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Call of the Cursed

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Posted 28 September 2010 - 07:19 PM

Setting both weapons in their separate sashes and slinging them over his back to form a cross, Leo crossed his arms and looked around the room one last time. After the arrival of Juvenal, he had felt as though an even darker shadow had settled into the room, and wondered if the Calatians would be trading one villain for another after the battle ended. Maybe Juvenal’s a lot more powerful than we’d like to believe, thought Leo uncertainly. Maybe he’s just too lazy to attack on his own or wants to keep a low profile from Koridai; there’s probably been more than a few gods and deities like that. Dozens of reasons appeared in his head, but at the moment, the dwarf wanted to make sure any of them did not distract them from the job at hand.

Glancing towards the group of Snakeheads, Leo walked to his men, gathering them around in a circle. “Alright, boys, if neither I nor Mr. Catterick don’t make it alive out of this fight,” he said quietly, “You’re going to have to work on your own. Mellish and Jurgensen, you guys will take command. Got that?”

“No, sir,” replied Mellish. “You sure you’ll be fine?”

“I’ll be okay,” replied Leo. “If we don’t see each other again, good luck.” Shaking hands with each of the Snakeheads, and watching them retreat up the passage out of sight of the arena, the dwarf took a seat on one of the chairs nearby and twiddled his thumbs idly. As he waited, Leo took the time to analyze each and every one of his comrades; he was only truly familiar with Turtlelot, Khallos, and Catterick; Synile had lived out as a hermit for a long period of time, and Selena and Rova were much higher-ranked than he was. Seems like the two of them are acquainted well, he smirked while watching Rova’s attempt to get a kiss from Selena.

However, the ones that truly caught Leo’s attention were the blonde female and the newcomer that was apparently a Labyrinth member. Whoever this guy is, he sure looks alright after staying here for 2 years, he thought. The silver mane on his head seemed clean, and it looked as though he hadn’t aged too much. Maybe he’s one of those Loddies immune to the Curse or something. It wouldn’t be the first. Looking now at the woman, Leo was sure he had seen her somewhere around Snowpeak, but had never had an actual conversation. She seems like a decent fighter like everyone else; we need more of those.

Getting up and moving towards Juvenal, Leo had to stand on his tiptoes to even get the deity’s attention. “If you don’t mind me asking, are we supposed to be expecting Ahrem and his avatars anytime soon?” he said.

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Posted 03 October 2010 - 02:32 AM

OOC: Synile's Blade-story come up with by Lazurukeel.

"If you have something to say, say it. Either way that is mine, and I'll be having it back now." Synile drew the katana at his hip, knowing full well that there was a high chance it wouldn't be able to harm the ... thing. Even now, Synile could hear a little voice in the back of his head.

"They're relying on you..."

"Long before any present here were alive, in the time of the Clocktown Empire there was what you would call a smith. A smith known as Moorana vel Chidrek. He was not the most talented smith in the land, nor the most dextrous or creative, but he was the most intelligent, and his smithy made much money because of his keen business acumen. Now, Moorana was continually searching for ways to make his blades and armor more attractive to his customers, better able to service their needs. To make his crafts sharper, stronger, lighter. Eventually he reached the height that mere metallurgy could take him, and began asking of the seers if there was some powerful magic that could imbue his blades with permanent strength or make them lighter or sharper. The mages replied that such a thing was difficult, but not impossible, and agreed to help him if he would donate many of the blades he made to the government. Moorana agreed, the cash to be had from such a unique item blazing before him. Through many experiments with lesser objects such as boxes or tables, he finally managed to perfect the formula and spell necessary to imbue a blade with specific powers that augmented both the blade itself and the user itself. But he died suddenly, take by pneumonia before he had a chance to make his first enchanted blade. However, his notes and formula somehow survived, and somehow after the fall of Clocktown made their way into the hands of the earliest inhabitants of the Labyrinth. This was many thousands of years before either Chikara or Selena appeared upon the scene. These early inhabitants of the Labyrinth lusted after power, much as those later did. When they found Moorana's notes, they realized that they had come upon a treasure which could make their warriors invincible in battle, and immediately began trying to forge blades using the Moorana's method. Moorana had planned for the first weapon made to be a spear, a spear which was nigh indestructible and gave its user both strength and a lust for battle. But the sorcerers of the Labyrinth decided to try the formula on another weapon first. Two swords were forged for this purpose. Two swords, identical in all respects. But in order to enchant the blades, a terrible price had to be paid: lives. The enchantment used the essences of many souls in order to achieve the desired magical effect. For the first sword, the mages snuck into the stockade of a hardworking town of mountain dwarves and slew every one, gathering their essences and binding them to the blade. It became indestructible, unbreakable, like the spirit of the dwarves themselves, but that was all. It did not achieve the full measure of power Moorana's formula intimated. And so they tried again, this time destroying with fire from heaven a nearby island prison colony, built to house the criminally insane: Murderers, rapists, arsonists, they all perished and their souls were poured into the second blade. The result was devastating. The first man to touch the sword slew every one of his brethren. He regained his faculties as soon as he put down the blade, but it was deemed too destructive, and locked away. But not forever. Sometime in the next thousand years something curious began to happen to the blade, which, as I'm sure you've guessed, is the one you carry now. Something inexplicable. What that was is not for me to tell you. The sorcerers finally perfected the technique, one of Moorana's formula being a fraction off, and with it they created the Kanagida, killing every man in the Unidiel Royal Dungeon to gain the souls for its creation. At least four more like it were made, though they would be of little use even had we here."

Juvenal rose, his throne melting away behind him.

"But I have spent too much time in idle chatter. Selena, use your mental connection with the empress and tell her you wait to do battle with her here. At her oldest home. She will respond."

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Posted 03 October 2010 - 07:35 PM

Well, the cat had torn through the bag. Her connection with Chikara had remained a well guarded secret that only the two of them knew of, and it no doubt made Selena look all the more suspicious. There was no better way to avoid the subject than to summon a powerful chaotic deity out for their blood into the room. Chik wouldn't take long to show up now that the 'final showdown' was on - and especially when it took place in their old home. Now paranoid the Juvenal could intercept their private mental discussions, Selena tried to keep it as 'business' sounding as possible.

Bitch, get your ass into the Labyrinth's coliseum. Now.

Selena smiled and rested her weight on her new spear.


(I think this is when we transition into the other thread - Chik can just attack us in there. No sense in having two.)

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Posted 04 October 2010 - 07:14 AM

"Long before any present here were alive, in the time of the Clocktown Empire there was what you would call a smith."

Without bothering to look up and see who was nearby or whether Juvenal was looking at him, Aiden said with a laugh, "This guy really doesn't know his audience." He listened to the story, mainly for the mention of Clocktown, hoping that maybe some chance this story might reveal something that sounded familiar. Ayden thought that maybe the first blade had been melded with his, but with the gaps in his memory and the sheer number of weapons, he couldn't be certain.

"But I have spent too much time in idle chatter. Selena, use your mental connection with the empress and tell her you wait to do battle with her here. At her oldest home. She will respond."

"Done." came Lena's response.

Aiden reached back, grabbing the hilt of his sword, pulling it to the side, free of the sheath lashed across his back. The massive sword would be great in open field combat, but in the labyrinth, he needed something more versatile. As he waved his left hand across the length of the bade, the original blade became a short sword, while his left hand came away with a dagger in grasp. "Alright. Time to play." Aiden's mouth split into a grin that was more bloodlust than cheer.

OOC: Mmmmmk. *pokes at other thread*

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