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Posted 30 April 2008 - 11:46 PM


Welcome to the LA Chronicles job board. This is the place where both heroes and knaves alike can find a quest to be undertaken. After you complete each quest, a new section of the world map may be revealed and the world guide will be updated. New quests will (hopefully!) be added somewhat regularly.

These are mostly like typical RPs, and I've just given you a topic to start with. But I may occasionally jump in as a neutral narrator to start, guide, and conclude the quest in between your regular playing. Most will lead into new ones.

The Process:
  • If you want, get a team of RPers together and decide what you want to do.
  • Begin a thread with the quest name (“Searching the Dradicen”) in the subject head.
  • Make some sort of post where you arrive at the starting point.
  • I will then set you on your way, and you take the story from there!
  • Once you've accomplished your goals, I'll write up a little conclusion for you.
  • I will then post new quests here if there's a follow up story.
People are free to join any quest started by someone, so jump in when you want (so long as you aren't obnoxious). Think of these as downloadable content for the Chronicles. If you have an idea for a quest, feel free to submit it to me via PM or email. ;)

Note: Refer to locations on the map, located in the World Guide thread.


Empire of Koridai Contracts
Must be a citizen of the Empire or a mercenary in good standing with the Goddess.

"The Frost Giant"
There's been a patch of tough resistance on the front lines, and it's primarily due to the ruthless brilliance of a new Calatian officer. His name is Radulf, and he's a dreadful figure. Standing seven feet tall, and with a body that's nearly all muscle, he's dominated wave after wave of Imperial assaults. His strength and cunning intellect make him an opponent that cannot be suffered to live. Sneak into enemy territory and kill Radulf the Frost Giant before he can do the Empire more harm.

"Hold the Line"
A messenger arrives telling you that a borderland outpost is under attack by a large number of Calatians. You must race westward to reinforce your allies on the front. Don't let those cowardly northmen push any further into sacred land!

Kingdom of Calatia Contracts
Must be a citizen of the Kingdom or a mercenary in good standing with its leaders.

The newly constructed town of Kasuto lies to the south of Calatia's capital, situated between a fertile river valley and the coast. This rapidly growing city is set to become a forward center of operations for the Kingdom. Unfortunately, we've received reports that "The Hands and Eyes of Chikara" - Koridai's espionage network - has infiltrated Kasuto and is in the process of gathering information. Hunt down and execute these Koridian spies before they learn too much!

"Flight to the North"
You were sent across enemy lines to gather intelligence. But things have gone horribly, horribly wrong. Your partner has been killed in action and your cover is now blown. You must now escape back to Calatian territory, but you're in for quite a challenge with half of the Koridian army right on top of you. Every moment you rest allows Koridian hunters to get one step closer to ending you. Move!

Neutral Contracts

"Beyond the Arena"
The Melchoir Syndicate, based in Virrat, loaned a fair bit of money to a gladiator owner named Alphonse in neighboring Vildmark. He's refused to pay back the money now that he's become successful. This will not do. You've been hired by Melchoir to infiltrate this secretive man's life... and kill him. To do this, you must become a gladiator yourself, winning enough battles in "The Pit" to catch the attention of Alphonse. When you win his affection and praise, go in close.... and kill him. You'll be handsomely rewarded and earn a few steam-era weapons for yourself.

"The Siege of Aydn's Keep"
Go back to the days of old, when the Labyrinth of Doom fought the Hall of Heroes for superiority over the land. Take part in a raid which may have dire consequences for the present day . . .

"A Contract from Baumstadt"
Description: The newly formed country of Alpenland recently sent an envoy of soldiers 2 weeks ago to pick up a handful of secret documents from an unknown source in the Andielian city of Salledo. However, they have not reported back to operational commanders since; many believe they are dead or captured. A hefty payment will be made to those that retrieve the documents; any terms are acceptable. Avoid being discovered by the Alliance.

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