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Posted 18 July 2011 - 02:32 PM

I've been noticing a lot of threads that haven't gotten much attention lately in the dorms, including threads that are stickied and meant for everyone to participate in when they've first joined up. The fun thing about the dorms is that it's a much smaller community, so we're a bit more lax on posting in older threads, even if no one else has done so in months. Sometimes we'll get several new members in a month, sometimes it'll be one new dormie every few months. However you came to us, we want you to have fun!

So here's a list of places in Koridai and related to the dorms to check out:

The Dorm Rules are a new set of rules and guidelines that are meant for folks who are trying to join up, but also include little details about how to behave in the dorms once you get here.

The Dorm Lottery. If you haven't asked Vet for numbers, do so now! You get a chance at seeing the other dorm, or sometimes...other very strange, mysterious 'prizes'.

The LA Chronicles are a great place to RP, playing out the battle between Koridai and Calatia, good and evil (though either dorm seems to have conflicting feelings on which one that is), playing as everything from magical humans to strong-arm warrior dwarves, ancient cyborgs, you get the point.

Introduce Yourselves! is pretty self explanatory. Tell us who you are, what your favorite food is, and what you think you can bring to your dorm!

The Koridai Citizens' Military Aptitude Survey will let you know a little more about your fellow dorm members in the form of a fun survey. Koridai needs YOU to help fight the war against the evils of Calatia! Plus, cool pictures of awesome things.

Ascension to Sainthood offers another chance to fit into our holy empire, by being sainted!

Contact Info lets you get in contact with your dorm friends outside of LA. You'll find their email addresses and IM info here.

The Sacrificial Pit. Much like "I Love How..." in Romance and Ranting, it's a good place to blow off some steam. Take your worries and anger and throw it in the pit!

Arby's: Arbiter's Dining Grounds and Pub is a good place to wind down, hang out, and get drunk.

Boobie Thread. Enough said.

Youtube Thread to dump all your funny videos into.

The Sprite Map, where you can see what Koridai looks like...and where all of its residents live!

The Koridai Crusaders who fight to protect our fair dorm.

Word Association...as if you don't know what this is!