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Crackin' the Nut

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#1 Iron Knuckle

Iron Knuckle


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Posted 10 May 2009 - 08:56 AM

Lately, I've been trying to figure out how the growth of Gasha Trees can influence the content and so far I found out the following, mainly by hacking the game. So if you have any interest in completing your ring inventory without using prefabricated cheats this might be interesting:

There are five rarity sets for the random rings in Oracle Ages/Seasons (four sets of 8 rings and one of 2 rings):

L-1 Magic Rings:
Cursed Ring
Like Like Ring
Blue Luck Ring
Green Holy Ring
Blue Holy Ring
Red Holy Ring
Octo Ring
Moblin Ring

L-2 Magic Rings:
Maple's Ring
Toss Ring
Red Luck Ring
Whisp Ring
Zora Ring
Fist Ring
Quicksand Ring
Roc's Ring

L-3: Magic Rings:
Power Ring L-2
Peace Ring
Heart Ring L-2
Red Joy Ring
Gasha Ring
Peace Ring
Whimsical Ring
Protection Ring

L-4 Magic Rings:
Expert's Ring
Charge Ring
First Gen Ring
Bomb Proof Ring
Energy Ring (2x)
Dbl. Edge Ring (2x)

L-5 Magic Rings:
Green Ring
Rang Ring L-2

The ring levels also correspond to other events, not just growing trees.

-Treasure Chest Game:
4x Correct Guess = random Ring L-1
5x Correct Guess = random Ring L-2
6x Correct Guess = random Ring L-3

-GBA Shop (only one for sale):
random Ring L-3

random Ring L-1, L-2(?)

-Fortune Linkage:
Haven't tested this so far

-Gasha Seeds can drop 10 different types of prices:
1. PoH: only once, if you already got it you get a L-4 ring instead
2. Random Magic Ring L-1
3. Random Magic Ring L-2
4. Random Magic Ring L-3
5. Random Magic Ring L-4
6. Random Magic Ring L-5
7. Potion
8. 200 Rupees
9. Fairy
10. 5 Hearts

-The chance of getting a particular reward from the tree depends on in which soil location you plant it. There's namely five different levels of soil patches of increasing goodness:
Reward\Patch      L-5    L-4    L-3    L-2    L-1-------------------------------------------------Piece of Heart	35.2%  10.2%   0.0%   0.0%   0.0%Ring L-5	10.2%   0.0%   0.0%   0.0%   0.0%Ring L-4	25.0%  14.8%   0.0%   0.0%   0.0%Ring L-3	14.8%  35.2%  14.8%   0.0%   0.0%Ring L-2	 0.0%  19.8%  30.1%  35.2%  25.0%Ring L-1	 0.0%   0.0%  39.8%  35.2%  20.3%Potion 	         5.1%   9.8%   5.1%  10.3%  14.8%200 Rupees	 5.1%   5.1%   5.1%  10.3%  14.8%Fairy	         4.7%   5.1%   5.1%   4.7%  14.8%5 Hearts	 0.0%   0.0%   0.0%   4.7%  10.3%-------------------------------------------------Total	       100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%

-I haven't been able to link all patch to the actual locations in both games, but I do know there are:
2x L-1 Soil Patch
2x L-2 Soil Patch
4x L-3 Soil Patch
6x L-4 Soil Patch
2x L-5 Soil Patch
Which adds up to a total of 16 patches completing the set. Naturally, the higher leveled patches are located deeper into the game and thus farther away from Holodrum/Labrynna in particular.

-The very first Gasha Seed you cut always contains a L-1 Ring. It appears Nintendo wants to show the user that Rings can be obtained from a Gasha Seed.

-The growth of the trees works indeed like you mentioned. You get 1 point for each enemy killed (two with Gasha Ring) and when the counter hits 40 the Tree matures.

-There's a single global counter which increments on certain events. This counter is used to determine the category of Nut's contents (1 to 10). I've noticed that you recieve points for:

5 Points - Walking from one screen to another (except when entering/leaving residences)
1 Point - Dig with the shovel in some soft soil (won't work if there's nothing to dig)
4 Points - Pick up a Recovery heart
24 Points - Pick up a Fairy
64 Points - Get healed by a Great Fairy
64 Points - Get a Heart Container
3 Points - Kill an enemy (regardless whether it is an wimpy Octorok or Blue Lynel)
0 Points - Kill a (Mini)-boss; you get nothing for those
50 Points - Finding secrets such as covered Soil Patches
150 Points - Collect an Essence of Time/Nature

Oddly, there are no events which can cause the global counter to subtract points from your total. Although, I still need to figure out how this counter influences the "goodness" of a nut's content.

#2 Blade Master Link

Blade Master Link


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Posted 18 January 2012 - 07:51 PM

I've spent the previous two days prior to writing this (including this very day) confirming the location of the Soft Soil levels from Oracle of Ages according to the statistics given here.
It was a lot of farming, reseting the game, and crosschecking, and checking all 16 took maybe a little more than 6 hours.
Here is what I found:


(H,14) (Present)
(K,13) (Past)
(A,14) (Past)
(E,4) (Past)
(F,1) (Present)
(L-8) (Present)
(L-13) (Present)
(N,11) (Present)
(A,4) (Present)
(I,3) (Past)
(K,1) (Past)
(M,3) (Present)
(B,1) (Past)
(F,10) (Past)
(A,10) (Present)
(F,6) (Past)

Past Map: http://images.wikia....inate_Map_(Past).png
Present Map: http://images.wikia....te_Map_(Present).png

Now, there's a catch. L-2 and L-1 are nearly the same, the percentages are the only difference. I used educated guesses to decide both groups. I knew what the four were, as I had confirmed everything else, but the fact remained that they both produced the same things, and couldn't be totally confirmed. But (A,10) provided almost simultaneously 2 Potions, and 2 Fairies. Fairies are rare (and a cheap prize) for those, but a L-1 Patch has a 14% chance of obtaining one. It also produced 5 Hearts, which is special only to the L-2 and L-1 patches, but L-1 has a 10.3% chance of getting one, while L-2 has a 4.7% chance.

(F,6) is right smack dab in the main city (well... village, in this case), so I assumed it was L-1 because it's hinted all over the place that the farther away and harder to reach places are the higher levels of Soil.
But (B,1), as far away from Lynna Village it may be, is only a L-2. I reckon it's a L-2 because it is somewhat far away and it takes a bit of walking to get to. And (F,10) requires Roc's Feather to get to, so I just assumed it was L-2 also. THAT and the fact that those two were the only ones I hadn't placed anywhere and there were only two spots open.

That concludes this, tell me if it helped.

I'm also aware that this article may be way off in left field, and you've almost completely forgotten it, but I have a question about "Random" rings. You didn't list the Razor Ring, but it's supposedly supposed to appear from a Gasha nut or Maple encounter. I wanted to know if there was some secret variable that provided this.

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