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RPG Rules

1. No god playing. Every character controlled by a person is mortal, and can be killed.

2. No controlling other people's characters unless you have explicit permission from said person, otherwise you wait for the other person to move or control his or her character along. No dragging them around or forcing them to walk this way or that. This also involves fights - don't go around saying you stabbed their character as that choice is left up to them. Needless to say, this also means that you can't go around just killing characters either.

3. Do not post an unapproved character or an unapproved RPG in this forum. At all.

4. DO. NOT. SPAM. If you spam, you die. This is one thing I will never be leniant on. What is spamming?

- Off-topic threads/posts. If it's not an RPG, it's off-topic. Period.

- Posts in a thread that does not perpetuate into the RPG's story

- Advertisements

- Flaming

- Randomness

- threads relating to actual Role Playing Games - those belong in Gaming.
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