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The Imprisioning War as told by JRPomazon

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#1 JRPomazon


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Posted 22 February 2007 - 02:16 AM

I don't have evidence to prove my theory, but it makes things much easier to understand.

The imprisoning war starts with Ganondorf being sealed away by the sages in OoT. Even though he is sealed away, the Triforce of Power still gives him the strength to keep fighting back. The Imprisoning War is not a single event, but rather a lengthy course in history. In other words, the imprisoning war itself is made up by multiple Zelda games (games that follow OoT in the timeline). If this doesn't make sense, then please tell me to clarify what I'm trying to say.

#2 The Missing Link

The Missing Link


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Posted 22 February 2007 - 12:11 PM

Sort of like the Hundred Years' War (which really wasn't 100 years long).

Could be. No one can say for certain, but the idea that just leaps out of the pages of the Imprisoning War, the one that just has that (as Tycho would say) the "ding ding ding" response, would be that if the Seven Sages of Ocarina couldn't hold Ganondorf in the Sacred/Evil Realm/Golden Land/Dark World for more than enough time to cause the war to be considered a separate war, then I would be hard-pressed to find others who could have inevitably sealed him for (almost) good such that people, you know, forget him again.

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