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Posted 07 May 2005 - 01:46 AM

All right folks. I didn't know where to post this, because even though it's not mainstream media, it's media-oriented. Anywho, the deal is this. I have a band, a friend of mine that I met at college who is EXTREMELLY talented on the drums. As for myself, I'm a guitarist/pianist/bassist that plays with him. We've also sort of got another member by the name of Dave who plays some crazy guitar. We've gone through a bassist or two, but are currently struggling with one. I guess this is just some background so you know I have a band.

Anywho, we play all sorts of musics. Currently we don't have a singer, so all of our songs are instrumental although they're kind of arranged for a singer. We just need one, that's all. We play all sorts of genres, from jazz to Spanish rock to ska to indie to "emo." When I say emo I mean anything soft and/or slow because they don't really fit into other genres. We call ourselves Audicle, which is my idea. It's an object, a musical-lense of sorts, that alters the way you percieve the world based on the music you're listening to that I thought up.

If you're interested in having a part in making us bigger, feel free to get ahold of me. I also need to know if you have a place for free mp3 hosting. I'd post on something like myspace or purevolume, but our recordings aren't professional and it's kind of embarassing. So if you have a site or know of one, please share.

Just thought I'd advertise a bit and ask if anyone can help. If you can, thanks, if not, no worries. PS: Tell me what you think of the name. It's still tentative for now.

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