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#61 Guest_Silver Knight_*

Guest_Silver Knight_*
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Posted 22 August 2006 - 02:01 PM

Country:: USA

Religon: Roman Catholic

Social: I do not believe that abortion is morally acceptable in any situation, since life is created at conception and killing it is nothing less than murder. As humans we have a duty to look out for our fellow humans so I am for most social reforms that help out the poor and out of work. I am against capital punishment in most cases, since today we have the capibility to safely (and in a lot of ways comfortably) away from society where they can no longer cause any damage. We are called by Jesus Christ to forgive those who wrong us, and that is a lesson our society doesn't like to learn. When it comes to war I look to the Church for guidance; it is not my place to decide if a war is just or not. On the issue of homosexuality, I am partial to the writings of Father Benedict J. Groeschel C.F.R. I will not explain to you what they are, go read them and understand for yourself.

Political: I vote the way that holds closest to my beliefs.

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#62 Usagi



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Posted 13 September 2006 - 12:48 AM

Alrighty I'll do this

Country: USA

Religion: Muslim but I also usually hate really admitting one religion because most often than not believers in pretty much EVERY religion look at you like you're Satan himself if you don't do things to a T and I do mean every religion (not so much as EVERY follower, though)


Abortion: Though I believe adoption is the best answer if you do not wish to keep your child, I do understand that there can be extreme situations in which this may be needed such as rape.

Death Penalty: Undecided...

Guns: Completely against.

Gay Marriage: See my political view

War: Completely against. War solves nothing, in my opinion. It only creates more war.

Politics: Extreme left-winger Democrat. I believe in equality for all (so long as you believe in equality back) and if you don't force yourself on someone and aren't brain washing them to be with you then you have every right to be with that person, gay or straight so long as you have a mutual love for each other and neither is being forced against their will...and are of age =P. I also don't believe in imposing your own religion and beliefs on others. The US was founded on the hope of having religious freedom and I strongly believe in that and the seperation of Church and state

#63 Nimiety



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Posted 27 December 2006 - 10:57 AM

Hi! I'm new, and didn't know where else to introduce myself.

Country: Canada

Religion: None. I'm a 6.5 on the Dawkins Belief Scale.

Social: Left-wing. Very left wing.

Political: Left of centre. Having a social conscious is useless if you don't have the coin to support it.

Other: A staunch defender and hopeful future educator of science. I have my BSc in physics, and hope to be starting my MSc in astronomy in September.

So, umm... Hi!

#64 Ribbon



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Posted 16 January 2007 - 08:29 PM

Country: US and A

Religion: I am a Calvinist (see Calvinism here) yet, although I truly BELIEVE in these things and know them to be true, I have no faith in them >.> I guess I'm going through a bit of a "phase"

Social: very much so ;) I'm a conservative, like right wing I believe, although I am liberal. For example I'm totally for the morning after pill, but against any and all abortion. I don't like the fact that we're in a war right now, but we can't just pull out and I'm not going to complain about it, its too late for that so I'll stand and support our troops because thats what they really need. I'm against gay marriage. Guns? Undecided. Death penalty should be enforced with all level three sex offenders....they always go back and do it again >.> we need to keep our women and children (and men!) safe from these disgusting people. *shudders*

Political: isn't this.... kind of the same as social?

woot, go being a noob >.>

#65 Splash



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Posted 17 January 2007 - 01:38 PM

Country: United States of America

Religion: Pastafarian, Jewish

Social: If I have to choose, liberal. I'm pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, anti-censorship, and I believe in the seperation of church and state (as in, the country should not be run with a certain religion put on a pedestal above others, a religious belief should not be taught in schools in replacement of scientific research, the whole kit-an'-kaboodle), to choose a few important subjects to voice myself on. I believe that the USA was founded and has slowly evolved over time on the belief of equal rights and that there are many people who are eagerly trying to take steps backwards from that.

Political: Independant. I may be liberal, but I am in no way interested in declaring myself a Democrat, Republican, or even a member of the Green party.

#66 Vazor


    Pancake Pirate

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Posted 17 January 2007 - 07:12 PM

Considering my views have changed slightly in the past two years since I first posted on here, I've made some adjustments to mine on the previous page.

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#67 vodkamaru



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Posted 29 March 2007 - 12:27 PM


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#68 Paladin Anthony

Paladin Anthony

    Where darkness and light collide

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Posted 29 March 2007 - 02:07 PM

Country: USA

Religion: Christian (Non-denominational)

Social: Conservative

Abortion: Against, except in the situation that the mother's life is in danger.

Death Penalty: For... in some cases.

Guns: Undecided.

Gay Marriage: *sigh* against...

War: Ideally against... but since not EVERYONE agrees, then it's necessary.

Politics: Apathetic. I'm not gonna vote for someone based on party alone... I gotta vote on the issues they support. (I'm partial to Communism, even though I acknowledge it will never work in this society)

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#69 masterofwind


    Horny little carebear

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Posted 29 March 2007 - 06:11 PM

Country: USA

Religion: I do not have one

Abortion: Pro choice

Death Penalty: For

Guns: For

Gay Marriage: Love anyone you want.

War: I am not for the current one, but I am in the military.

Politics: Apathetic. I'm not gonna vote for someone based on party alone. I stole this answer from PA.

#70 Rhiannon



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Posted 10 April 2007 - 11:10 PM

Soo I guess I should do this since I've been poking in here a bit more lately.

Country: Canada

Religion/Philosophy: Agnostic

Social: I loved Splash's answer to this. If I had to choose, it would be liberal.
- Abortion: Completely pro-choice.
- Gay Marriage: Completely, and I stress completely, pro-gay marriage. I don't know why, but I'm super passionate about this belief.
- Guns: Against.
- Censorship: Anti-censorship. Freedom of speech.
- Death Penalty: Against.
- Random: I also believe in the separation of church and state

Political: I'm going to have to agree with Splash on this one too.. Independant.

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#71 HylianHero


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Posted 11 April 2007 - 05:17 AM

Country: USA

Religion: Christian (Non-Denominational)

Social: I don't really know

Abortion: Against

Death Penalty: For

Guns: I'm for our second amendment, but I believe in some gun control.

Gay Marriage: For (used to be against, but I've changed in the past year)

War: Necessary wars: For. Unnecessary wars: Against.

Politics: Pretty moderate, but I lean Conservative.

#72 Keen



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Posted 16 April 2007 - 01:44 PM

Country: United States of America

Religion: None by name, but I do have a definite system of beliefs.

Basically, I believe whatever I'd like to believe and do whatever I'd like to do. Morals come naturally to me, though. So despite my lack of distinction between good and evil, I dislike allowing others to suffer, and I like to see them happy.

I don't believe that death is bad. We continue to think (and more clearly, too) after we leave the physical world behind. Our selves are preserved (unless you have beliefs that would lead you to destroy your self, such as Buddists have). But the destruction of self may be beneficial because the soul is an expression of distance from absolute unity or God, as some people call it. Besides, no destruction of self, or anything else, can be permanent if it occurs outside of space-time.

I recommend that you ignore these blocks and just read my three-part summary:
Rule 1: Happy = Good, Suffering = Bad (Happiness, while not absolute, is something to work toward)
Rule 2: Self-limited existence (Master your self to rule your existence)
Rule 3: Hatred = Spiritual Suffering = Worst

I seek to control my self so that I may be perfectly balanced. Thus I would be free indulge myself in both ultimate unity and the imperfections of our world.

Political and Social: Anarchy or an incorruptible theocracatic alliance

If we could somehow get all the religions in the world to cooperate, then each person could be governed according to their own beliefs and those of the people they interact with. Everybody would get the treatment they want for themselves. I'm an idealist.

The Golden Rule usually doesn't work. Treat others how they want to be treated, not how you want to be treated. Maybe they don't want what is best for themselves anyway. In such extreme cases, treat them to what they need.

-I hope that made sense.-

They say college changes a man, so I'll assume they didn't mean me.

Country: USA

Religion: Same as ever

Abortion: I don't believe that death is inherently wrong, so abortion is perfectly acceptable where it causes the least suffering when weighed against alternatives. I'd rather be miscarried than grow up starving and be forced into a life of violence and crime. And honestly, with overpopulation looming over our heads, now is no time to get nit-picky.

Death Penalty: Overpopulation, people. I mean, come on. Even if we mistakenly killed one innocent person every month, the money not spent on keeping these people in prison could be used to improve standards of living for people who would otherwise be forced to crime. And the innocent victims would probably become noble figures, wouldn't they, were their innocence were discovered? Everybody dies, you and I.

Guns: No, 'cause martial arts is more fun.

Gay Marriage: Only if you're gay. If you're against gay marriage, well, you know, don't marry a gay person.

War: Conflict and violence are absolutely natural, but it is preferable to limit suffering. Since many people are not able to accept death, but death must happen, it seems that the logical path is to teach people to be more accepting of nature. Everybody dies, you and I.

Politics: We need a new government. Same as I said before. I'm an idealist when it comes to hoping, but I still know it will never happen.

My system isn't dogma, immune to reason. Rather, the system stays the same because it's a cold and calculated system that cannot be swayed by my emotions. I already plotted out the logic of my position, and I would be quite stunned if someone could show me a flaw in it. I understand that my system is not at all appropriate for everyone, so I often limit my sharing of it. But since you asked, here it is. The next installment is in fifteen months, if I remember.

#73 Flint



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Posted 17 April 2007 - 08:00 AM

It just occurred to me that my information isn't in this thread. I must have had it in an old one when this got pruned.. or something.. anywhat.

Religion: Agnostic. Chosen mostly because i'm apathetic towards the idea of a faith. Though I mostly do lean towards Atheist most of the time, when it comes right down to it I recognize that nobody has all the answers, and that even Atheists can be just as bad as all the annoying fundies that have turned me away from religion. "Whoever wins, we lose."

Political: Liberalish. Pro-gay marriage, pro-death penalty, pro-choice. I'm a firm believer in separation of church and state, I'm opposed to the war in Iraq, but I recognize the need for war when it is justified, and I would support a real war (unlike the sham we're currently in). I also think all forms of smoking should be illegal everywhere. I believe in global warming but i'm not about to go boycotting automobiles for it.

Hey, that was suprisingly short.

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#74 Coltxdoom



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Posted 20 April 2007 - 01:03 AM

Because my previous post to this thread is old and outdated. :P

Country: Still the US

Religion: Christian. Follower of Christ. Raised Catholic, and now I guess I'm somewhere between nondenominational and protestant. But don't be surprised if I defend Catholic to the bleeding end. ha-ha!

Political: I think for myself. I have some views that agree with democrats and some with Republican. It depends on the issue, really. I don't agree with Bush on many accounts for the sheer reason of the way he goes about his opinions. He doesn't act as Jesus would. He seems to be rather ignorant and intolerant. God loves all of us. We are ALL sinners and we are not to judge others.

Social: I am: Anti-death penalty(we don't have the right to decide who lives or dies), pro-life(see death penalty), against the amendment against homosexuality (I think it's hateful and un-Christian), am not sure if we should have gone to the war in the first place, but we should stay there until we're done, smoking should be taken outside(it is SO hard for me to be around smoke since quitting---) but I don't think our government should decide it should be up to the establishment, global warming is some kind of conspiracy(I mean I'm sure we caused some problems on Earth but I don't think it was just us. The form of global warming people are yammering about is just plain weird and illogical to me), marijuana should be legalized for MEDICAL PURPOSES ONLY, abortion should be illegal except for the EXTREME situations---even then it's iffy, we have a right to protect ourselves with guns, and um I am kind of torn on whether gay marriage should actually be legal. Yeah...so that's my updated bio. If you look at my old one....on the first page, I think---you'll see a considerable difference. :]

#75 Kazi


    If I see that fucking Bidoof one more time.

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Posted 20 April 2007 - 08:30 AM


Religion: WHAT IS THIS CRAP >:[

Abortion: is awesome. Remember, kids, abortion sends babies to God faster!

Death penalty: also awesome. Better to get it over with than let the guy sit in a prison cell for the rest of his life.

War: What is it good for? Absolutely everything.

Guns: Hmmmmmmmm. I dunno, lol.

The gay: I love 'em! Let them marry, for crying out loud. They're not obstructing your life.

Global warming: Oh well.

Caps lock: I LOVE IT

#76 LionHarted



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Posted 05 August 2007 - 02:06 PM

Country: US of A
Religion: Roman Catholic, although I tend not to follow some of the disciplines (i.e., attending Mass every Sunday, going to Confession often, etc.). My girlfriend is getting me interested in some soft Pentecostal stuff, too. Eventually I want to try out some elements of Buddhism, when I get around to doing proper research.
Political: I refuse to choose between a rock and a hard place.
Social: When the question arises, s/he/it shouldn't die: i.e., anti-abortion, anti-war, anti-death penalty, and euthanasia is for wusses (only case when killing is acceptable is in direct defense of another life). People are going to have sex with whoever they want, no matter what anybody says. If your opinion can be enacted into law, so can mine.

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#77 Poore



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Posted 23 September 2007 - 11:11 AM

Country: USA

Religion: I was raised a Baptist. My current beliefs are not really specific to a particular denomination, but I'm still a Christian. I just have a few "radical" beliefs.

Political: I hate political parties. HATE.

Social: Abortion should be legal, but only in certain circumstances (rape, stillbirth that's a danger to the mother, etc.) - with all the birth control methods we have available, you have no excuse if you "accidentally" get yourself pregnant. The death penalty is an unfortunate but necessary evil. I'm against the current war, but I don't think it's a bad thing that Saddam Hussein is no longer in power. Global warming is a real phenomenon, but we are not the only cause, and there are more problems in the world that require more immediate action than global warming does. Homosexuals should not be judged or discriminated against in any way, especially not by the government. Prostitution should be legal, and all prostitutes should have to get regular health exams to keep their license. The whole evolution vs. creationism thing is stupid - they're not mutually exclusive, and neither one is perfect, so get over it already. Too much gun control is always a bad thing - it's cliche, but if you outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have guns. Affirmative action is bullshit. The term African-American is bullshit. You're only an African-American if you're a first generation immigrant who was born in Africa. This goes for how I feel about all minorities, btw. I'm not against you celebrrating your culture and heritage, and I'm not against you have racial pride, but for God's sake, if you were born in America, you ARE an AMERICAN.

#78 Toast



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Posted 03 December 2007 - 12:17 AM

Country: USA

Religion: Studied world religion a long while ago, don't subscribe to it myself.

Social: Somewhere between liberal and extremely liberal. Not going to use this as a space to rant; if you know what a US liberal would generally subscribe to then you know most everything I'd need to say here anyways.

Political: Not a fan of current politics, though I don't feel the US political scene is a necessarily shining example of the way a country should be run. Given the US has been around and flourished for centuries, I still don't believe resilience is a sign of purity. As for politicians:
"It is said that power corrupts, but actually it's more true that power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power." -David Brin

#79 Reflectionist


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Posted 18 December 2007 - 12:34 PM

Huh? I don't have a post in this thread?? I guess I did, but then it went bye bye. At any rate, it's time I updated a few things. But some of the things I want to say are blurred between the lines of the 'big three' down there.

Locale: Missouri, United States. Smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt.

Religion: Christian, I go to a Baptist Church. I'm usually hypocritical, especially online. Never exactly shone of the qualities that make a worthy Christian. But I've recently had a rethinking of this, and now I would say my religion is an amalgamation of Christianity (as in, follows Christ), love, and humanism. I find and place more weight in what Christ taught and lived than what the Church does. I believe that while my beliefs are my own, and I exercise my right to have them and share them, I don't have the right to be opressive or condescending about them. I don't have to like or agree with someone elses beliefs to be tolerant of them. I believe that's something that has been lost lately, and I'm trying to bring it back. Like sexy was years ago. I don't have the right or the room to judge anyone for their actions or beliefs, but I am inherently human and will do so. But, now I have the conscience enough to feel guilty about it afterwards.

Political: Well, I try to stay away from politics. As a general rule I don't trust politicians. I'm largely liberal though, which coincides with my religious views. This is me trying to distance myself from right-wing hateful Christians who want nothing more than to smite all opposition of belief. I believe strongly in seperation of church and state, but I feel that Congressmen should vote based (Wanting to stay away from 'based on their faith') on what they feel is right, and not vote on issues based on what will give them the better picture, or what is popular. Real people have to deal with the outcomes, you know.

Social: A person's choices are a person's choices. I think homosexuality is gross and sinful, but I'm going to be the last person to try to dispel someone's right to be gross and sinful. Abortion, well, I think the problem can be solved by not having sex at all, but if it's an accident and something happens... then yeah, the mother should reserve the right to choose. But only after some counseling to make sure it's not a rash decision. Guns? Handguns are made to kill and subdue people. Hunting rifles are not. Power, or survival / sport?


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#80 CID Farwin

CID Farwin


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Posted 19 December 2007 - 01:16 AM

update as of 6/11/09

--I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, more commonly known as "the Mormon church." I do not believe that it is the only "true" Church, nor do I believe that anyone who is not a member of said church will burn in Hell. I believe that all religions and belief systems are true, or rather, that they all contain truth. I guess I would call myself the opposite of an Atheist, I believe that all religions and beliefs (including Atheism) have valid points and all contain something that can be learned.

--As a rule, I distrust almost all politicians, but I am aware that there are many out there who are just trying to do good. I root for them. I don't consider myself Democrat or Republican, since both sides have things I take issue with. I don't like to label myself with "liberal" or "conservative," either. I will say, however, that there is something about Obama that, well, makes me distrust him more than average. I'm not sure what it is, but I do know that it has nothing to do with the color of his skin.

--I think that there are many things wrong with our social system and that issues such as gay marriage, abortions, etc. are merely manifestations of such. I will not chop off branches of a metaphorical tree when the roots should get the blow, and I don't have the power to do so. If a nation wants to doom itself, that's it's right, and I shouldn't tire myself trying to stop it's fall, but that's the kind of person I am.

As for the issue themselves, Gay Marriage I'm against, for religious reasons, though it might have more to do with the movement behind it. On these boards some have suggested a "pro-situation" stance, which I believe I can accept, as I am against drawing a line where it is okay one day but not the next, and I believe that there are situations where abortion can be, not only necessary for the health of the Mother, but a good thing.

--As far as Church and State: I can't speak for any country outside of the United States of America, but I don't believe that the separation of Church and State means what some would have you believe. There not being a State religion does not make the Government Atheist or secular. The Government should have a unique place, not having any particular religion or belief system, yet being of all of them. (including Atheism.) It is not the Government's place to put one person in higher standing than another based on Race, gender, religion, orientation, social status, or income bracket.

--I am against hypocrisy in all its forms, and I am aware of people on both sides of the infamous "Christians v. Atheists" battle that are guilty. Many "Christians" don't follow Christ's message at all, and are intolerant, bigotrous, and even hateful; ignoring the fact that there is another person on the other end, they just fight against "the enemy."

Then you have the "Strong Atheists," "Anti-theists," or whatever they choose to call themselves, who take issue with the "Theists" and their intolerance, bigotry, and anger, and respond with....well, intolerance, bigotry and anger. Which solves absolutely nothing.

--I believe that Global Warming is a naturally occurring phenomenon and that Al Gore is getting a lot of money and fame from using the same "End of the World" scare tactics that corrupt religious leaders use. Given the chance I would suggest to him that he personally could reduce 'dangerous carbon dioxide emissions' by some noticeable amount if he stopped breathing for 5 hours. He wouldn't even have to give up his energy wasting cars and houses.

That being said, I still think that we should take care of the environment as is our responsibility. I like breathing in pollution as much as the next person with Athsma, but I don't think we should go so far as to cripple our Nations financially and technologically in order to clean the air.

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#81 Reflectionist


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Posted 19 December 2007 - 11:53 AM

I am against hypocrisy, and I think that the liberals who yell "be tolerant!" to anyone who opposes them are just as closed minded as the people they preach against. On that vein of hypocrisy:

You don't have to like, adopt, or even encourage someone elses belief system to be tolerant of it. To be tolerant literally means to tolerate it. You don't take action against it, and you don't take action for it. You accept that their beliefs are theirs, and your beliefs are yours.

I just thought I'd say that.


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#82 TheAvengerLever


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Posted 02 February 2008 - 04:06 PM

Country: The US of A

Religion: I was born and raised a Christian. I HATE Christians. They're judgmental hypocratic freaks. And no, to any of you who wants to tell me I'm judgmental about Christians, allow me to be the first to tell you that that's not the case. I call myself a Christ Follower. I accept the belief of Christianity but I do not label myself a Christian.

Political: If my politcal beliefs could be related to any label, it'd probably be anarchism. I am an anarchist, a radical one. I reject the modern form of the democratic republic that is the US Government. The Constitution should be burned as should the laws this great nation condones. I believe that the authorities around us such as the police have too much power and they OFTEN abuse their positions.

Social: I believe that murder can be justified but not by Law. This is a shitty world and it's all thanks to We the People. We have become an apathetic bunch, and if murder shakes us out of our comfort zones and helps us realize our problem, then I condone it. Those 9/11 terrorists were a gift from God. Because on that day when the towers fell we stop caring about ourselves, even for one day. And that's evident by the phone calls and the many "are you okays" and the tears. The gun is our brand new education.

#83 Sparx401



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Posted 04 February 2008 - 03:57 AM

Religion: Non-denominational Christianity

Country: U.S.

State: Hawaii

Ethnicity: Japanese-Hawaiian-Okinawan-Chinese-Polish (majority is Japanese)

Gender: Male

Beliefs: Pro-Life, against gay marriage, against euthansia (except in EXTREME cases). I also believe that Jesus Christ was not only a man, but God as well (God the Son) and that He died for humanity's sins and was raised on the third day of His death on the cross. I also believe that God created the universe in six literal 24 hour days and made a logical, perfect world until Adam sinned but God still sustains the universe with His power to keep order and such. Finally, I believe that the Bible is inerrant and the true word of God, and that only "textual errors" pop up via different translations. I'm not a moral relativist and I do not tolerate sinful behavior (I tolerate people however. I have some gay friends although I strongly disagree with their choices/behaviors). A good "motto" I guess is "Be egalitarian with people and be elitist with ideas".

I've looked at a lot of alleged Bible contradictions (10-20 and counting) from myriads of sources and have found either they seem to be "skewed" (as in, the verses are skewed/tainted) or there really is no contradiction (and no "stretching" or back-breaking involved!). I've read a lot of articles and books rebutting myriads of "evidences/proofs against Christianity" such as the Argument from Evil (i.e. - Evil exists, and God said He made everything, so God therefore must've made evil!) or points such as, "God is a cruel schizoid! He made the universe just so He can have little pets to worship Him, and if they don't, He sends them into eternal torture!"

Or, "God condones slavery! How could you follow a deity that allows the cruel submission of your fellow man?!" or, "God must hate women to give them a pain-prone reproductive system while men get off scot-free!" or, "Jesus' death was staged/made up. The gospels aren't true--Jesus' alleged disciples were in it for fame and power! C'mon, we've seen that religion can control the masses!!" or, "Why did God hate the Caananites for child sacrifice yet told Abraham to sacrifice his son?!" or, "God stacked the deck against us. Adam and Eve were overpowered by Satan, and God didn't intervene. What kind of a God is this?!"

Or, "Jesus was a hate-monger and just wanted social reform," or, "Doesn't the Bible say that pi equals to 3? They must've been horrible at math then huh?" or, "Miracles can't happen because they defy the natural order. I don't see miracles (as shown in the Bible) happening today. What gives?" (kind of a semi-obvious one, but it still is advanced). :rolleyes:

Or even, "Dang Christians! The lot of them are hypocritical and can't follow their own holy book! I like Christ, but I can't stand His so-called 'followers'".

If anyone wants a healthy debate on any Christian issue (although young-earth creationism isn't my "strong area") I'd be glad to converse, but since I'm a senior, I've got a lot of work ahead so I won't be on AIM too often (actually, it's very rare that I go on AIM now much less to have a heart-to-heart talk with someone!). :lol:

Of course, I do want to make it a point that I'm definitely not going into politics (too sticky) or any economical/financial things. I am merely defending the Christian faith, not outside the White house picketing. I also do NOT want to debate/converse with someone who is going to be close-minded and in it in order to launch attacks at me, my beliefs, God, Jesus, etc. I mean, what would be the point if someone is just going to go there and filibuster? :blink:

Whoo, that was a mouthful...er...handful.

#84 wring



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Posted 30 August 2008 - 09:21 PM

I gues I'll post here.

Religion: Christian, Baptist.

Political View: I don't really care too much about politics. I figure in 1,000 years it won't really matter much who you voted for, and the choices are looking worse and worse every year. (They should've passed the law that forces canidates to put their IQ on the ballet. That would save us so much trouble.)

I think most other people are complete idiots. I like going on forums cus then you have a chance at talking with people who actually think. I mean, you go outside and 90% of the people you meet you're like "How on earth can you be that stupid, and still survive?" But people go on forums because they like to think and talk about things, and when you do that you get good at it. So most people on forums are intelligent, or atleast know how to act intelligent (Well I gues it depends on the forum.) And that's why I spend most of my time on the computer. :lol:

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Posted 12 February 2009 - 01:42 PM

I thought I'd go ahead and do this. *shrug*

Country: U.S.A.

State: Kentucky (Bible belt, yes I know)

Ethnicity: white (extremely white)

I don't like religion, and I am not a part of this concept. I think religion has became a way of controlling people a long time ago when Catholics began to conquer the world in the name of God.

I don't believe violence can really solve anything. It just helps wake people up sometimes.

I am a follower of Christ, which means I am one of those that most people think are crazy because I've thrown myself into the Bible. I believe Jesus was God's son given to us so that we can accept Him as our Savior, Lord, Way and Truth.

I believe the Bible is not supposed to be analyzed for some secret hidden meaning, because if you think when you read it it's very clear what it says. (Most people just don't want to hear it.)

I believe the Bible is quite literal in Revelations. And I don't believe in this whole Dec. 2012 thing at all.

l l l l
VVVV Obey the bunny. He will conquer all worlds.

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Posted 13 February 2009 - 07:39 PM

I find your beliefs in God ironic, Trisana, because you are an idol worshipper.

I mean, look at your sig. That's clearly an idol, and you're evangelizing for him instead of Jesus.

Hypocrite :P:P:P

(I love you Tris)

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Posted 11 June 2009 - 01:12 AM

Its been 3 years. New update time.


I'm a Christian. I love God. I love People. I love Life. I love learning about other belief systems, and challenging my own.


Independant. I Vote according to policy.


Pro Situation: I belive every life is sacred, but that every situation is unique.

Anti Guns: Batman - For every weapon, they will develop a bigger one.

Pro Knowledge: I want to learn about as much as I can, and challenge what I know. If I'm to believe what I believe, I want to know why I believe it, and if that belief is unfounded or not.

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Posted 11 June 2009 - 05:36 PM

Hmm. Haven't posted here, yet. Odd that I missed it.

Country: USA. State of Georgia, to be specific.

Ethnicity: Caucasian. But who cares?

General rule: Nothing should be forbidden, only dealt with responsibly.

Presbyterian Calvinist.

Was I fated to eat supreme pizza for lunch, or did I choose to? Both.

Oh, I also don't think Jesus is coming back any time soon.

Man is not saved through politics. Neither by the lack, thereof, for that matter.

I DO think that all should be free, however. Government should not restrict people beyond what is absolutely needed to keep society stable. Either in regulations or simple taxation.


Homosexuality/ "alternative lifestyles": Shouldn't be dealt with by the Government. Call everything a "Civil Union" and let religion figure out what "marriage" is.

Abortion: Medically speaking, fetuses are parasites, and should be considered their own entities and NOT a part of the mother. I have no problem with parents and doctors making tough decisions in tougher circumstances, but let's face it: that's not why most people go to have abortion.

Guns: If you could use a rock to the limit of IT'S potential, you could blow up the planet. The problems of either too much power or not enough is on the the user's end, not the weapon's.

Multiculturalism: You can only have so many ideas in a single culture before the different ideas start aggregating and the whole thing fragments.

Environment: Global Warming doesn't exist. We should be responsible with the environment, but generally, that requires some wealth to begin with....

Healthcare: For removing things that drive the price of medicine up which makes us think we need universal healthcare.

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Posted 01 July 2009 - 02:31 PM

Country: USA (Utah)

Religion: christian. . .well I'm a Fundamentalist of the Mormon church to be specific.

I'm not FLDS, though (a lot of people think I am when I say that). . .My family just once belonged to Mormonism, but quit and never went back. I'm still a believer in the scriptures.

I don't care for them. . .People tell me I should, but what's the use?


I do not tolerate prejudice. . .

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Posted 15 July 2009 - 02:07 PM

Lawl. I already posted in this thread on the first page, five years ago.

NOPE! Not anymore. I was sixteen, give me a break.

I am an atheist/hard agnostic/secular humanist/whatever. I thoroughly enjoy discussing this.
Politically, I am a moderate and a pragmatist. Whatever is best at the time and seems most logical. Also, I hate that the US has a two-party system.

I just thought I should post that, lest someone read what I wrote on the first page of this thread and think that still applies. That's kind of funny.

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