Oracles and managed to escape, but that is a different story. It's unknown how Ganon came back. but seriously, Link 4 is fine. Overall, very good theory, but I advise in the future to try and understand as much about the plot of future games as you can before you attempt to place them, K? ^^

#3 Guest_brilander_*

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Posted 22 November 2004 - 09:13 PM

Thanks. Ah, sorry. I just read that on the back of Four Swords or Adventures that the Master Sword went missing or something.

Well, yeah, sorry. I haven't actually played every Zelda game. I'm basing the ones I haven't played on things I've read online.

#4 MikePetersSucks


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Posted 23 November 2004 - 05:04 PM

Yea, I understand completely. the only game I've fully beaten was TWW (stuck on second boss of LA, stuck on getting to third temple in LTTP ^^; yea, I know I suck). So I know exactly where your coming from. Browsing the forums is helpful though, even if they did recently suffer a crash of some sort.

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