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#1 D~N


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Posted 05 December 2006 - 09:01 PM

I thought there'd really be one of these by now. Oh well.

Just finished, and wow.
Well, first off, I think it is the best game I have ever played. Yeah. 52 hours and 36 minutes, and I -skipped- all the side quests. The fighting mechanics are flawless. The gameplay is FLAWLESS. The storyline is -amazing-. Everything, spectacular.

I guess I'll start with the graphics. Wow. I love how it's a GameCube game, and it STILL manages to look amazing. You might hear that the textures could be better, and they could, but you will be too blown away by the lighting effects to care. And if those don't impress you, the emotions of the characters will, and all of you who've played the game know what I'm talking about. When a character is happy, they smile, and it looks so amazing. The facial expressions just blew me away. By the way, the Wii is capable of three times this game. Heh heh heh...

Gameplay. My new analogy for this game is that - it's same ingredents, different meal, ALL delicious. See, they take OoT and make it brand new. But it's still the game we loved from the 64 days. And at the same time, a totally fresh game. There's so much new stuff, so there's nothing to worry about. But it takes the best of the best from OoT and reworks them into new better ideas. And it's all flawless. The mechanics are brand new, with the obvious addition of the Wiimote, and it only makes it better. The addition of the wolf is very fun. VERY. It's definately not one of those "Oh man, I have to go to the dark world/realm" like in Metroid Prime 2 or some other games. Being wolf link is fun, -almost- more than being regular Link. Almost.

I have never bought a soundtrack for a game, but I would so buy this one. The music is phenominal. Yeah, I've heard the complaints, they use MIDI's. Honestly, I couldn't care less. The songs are so well done, you wont care. They have all the old melodies, tunes, and jingles you've come to love, along with a huge batch of new tunes as well, and they're all good. No orchestrated music? I don't care.

The game is the perfect difficulty. It's hard, the puzzles will get you, but you wont be frustrated. This is a good thing. Usually if you can't get it, changing to wolf form will do the trick. Things will stump you, and if you played it again they might stump you twice! The enemies are not challenging to fight, which is a shame, but they -do- inflict much more damage than past games- everything does. Falling in lava was my downfall four times. I died FOUR TIMES from falling into lava. Lava hurts. A lot. Enemies hurt a lot too. But enentually, you'll be so skilled they won't be able to touch you. Which is fine and dandy, because they balence that out by adding more enemies at once. One is easy, so they make you fight two. When that becomes easy, an average room contains 4. Pretty soon you're in a town infested by twenty moblins at once, and they're all aiming at -you-. Oh, and Darknuts are AMAZING.
The length, on a different yet similar note, is wow-worthy long. 52:36. Without side quests, that's a dollar per hour I've spent playing. Not a bad deal. This game lasted me 2 weeks playing almost three hours a day. That's insane. Insane.

Uh, chyeah, this game gets a 10/10 from me. What about yourselves? I betcha by the time i'm done typing this, there's already a thread about this. That's what I get for typing for a half hour. *sigh*

#2 BourgeoisJerry



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Posted 06 December 2006 - 05:44 PM

Eh, I wouldn't say the game is flawless. The controls were great, but the bosses tend to be far too easy (bosses at the middle of the dungeon are often more challenging than the bosses at the end.) The game is also a bit lacking in side quests and mini-games. I'm not saying these make it a bad game, I'm just saying it could have been better. Another complaint is that some of the things you get in later dungeons aren't really used much outside of the dungeon you get them in (in fact, the upgrade to the Master Sword absolutely cannot be used outside of the dungeon you get it in.)

Anyway, this post should get rid of that restriction on creating new topics I have for not coming here for so long.

EDIT: I guess in this particular forum it isn't really necessary to white out slight spoilers, huh?

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#3 Mage26



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Posted 07 December 2006 - 09:49 PM

To be honest, I was disappointed with the story. I guess Ive been expecting a lot of timeline fixing and references to other games. Which there were few, but it was minimal. While the story was good, and dark, I was often confused as to what was going on.

the gameplay was great. Sometimes enemies felt a little too easy until i got to the next stage and faced the next challenge. But it was great to face new, HARD dungeons. I thought the dungeons were very well done, each with their own feel and nothing ever got repetitive. Temple of Time for coolest dungeon ever?

Another flaw I feel is the lack of extra content. It felt like I was constantly running from dungeon to dungeon without getting a chance to stop and play some fun mini games. there shouldve been a target mini game to use with Wii functionality.

Nintendo also needs to break the habit of getting an item in a dungeon, using it in that dungeon, and never, or rarely, using it again. The ball and chain and the dominion rod are awesome. But after their respective dungeons you hardly get a chance to use them again for puzzles.

Overall a most excellent addition to the zelda. Definitely worth every cent of action-adventuring goodness.

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