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Controversial Section Code of Conduct

As a member posting in the controversial section of LA I agree to the following:

a) I will not be an asswank to my fellow members. I will treat them with the respect, honor, dignity that they deserve as a fellow human being. I will not degrade and/or harass and/or personally attack anybody based on their age, gender, religion, race, personal belief system, sexual preference, or choice of lifestyle.

b) I will debate honestly and openly, and not shut down a persons view simply because I do not like them. I will not yell at a person for having a view different to my own.

c) I will do my best to encourage a friendly atmosphere to debate in. As a member of a forum, I understand the need to know that is safe to share your views around other people without fear of retribution. As a member of Controversial I will treat others how I wish to be treated.

d) I will not act as though I am a moderator. I will let the admins and mods do their jobs, and ask for their help instead of trying to fix problems on my own. As much as they would love our help, they have enough back up watching down from the tower to crush an army of rabbits that wont stop mating.

Upon posting in this forum, I understand that if I ignore these codes of conduct, I will face consequences for my actions which may or may not include a warning, temporary ban, permanent ban from controversial, or permanent ban from LA. This is up to the discretion of the moderators and administrators.


... Anybody posting in Controversial (THIS MEANS YOU)



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