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Theories from before the Forum restart

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#1 Guest_orion_*

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Posted 16 October 2004 - 06:47 PM

I thought it might be a good idea to repost some timeline theories that were lost in the Forum restart.

These are old theories ….

their original authors might have developed new theories and not support their old ideas.

The essays I had saved were written … I believe … by:

Hylian Deity and MartinDTAnderson

Any mistakes in the reposts are entirely my fault. If the authors don’t want their theories reposted, let me know and I will delete them.

#2 Guest_orion_*

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Posted 16 October 2004 - 06:49 PM

Hylian Diety's theory ………….. lost post

Well, I'm sure you all know this by know, but its been a whil since I've posted a grand timeline thread. So, well, here is my timeline. I'm pretty satisfied with it; of course not everyone will be, but I am. Oh, and this thread isn't a place for everyone to place their timelines; we have a lot of those. This one is to discuss and maybe correct this timeline. So anywho, here ya go. Since I don't have a better format, we'll follow the placement of the Triforce as our outline. Feel free to bring up other timeline aspects, and I'll be happy to post those too. But let's just start with the basics; the Triforce. Also, so there is no confusion, here is a quick chart of the many Links, so you know who is who. "/"s mean its the same Link, and "-"s mean different Link. See?


Ocarina of Time- The Triforce was split by Ganondorf. Link gets ToC, Ganondorf gets ToP, and Zelda gets ToW. the rest of OoT occurs, and the end comes. Link goes back to the past with the ToC and gives it to Zelda for obvious reasons. So now, Zelda has ToC and ToW, whilst Ganondorf has the ToP. Link goes to Termina for 7 years.

Majora's Mask- Link travels to Termina accidentally, while searching for Navi. He saves Termina, and stays for seven years. Then he goes back to Hyrule, as if from nowhere.

Speculation-Link basically re-live the latter half of OoT. Just, this time he doesn't have the ToC, cause Zelda split it while Link was away. He doesn't need it, 'cause he knows exactly what to do, for he's done it all once before, during OoT. This time, since Zelda was warned ahead of time, she had the Knights of Hyrule help in this battle, thus Link, the Knights, Zelda, the Sages and Ganon are in the same battle. I believe this is the true Imprissoning War; not OoT. Also, Zelda passes down the ToW to her daughter, who passes it down, etc., etc.

The Wind Waker-Ganondorf has the ToP still from way-back-when. The ToW is split into two pieces. King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule has one piece, and Tetra has the other as a necklace. The pieces are unified, and kept in Tetra's possesion. Link finds the pieces Zelda hid after OoT. At the end, the pieces are unified into the complete Triforce; the True Force.

Speculation-After the wish was granted, the Triforce splits, and the pieces return back to their owners, since we have assumed the pieces stay with them until death. So, Link gets the ToC, Zelda has the ToW, and Ganondorf keeps the ToP. Zelda continues the trend of passing the ToW in her family. Link hides the ToC in the Great Palace, because of saftey reasons and protection. And Ganon keeps the ToP all the while(even whilst being a rock).

Legend of Zelda-Zelda's family has kept the ToW, and so this Zelda has it. She splits it into eight pieces and hides them in labyrinths. Link finds these pieces and unifes the ToW once more. The ToC is still hidden in the Great Palace. And Link slays Ganon, thus recieving the ToP as well.

Adventure of Link-Link searches out the ToC by passing through many temples, to awaken a sleeping Princess Zelda, put to sleep long ago. Link eventually recieves it, and has the united Triforce, and awakens the sleeping princess.

Speculation-The pieces all return to their original owners. Zelda gets the ToW, and Link has ToP and ToC. Link gives the other two pieces to Zelda. Zelda then goes to the Sacred Realm, and places the pieces in a castle there.

Oracles-The Triforce beckons Link to the Sacred Realm, and teleports him to the land of Labrynna. After saving Labrynna, Link travels to Holodrum. After saving Holodrum, Link sails away to get back home.

Link's AwakeningLink is traveling home, and his boat is smashed into millions of splinters by a storm. He dreams about landing on a Koholint Island, and saving the Wind Fish.

Speculation-Link drifts to another island, where he gets another boat, and sails home. Link dies, but has a son. This Link has another son, and that Link has another. Until generations upon generations pass. During this time Ganon uses a pawn, Agahnim, a great wizard of the Tribe of Evil, to revive himself. After he is revived, ganon "possesses" Agahnim's body, and breaks the seal upon the Sacred Realm, and he obtains the united Triforce Zelda placed there many generations ago. The seal is broke, that's why evil leaks through, but Ganon wants to connect the worlds together, and make them one-and-the-same.

A Link to the Past-Ganon has the united Triforce, and uses it to rule the cosmos. Link saves the descendants of the ancient sages of the Imprissoning War, and keeps the portal between the Dark World and the Light World as closed as he can. After a grueling quest, Link fights Ganon. Link uses the two most powerful tools together, the Silver Arrows and the Master Sword, and rather than banishing Ganon, or killing his body only, Link completely destroys Ganon. Link gets the Triforce all is well.

Speculatory Finale-Link uses the Triforce to be the great King of Hyrule for his lifetime. Since it is believed the Triforce lengthens the longevity of life, Link is a great ruler for a very long while. Keeping peace in Hyrule. Ganon is completely destroyed, the Triforce is used to create the mythed paradise of peace, and the Master Sword is layed to rest.....FOREVER!

There. This is just the Triforce aspect. You can ask others such as he status of Ganondorf, or even geography. Either way this theory holds true. I'd explain it in even greater detail if it weren't so long. So, if it is confusing at all, I'll explain. Well?

#3 Guest_orion_*

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Posted 16 October 2004 - 06:50 PM

martinDTanderson's theory ………….. lost post

I believe the Order is:
OoT - WW - HF - AoL - ZO - LA - ALttP

Here is a brief explaination from the PoV of the Triforce:

- Triforce Created;

Ocarina of Time
- Ganondorf enters the Sacred Realm;
- Triforce Seperates;
- Ganondorf Sealed away by sages;

Majora's Mask
- ToC is scattered across Hyrule when Link leaves for Termina - ToW is passed down by the Zeldas - ToP is with Ganondorf;

- The King from OoT dies and his son the Prince becomes King, He is then told he can only inherit part of the Triforce, and threatens Zelda if she doesnt tell him where the other pieces are;
- A New Zelda after OoT (tetra's mother) is placed into an endless sleep, and the King decides to send Zelda's daughter Tetra away with a piece of her mothers Triforce and a special stone, so the King can keep in contact with her;
- She is brought up as a Pirate, and is too young to remember the events which are to follow;

- Ganondorf escapes the seal as the sages' bloodline thins, Master Sword looses power;
- The King prays to the Gods because Link does not appear, Hyrule is flooded and frozen in time by a magic seal with the Master Sword;

Wind Waker
- Ganondorf finds a Portal in his tower leading to Forsaken Fortress, and begins searching for Zelda, he kidnaps A New Link's sister by mistake;
- A New Link leaves home with Tetra to save his sister;
- Ganondorf sends servants to Kill the 2 remaining Sages, so the seal on his Magic will fall;
- Master Sword pulled, and Link goes to find 2 sages, to re-power the sword;
- Link reunites the ToC and Tetra has her Royalty restored when she is given the ToW and she becomes Princess Zelda;
- Ganondorf gathers all 3 pieces of the Triforce, but the King wishes on it;
- Ganondorf is reduced to stone when the Master Sword is plunged into his head, and Hyrule is washed away with the King's Wish, along with the King himself;
- Link and Tetra (because she no longer has the Triforce) Sail off North in search of a new land to call home;

- Ganon is returned to Life, and takes the Triforce from the King's body, it splits apart, and he recedes the floods before trying to plan how he will get the other pieces of the Triforce;

Hyrule Fantasy
- Ganon with the ToP attacks the Princess Zelda and she sends Impa off to find a Courageous Lad to save her, and she splits the ToW into 8 shards and scatters them across Old Hyrule;
- A New Link goes off to find the ToW and with it he defeats Ganon and reduces him to ashes;

- Zelda and Link decided to rebuild Old Hyrule, and so they begin work with the Triforces of Power and Wisdom;
- Link's 16th birthday occurs and a strang mark appears on his hand. Impa tells him about the sleeping Zelda in Northern Hyrule, and so he goes off on a Quest to claim the ToC and to awaken Zelda

Adventure of Link
- Link completes the Tests to see if he is courageous enough to be the Holder of the ToC;
- He unites the 3 triforces but doesnt wish on it. Zelda awakens and Life goes on...

- When riding on Old Hyrule, Link is drawn to the North Palace in Northern Hyrule, and the Triforce which is stored there, sends him on two Quests

Zelda Oracles
- OoS and OoA happen, and Zelda from HF travels to find Link in Holodrum and Labrynna;
- The Master Sword turns up in ZO from when it was lost at sea after WW
- Twinrova returns from the Grave as promised, and they use Zelda to revive Ganon's Ashes from HF;
- Ganons body returns in a mindless state, and is destroyed in time by Link;
- Link sets off on a boat, to search for any more threats arising from Ganon's Ashes;

Link's Awakening
- Link is caught up in a storm and is knocked unconcious;
- He fights a battle in his dreams with familiar things from the experiences of Past Links, and finally awakens the legendary Wind Fish in turn waking himself;
- He remains shipwreaked, perhaps another game can detail what happens next;

- With Link away, Ganon is revived but into his Gerudo form, As the Triforce was being taken from North Castle back into the Sacred Realm/Golden Land by the Awakened Zelda and Seven Wise Men chosen by the Current King of Hyrule;
- Ganondorf Dragmire stumbles upon one of the gateways opened by the Wise Men atop Death Mountain, and enters the Realm;
- The Wise Men leave and find Ganon has returned and entered the Realm with a band of theives (perhaps the remaining members of the shiekah)
- Ganon claims the Triforce after killing his followers who yearned for it also, but this time it didnt seperate, because in AoL when it was restored, no wish was made;
- Ganon couldnt leave the Golden Land, because he did not know how, the Wise Men had their Magic Mirrors!
- Evil Power began to flow from the Tainted Golden Land, and the Imprisoning War begins;
- The People of Hyrule re-forge the now rusted Master Sword (hence why it looks different in ALttP);
- The Wise Men are ordered to close the seals, and that was that, however the seal on Death Mountain remained open, and an evil air formed around the Mountain;
- The Wise Men left the Moon Pearl in the Tower of Hera so that anyone who should venture into the realm, could have their form stopped from changing;
- The Wise Men seperated and went to live in different regions of Old Hyrule (which had been rebuilt in the generations which passed)...
- One on the mountain with the last Magic Mirror
- Others such as Aginah, Sahasrahala, etc. These then passed on their Powers to their daughters, hopeing Ganon would not suspect them of being decendants of Wise Men...

- Agahnim arrives and wins favour with the King, he becomes the Leader of the Wise Men, and he begins his plan to reopen the seal so Ganon can escape and conquer Hyrule (Light World);
- Ganon's power seeping from the Dark World is controling Agahnim's actions, and events before ALttP take place;
- Various people from Hyrule who sought the fabled Golden Power on Death Mountain disappear as they fall into the Dark World;

A Link to the Past
- A new Link living with his Uncle, is called to help a new Princess Zelda;
- He ends up entering the Dark World with the Moon Pearl, Master Sword, and Mirror;
- He saves the 7 maidens decended from the Wise Men, and fights Agahnim (who is revealed to be hosting the spirit of Ganon, which returns to its body in the Pyramid of Power;
- Ganon is destroyed and Link claims the Golden Triforce;
- The Golden Land is restored, and Hyrule is at peace once again...

#4 MikePetersSucks


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Posted 17 October 2004 - 12:35 PM

wow, let's start with Deity's theory:

Wow, this is a great theory in of itself, but unfortunately, your aspect of the Triforce returning to it's owner is what makes it fail. The Triforce would stay with the person who wished on it, as it serves that person as long as they live. the Peices themselves can be stolen, theoretically. You need to rethink your theory a tad bit, otherwise this is wonderful! :)

now for Anderson's theory. Wow.

This is good up to the gap between OOT and TWW. Oi. There is no way the Sleeping Zelda, if it was in this gap, can be Tetra's mother! The Great Sea is 100's of years old, Old Hyrule is merely legend, and no one believes it anymore. If it was a recent thing, everyone would be blabbing about how they got to see the Goddesses and whatnot and be all homesick. Also, if Tetra's mother WAS put to sleep, then the Triforce of Courage would be in the Great Palace, making it unaccounted for in TWW. Also, the Triforce can't be in the King's body, because it split right after he made a wish on it, possibly because it was part of his wish, or He was already dead.

Ok, enough with TWW, Hyrule Fantasy? where did you get this name? anyway, moving on. Anyway, we KNOW Link wished on the Triforce to awaken Zelda, otherwise how did she wake up at all after all these centuries? We even SEE Link wish on the Triforce! Ok, and Oracles is kinda messed up! it's obviously a new pair of Zelda and Link, otherwise Link could just wish for Holodrum and Labrynna to be saved lickity-split. Also, can you explain how the Master Sword got there in the first place? the LTTP backstory is messed up too! first off, how does not making a wish keep it from splitting? which is moot anyway, since Ganon DID make a wish, but for some reason it didn't come all the way true ~.~ Also, Ganon could of returned! the whole point of the seal was to make the entrances to the Sacred Realm ONE WAY! If the Magic Mirrors were the only way to leave even without the seal, then there's no point for it at all. the rest of your speculation is fine, except how is Agahim the leader of the Wise Men? He was hunting them DOWN!

#5 Guest_chronicle_*

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Posted 25 October 2004 - 01:06 AM

I like the first one. The pieces returnong to the owners even makes some sense due to the fact that Daphnes wished for the kids to have hope... He would be dead anyway.

It didn't cover how the sea drained or if they found a new Hyrule. It is my belief that the sea did "drain" though not completely. I mean, the seal keeping old Hyrule intact was Huge! It must have been displacing a lot of water. When the seal was broken, one could see that the seal didn't break all at once, it was eroding slowly so as not to disrupt life above. The Sea level would drop, and the new land would be reformed.

This is all speculation of course, but it makes sense to me.

#6 MikePetersSucks


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Posted 25 October 2004 - 06:41 PM

It is a nice theory, but it can't work. the Triforce doesn't work like that. Your point about the Seal on the Sea is a very nice point though, but at the end, we see it all go out at once. It seemed to hold out because of the King's wish.

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Posted 26 October 2004 - 06:14 PM

(MartinAnderson) Speculation
- The King from OoT dies and his son the Prince becomes King, He is then told he can only inherit part of the Triforce, and threatens Zelda if she doesnt tell him where the other pieces are;
- A New Zelda after OoT (tetra's mother) is placed into an endless sleep, and the King decides to send Zelda's daughter Tetra away with a piece of her mothers Triforce and a special stone, so the King can keep in contact with her;
- She is brought up as a Pirate, and is too young to remember the events which are to follow;

You say a "New Zelda after OOT" (Tetra's mom).... Is this the same princess we see in OOT? If so, why do you say "A New Zelda after OOT"? If not, then this part may be flawed. In the AoL backstory the prince threatened his sister, as you say, and his sister is the one that is put into a deep sleep...not his niece or the next and "New Zelda" after OOT (if we go by your theory of course).

Also, how could the sleeping princess have survived the Great Flood, if you place AoL sometime after TWW. She would've drowned in her chamber along with the rest of Hyrule when the seal broke at the end of TWW.

#8 Guest_Maharet_*

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Posted 30 October 2004 - 12:12 AM

hmmm id like to add here since making a new thread would be redundant that this timeline is very interesting:
i just read it and it even includes some info from the comics (even though many dont count them)....
one of the best theories ive seen so far!

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