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Old Shows Made New

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#1 DarkJuno


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Posted 16 October 2008 - 11:36 PM

Allegedly anyway. I always found it interesting to see how a lot of the shows I watched as a kid were brought back at a later time to try and squeeze money out of the new crop of kiddies popping around, all with various degrees of sucess. Ignoring how old it makes me feel to realize the kiddies buying all those Transformers action figures weren't even born yet when I was playing with the transforming bricks of the 80's, I always thought it was just kind of a neat quirk. Granted, this is by no means something new or a product of the 80's - lots of much older kids' properties like Alvin & the Chipmunks were revived again and again since the 1950's - the movie last year is something like the 3rd or 4th time. It's just interesting because it's what I grew up with, so I'm biased. :P So I though it'd be fun to grab stuff I liked as a kid and look at the revived version(s) thanks to the magic of Youtube. Of course, I encourage ya'll to join in as well since I'm sure I missed some.

First of all, I'm leaving Transformers out of this because, let's face it, that particular franchise has never left, at the very least sticking around with a pathetic withered stab in the toy market (Transformers.....that don't transform?) I'm fousing more on stuff that was big, died off, and came back from nowhere.

What got me thinking about this was my contemplating whether or not I should rent that new Speed Racer movie (I decided not to, for now anyway) but somewhere in my mind I had this funny feeling that I saw a different Speed Racer series as a little kid in the 90's, as opposed to seeing the reruns of the old show in the 80's. I thought maybe I was crazy, but lo and behold, Youtube comes through.

....huh, I guess that's why I forgot about it. <.< However, what I didn't know anything about was the remake of the original series that was apparently on Nick in the early 2000's. o_O

Neither of these had much success (clearly....) but eh, now I know I wasn't insane and made it all up as a youngin'.

G.I. Joe was neat too, because while the line itself never went away, the smaller action figures versions did kind of wane, and the various cartoons they tried to bring it back up again are also rather odd. First of all, I vaguely remembered the show having a different theme song at one time or another, but wasn't quite clear....sure enough, I found it.

That said, I also remember the newer show they tried to pass off, which was essentially GI Joe and all it's badly animated 80's cartoonishness meets......uh, well, badly animated 90's cartoons.

Never saw more then a few episodes of this, and clearly, neither did anyone else since the thing didn't last very long at all, until they opted to just keep re-running the 80's show. They did a couple of CG "movies" that came packed in with toys, but eh. Also, while I don't watch it and am basically indifferent to it, I have to say...

There's something kinda.....weird about G. I. Joe as an anime. As in, storyboarded and animated by the production company Gonzo (Full Metal Panic, Samurai Seven).

Anyway, there was also that ill-fated He-Man revival of the early 2000's - but before that, there was also the series about He-Man....IN SPAAAAAAAACE!!!!!

...okay okay it's the future, not space, but meh, close enough. I vaguely remember seeing this show as a kid and I remember just wondering WTF was going (albeit with less cursing). Other then He-Man (Now with pants!) and Skeletor (Now with eyeballs!) it seemed like pretty much a totally different show. Admittedly, the originalshow itself has aged pretty badly, worse then even Transformers and Voltron, but this was pretty much a new low. Still, I have to give credit to that newer series from earlier this decade for having kind of a sense of humor about everything, though ti ultimately failed because while it had its heart in the right place in remaking the show into something somewhat more believable, it totally missed the mark that Armada grasped - the all important audience of kids who buy the toys.

Still, it probably deserved to get an ending.

Anyway, the last thing I have is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a pretty good example of an evergreen franchise. While the 2003 revival wasn't nearly as huge as the origial crazed fad was, it was still pretty successful and actually pretty well written. To be perfectly fair, it's a better show in terms of actually being, ya know, good then the old school show that runs purely on nostalgia and its tounge-in-cheek 4th wall shattering sense of self. I actually find that it can actually get a little too complicated for the target audience, but then again, maybe it's a decent show because it doesn't treat the kids as a bunch of morons. I didn't like the new intro at first, but it grew on me, especially the revised versions. Still, as far as the old show goes, there was that weird revised opening that is....well, not great and not nearly as catchy as the more well known song, but.....it's not so bad now that I hear it again.

....yeah, I lied, that sucked and is probably partof the reason I tend not to remember anything beyond the first 8 seasons of the old show. Suddenly that newer opening does sound better.

What I liked is how it revises itself depending on what happens in the show. After the fall of the Shredder in the 3rd season, they changed it up for the 4th season by changing a couple lines.

C'mon the "We Shreded Shredder!" line is funny. Still as the 4th season went on, a couple lines and animation had to be changed again when certain events took place that invalidated them...

Whil a lack of a greater budget unfortuantely did not allow this to the 5th "Lost season," this small amount of thought into a little detail in the intro is actually pretty neat to me, and it shows that the show's producers (that is, the people who actually work on the show and not just back it) actually cared about what they were making, something pretty hard to find nowadays in.....well, anything. Still, everythign has a stumbling block:

...yeah, not much of a fan there. Still, as I said earlier, the show itself has lasted pretty long and been well recieved, so well that it's the longest running animated series of the decade at over 150 episodes - in fact, it's still going on right now:

So yeah. How 'bout you guys - what properties that you held near and dear to your heart have been revived nowadays?

#2 CID Farwin

CID Farwin


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Posted 17 October 2008 - 11:57 AM

I don't feel much like scouring Youtube but, well, off the top of my head, there's Spider-man, Batman (kinda,) Astro Boy, and I want to say Power Rangers, but I don't think that ever went away, either.

And you forgot Speed Racer The next generation.

#3 Raien



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Posted 17 October 2008 - 12:17 PM

Sadly for me, I never took an interest in any of those television series you mentioned (except the original TMNT, which I thought was awesome). What I enjoyed in my childhood were the comic-book properties (Batman, Batman Beyond, X-Men, X-Men Evolution, Spider-man, Fantastic Four). Unlike the series you mentioned, the comic-book cartoons appear to have progressed much better over the years. There seems to have been a renaissance in the 1990s, where the writers dropped the cheesy dialogue and story-telling in favour of deeper characters and mature plots. In some cases, like X-Men Evolution and Batman Beyond, the cartoons continued to improve after the renaissance. Also, listen for those Marvel guitar-riffs (I... AM... IRON MAAAAN!!)!

Before 1990s:

After 1990s:

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#4 Showsni


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Posted 17 October 2008 - 07:04 PM

So yeah. How 'bout you guys - what properties that you held near and dear to your heart have been revived nowadays?

If by "revived" you mean raped and hideously disfigured, then quite a lot of them. Fireman Sam, Andy Pandy, Bill and Ben, Noddy, Postman Pat... The list goes on. The new versions being, almost invariably, absolutely dreadful.

Let's see some comparisons...

Fireman Sam

Well, the new version isn't on youtube. That's a good thing.

Okay, Paddington:


Ugh. Terrible.

Postman Pat:

Trying to find the proper Postman Pat theme in English on youtube is very difficult. There used to be the cartoon version from the ABC video, but I think they've even removed that. :( And they seem to have got rid of the songs someone uploaded too; Looking at Life Through a Farmer's Eyes and so on. :( :( Well, you should know it... You can watch it in foreign if you want.

The new version is:

Well, at least it's not too bad. The theme tune's still okay... But lots of weird new characters. It could be worse:


Anyway, let's get to some classics. Andy Pandy:

You might think Watch With Mother was before my time, but we had it on tape, so that's the Andy Pandy I'll always remember. And now they have... Well, it seems there's only a foreign version. But the tune's the same.

Ugh. Please, stop destroying our childhood!

This is how Bill and Ben should be:

And now there's:

At least they haven't tried to bring the Woodentops back. (Yet.)


Not good:

Fizzgog = good.

Without John, not nearly as good...

Noddy, as I remember it:

"Make way for" Noddy. Ugh.

Okay, I know there are older serieses of Noddy. I can't find them on youtube, though. In fact, Wikipedia says it's the longest running show in British television...
The Adventures Of Noddy (1955–1961)
The Further Adventures Of Noddy (1963–1975)
The Classic Adventures Of Noddy (1975–1982)
Noddy's Toyland Adventures (1992–1994)
Noddy's New Toyland Adventures (1996–1998)
Make Way For Noddy (2002–Present)
Say It With Noddy (2006–Present)

And no discussion of how the television companies have raped our childhood memories would be complete without mentioning Brum.

Good Brum:

Bad Brum:

#5 Hana-Nezumi


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Posted 17 October 2008 - 08:25 PM

Well, I like the recent redesigns of Strawberry Shortcake, Holly Hobbie, and the Care Bears.

Transformers Animated happens to be the first Transformers series I actually like.

And I was never really a fan of the Mr. Men or Little Misses, but I love the new Mr. Men Show.

#6 Green Goblin

Green Goblin

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Posted 17 October 2008 - 10:24 PM

For me, I watched the first couple of seasons of the new TMNT, but once it got to the whole shredder is krang thing, I feel like it lost me. However, I wouldn't be against checking out everything BEFORE the Fast Forward part.

Transformers G1 still holds a place in my heart, but my favorite series is without a doubt Beast Wars. Beast Machines was watchable, but only just. I watched a few episodes of RiD, but when Minicons became the mane gimmick in the next series, I was done. What I can't frickin' STAND in the new series is that everyone doesn't have guns anymore. I'm sorry, but having a good old fashion shootout was what made Beast Wars and G1 and EVERY Transformers thing so awesome. Optimus having the axe is cool, but not when it's his ONLY weapon.

#7 Sir Deimos

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Posted 18 October 2008 - 11:29 AM

everything i loved as a child has been mentioned already lol. as i was born in 86, most of the stuff i remember as a child consisted of the awesome run of 90's superhero cartoons. The 90's Spider-Man is something i still remember as being great, even though logically i realize it was prolly a lot cheesier than my young self recalls. the 90's Batman (of which 3 or 4 seasons are out on DVD!!!!) cartoon was so good that to this day i'm still upset by 'Batman Beyond' at least Bruce Wayne's voice actor was the same. The 90's X-Men cartoon was awesome as well! at least until the Phoenix Saga... then it became uncomfortable and confusing at times...

#8 bbtmfe


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Posted 21 October 2008 - 11:05 AM

i think the list is shorter if you tell which havn't been ripped off....*sign*

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